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Organic vs. non-organic

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The inspiration for writing this article was from an article that was published in a local newspaper. The article and the paper is not important, all that is important that organic products tried: the proof that organic food is not nutrition was not different. This article has been already by other articles written by the researchers discovered the benefits of research of organic food is not significantlyfor the "general public". This means that organic foods are significant advantages to other populations?

All in all articles of food to try to demonstrate that non-food biological advantages over non-organic food. However, if you have any food to eat organic only to enhance the nutritional value, are not the whole point of eating organic food! You an apple grown organically, and an increasingApple "conventional" - that are about the same vitamins and minerals, depending on when they were collected. An apple, an apple is, after all. The purpose of organic food is to support healthy behaviors and methods of sustainable agriculture. The difference is that while the conventional apple grown to killing trees with herbicides and pesticides any bugs or bacteria that the tree or the apple, it could harm a threat to the grape harvest, is sprayed. Once theApple begins to grow, is constantly sprayed with pesticides, so that other animals do not eat fruit. E 'then taken before full maturity (read: to develop above all the nutrients and flavor) and sprayed with preservative chemicals to discourage more maturity before the fruit reaches its final destination, often thousands of miles from where it is grown. Part of our environment may influence a significant reduced food, all bought before we asked if cultivated.Finally, to ensure that such a version chemicalized apple looks good enough to eat, is coated with wax to shine and to ensure that the reservoir is nothing stains or dots. The wax holds the pesticides and herbicides, even closer to the fruit and allows the strength of these chemicals going into your body. You can clean the products with the amount of chemicals that can help you make but do not remove all.

Here's a quick test. Take an apple you bought ata supermarket and smell before you bite into it. It has the smell of an apple? Now buy an apple in a local market for farmers and the smell before the first bite. They produce the wonderful scent of the apple before the shell is broken also be burned. Imagine what your kitchen smells when you cook dinner with local organic produce!

What was surprising was in this article, the fact that their search for articles that were written more to comethe past 50 years. Our food industry has gone through many changes over the past 50 years, many, most of which are at the beginning of the company shows its true effect only with the rise of chronic diseases in our own. for speed and efficiency of food production, pesticides, preservatives increase agricultural production that life used to increase shelf developments, all are under a toll on the health of our nation. Our bodies are incredible machines can eliminate many tasks andThe toxins that invade our bodies if we are sufficiently fed and rested. But when the body is under constant "attack" comes from foreign contaminants also malnourished and overworked, it can only maintain well-being for so long. Finally, the foreign impurities overwhelm the body's natural defenses and the body will become ill.

We're just starting to see the harmful effects of our agricultural practices, research writing provided for in Article 50Years does not produce useful research. Scientists should conduct tests on long-term effects of chemicals used in conventional methods. This is information that the public, must be submitted, and then let the public decide for themselves whether organic food has significant advantages.

If this information is not organic food is not scary enough, most of our foodSupply was actually at the molecular level so that more resistant bacteria can be manipulated. These foods are as GMOs or genetically modified organisms known, and often this is designated on the label, are in fact many of these foods is not even a label. For example, strawberries are not usually list the ingredients, so as not to see "made with strawberries GMO" label. In these cases, the seed, start-up food is something that is obviously not, butinstead of people. We have invented some amazing things in our history, but when it comes to replica of nature, we have not reached, because nature is too complex.

The strength of these decisions are not yet fully investigated. With all these foreign contaminants in our food on a daily basis, those who want to remove bacteria and viruses, our immune system are insufficient. We are creating a serious situation is in the microbial world remainsdevelop and strengthen, but our immune system is weakened further. Our only defense is antibiotics, development that man can do what us with an entirely reactive rather than preventive, the defensive line. Places that can be transformed from a war against a living organism, and adapt. It's not a pretty picture.

It 'easy to eat all organic? Absolutely not. In fact, the practice is probably more difficult than you could ever try to change when you live on your farm.This is in itself a part of our problem. Even if someone wants to improve their eating habits organic, adding that not necessarily have the resources due to the availability and financial constraints. With the popularity of Whole Foods, organic food is certainly accessible to a much simpler and easier. However, the cost of organic agricultural products, compared to McDonald's a lot of restrictions on the jump to an organic diet.

My suggestion is to findlocal organic farmers market, where you can buy all your seasonal items. The price may be slightly higher, but you can be sure you know where your money is good use in support of local agriculture, not for the short duration of the food is home to arrange a much longer shelf life in your. You will notice a difference incredible taste and smell of local food you eat, what your meals even more delicious.

L 'Lesson here is that you can not necessarily the "norm" and deliberately refuse to go against, but not all accept as "fact." Not everything printed and reported in the media, must be taken without question. If everyone is allowed to walk away from this thinking and ask what they do not sit well with you, then this article will be considered a success. Did you hear, think before you speak, but also think, act before cooking and eating.

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