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Why Not Organic food is bad for your health

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I've written for months about the benefits of eating organic food. I have discovered, has focused on why this food is so important for healthy living and how we shine inside and out. One thing that I focused so you do not have the non-organic food for the day, then for the health of our bathroom. I decided to go online and check the ingredients on a daily basis can be found in the food industries that consume a lot of people. It 's more important to read, thinkingredients, the food is in yours. Chances are, if you can not read the label, you should not eat. Here are some examples of popular foods and products with its amazing ingredients. This is certainly the biggest skeptics think more about switching to pure organic foods. Remember, you can rest assured that the food we eat is safe when you go to the course of organic chemistry and you do not need to translateIngredients!

Gum, instant coffee, tea, puddings, gelatin desserts, non-dairy Creamers

All of the above may contain an additive such as acesulfame-K, known to cause cancer in laboratory animals. This is an artificial sweetener, also known as "Sweet-One" or "Sunette" known. Aspartame is also known to cause mental retardation if toxic levels of phenylalanine in the blood.

Bread, canned and bottled drinks, crackers, cereals, butter,potato flakes, margarine, sauces, soup bases, candy, pet food, baked goods and much more ...

The above BHT and BHA, antioxidant chemicals which are used as preservatives in foods, fats and oils. Take the fat from oxidizing and becoming rancid. These chemicals can contribute to the development of cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer and the state of California have publicly acknowledged as probably BHAcarcinogen.


Sodium nitrite and nitrate found in meat, in order to preserve freshness. meat may contain these chemicals are a huge contribution to the disease during cooking at high temperatures. coverts nitrate to nitrite, which in turn transformed into nitrosamines when combined with other compounds to high heat and can cause cancer backup.

Chips and other snacks: Peanut butter, Jif, Tide detergent, Crest toothpaste, Folgers Coffee

Alwayscheck the ingredients! Olestra can be used in foods and products listed above. If you jump off a cliff if your friends say? So we should not say whether they offer anything containing Olestra. The additive is used as a substitute for fat and disgusting is terrible for your health. It causes diarrhea, because they themselves adhere to all the essential vitamins and minerals in the body, which helps protect against cancer, heart disease and blindness. As soon as he clungTheir vital nutrients washed from them. What's more, Olestra is the gift that also inhibits the ability of your body absorb more vitamins holds. Talk of malnourished during the night!

Fruit and vegetable juices, soybean oil, sugar, meat, including chicken, beef and pork

I can not stress enough how important it is to buy pesticides, organic products to avoid. Pesticides accumulate in the system and are toxic. YouPrevent the body from the waste issue and block the absorption of nutrients. Many say that there may be a link between pesticides and the increasing number of cases of autism that have occurred in recent years.

Quorn-brand meat substitutes than others:

This product contains mycoprotein that the sound can be healthy, but can not. It is mold. That's right, in the form of chemicals added to make it look and taste of meat! The producers claim that this is a product of fungalbut it is mold that is grown in large vats of liquid. Glorify you say a little 'disappointed that undergoes "fermentation." Seriously, who in their right mind would even consider turning this product chicken "food", let alone sell for a profit? If meat that proteins without actual beans are a good way to go organic. There is a wide variety and different ways to prepare them.


I call soda as waste paper basket. Soda tasteinteresting, but it is so good that we risk our lives to drink? There is little natural corn syrup high in fructose, it rots our teeth. Many brands contain citric acid and sodium bicarbonate (not naturally in fruits, that is, etc.). These chemicals can change with a carcinogen to light or heat. I think that holds.

I saved the best for last ...

propylene glycol and ethylene glycol can be founda. ..
Cosmetics, spices, food, lotions, hand sanitizer, hair color, massage oils, hair gels and hair sprays, popcorn, deodorant, mouthwash, medicine, oils, wet wipes, toothpaste, pet food, seasoning, baking mixes, baking soda, sour cream, and Fat-Free Ice Cream.

These chemicals contribute to the following:

Birth defects
The degeneration of nerve
Heart problems
Brain, liver and renal malformations
The metabolic problems
Propylene glycol is also used inAntifreeze, electronic fog machines, hydraulic fluid and as a solvent for the pills (diazepam in particular).

So why go organic? I think the question is: why not?

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