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Organic cat food recipes

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As a child I remember stories my mother's family cat, with Uncle Tom in the dark, was the sister who had enjoyed her cat's favorite bird maintained. cat cats and birds along the house, the house = bird in a cage, bird house free = cat out of the screen door, I do not remember any of our dinner on our birds, cats, even if the mother lost parakeets different from the outside forget that their were on their shoulder.

A long preamble, but perhaps when the animals are an integral part of your lifewe tend to treat them like family. So, how to become more aware of how to live, respect for the planet, eat healthy, do not waste food by surely the same applies to animal feed, as our pets. I believe that the principles of a healthy diet for a cat is an organic, holistic. Cats are carnivores - the average number of mice to dispose of it, generally only the liver and intestine, to be honest - our cats are enhanced when they play their firstOf course, in this case, the removal of your mouse down clocks, chests of drawers and heavy the kitchen sink. So if you have a wide range of mice, many problems are solved - Pest fresh meat the first course, especially the bones. But most of the cats have managed to domesticate humans and prefer a varied diet. Trawling through many sites night after night, the basics of a healthy diet for your cat and biological is:

Follow the diet that natureprovided for your meat eater - as far as possible, close the form and composition of nutrients that your cat would eat in a natural environment. The diet that I chose to feed is very simple. Some of the recipes on the Internet quite complicated and expensive to perform any of the food bye the idea that their cat and that's a shame. It should not be so complicated and involved. The diet of a wild cat is quite simple - they eat carcasses of prey whole, often byStomach and intestines back. In nature, your cat would eat a high protein, high moisture, meat-based diet with a moderate level of fat and only about 3-5 percent of their diets from carbohydrates.

Cats are designed to get most of their water with their food, because their normal prey includes about 75 percent water.

Look for a muscle (preferably not an organ like the liver of meat) as the first ingredient. A muscle meat is the "chicken" or"Turkey," etc. Not "chicken byproducts" or "chicken byproduct meal" or "chicken broth" or "liver". "Chicken meal" is technically a muscle, but the term "food", which has been rendered (cooked for a long time at very high temperatures) and of lower quality than meat that has been processed is not as strong. A product "meal" is more common in dry foods. By-products include feet, intestines, feathers, egg shells, etc. and are much less nutritious thanMeat.

Meat from organic sources known

Table scraps treated only as an occasional


Definite No-Nos:

- Alcoholic beverages

- Chocolate

- Coffee

- Grapes and raisins

- Mold or rotten food

- Onions, garlic and chives

- Poultry bones

- Salt and salty foods

- Tomato leaves, stems and unripe fruits

- Yeast dough

Do not forget, however, that cats have different nutritional requirementsThe people so they do not follow these principles, the diet itself.


Posted by Frank & Anne Brown

We felt, lived, loved and bred cats since we were both children. The recent revelations about the horrors of 2007 - 2008 pet food recall has led us to reassess completely, as we have maintained our pets. We now have all of our cats and prepare food. The change of both cats was found dramatic, their health, energy and sheer vitality are changeda lot.

Please visit and see how the health of your pet can with a little effort on your part to improve.


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