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The benefits of organic food

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organic food is a way to grow food, the environment is an advantage for these pesticides by reducing the use of hazardous chemicals such as. And 'generally regarded as a healthy alternative because they are not treated with chemicals, but the food can not be maintained for longer period because it contains no preservatives.

So be prepared to make frequent trips to buy them.

Can the dealer to buy seasonal food. You can also buy directly from the farmers' market. Most major cities have them and they deserve a visit. By purchasing organic foods, you can do your part to reduce pesticide residues in food with the following tips:

When talking about the energy efficiency of organic food, food, organic fertilizers, was grown on the farm without the use of synthetic chemicals or greater nutritional content of traditional foods, are more

> Production of organic food is a highly regulated, the private garden for example. Currently, the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan and many other countries require producers to receive special certification for the organic food market within their borders. Organic food is generally grown on small businesses. Since these foods do not contain hazardous chemicals or any type of fertilizer, thusFarmers do not get dirty and not their families.

I should note that an important and significant choice of more and that is to choose the foods your children on organic food as much as possible. develop this awareness to parents or guardians about the ingredients of the food we eat. How many times have you two years (or even younger child!) Seen drinking from a familiar red can of soft drink or a so-called "energy drink"(From the same supplier, ironically)? I often wonder if the awareness of parents or guardians of these children, as the thirteen teaspoons of sugar or caffeine in soft drinks (to name just one of many ingredients), the sensitive young child suffering from this.

A selection of food and nutrition plays an important role in the development of diseases such as obesity, asthma and diabetes. If proper nutrition is that children can be given at the right time which will be held bythese diseases. This is easier if we effect more about organic food, as they usually do not contain harmful.

Another advantage of organic food and genetically modified organisms, it is more exciting that many people claim that organic foods taste better everyone should try this food.

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