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Organic food for our children

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Increasingly, we focus our attention not only to the environment in the traditional sense, but also the products we eat. It is no secret that contain various additives that affect health. And recently, the term appeared in Bio. This is food that is grown collected, processed, packed word in accordance with the Oeko-1991 standard adopted in Europe (several countries in English - Bio-, German andScandinavians often resorted to the concept of Biot, the French language, the concept of eco-responsible).

Let's see what products they are:

* Of course;
* Environmentally friendly;
* Safe for food;
* Food certified under the requirements of the European Commission to the organic;
* With natural durability;
* Fully exclude the use of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics and growthHormones, various preservatives, antioxidants, flavorings, stabilizers, dyes, flavor enhancers and other additives, artificial origin;
* Label ECOPRODUCT necessarily a symbol of certification bodies in Europe.

So these are foods with a relatively rigid list of requirements. With their growth, chemical fertilizers pesticides can not be used to kill parasites, grazing is prohibited chemicals, animals can not be treated with antibiotics, and also to keep in cages. It 'clearthat these products are expensive. But recent data have gained more and more. Especially for children. Let us know what organic is good for children and why.

Baby puree

Taste of organic fruit and vegetable puree is rich. The nutrient content in them is about 30% higher than that of conventional products - thanks to careful medical management and the cultivation of vegetables and fruits.


Children pulp also contains the solublegreater quantities of valuable materials. The grains subjected to special treatment and is easily digestible, even for children.


When an eco-certification, customers can be confident that the rye, for example, do not grow on the street and not have lead and other harmful impurities. Alternatively, you can be sure that the flour was not bleached and not colored.

Biscuits and cakes

In the production of biscuits for children with sugar. Instead - the juice of agaveBanana syrup, and sometimes honey. Often, these cookies are missing eggs, which is a strong allergen for some children.

Vegetables and fruit

Grown on organic farms vegetables and fruits are less allergenic. Because a child can sometimes be allergic to the product itself, but is allergic to the chemical compound that is full of this product, or processed.

Dried Fruit

Did you know that most dried fruits with sulfur dioxide must be produced by manufacturersexpand their conservation? raw fruits have a duration of 6-12 months, because to be processed, stored for years. And sulfur dioxide is officially admitted, but experts have expressed fears that the substance affects the intestinal microflora. To determine at a glance whether the fruit is processed, it is rather complicated. dried apricots are the exception, developed thanks to the fact that brilliant golden color, while the crude oil, usually dark. organic nuts, of course, are notprocessed in any way.


Many children are allergic to milk. But probably not the milk, but the additives it contains. ECOPRODUCT is deprived of these supplements. In addition, the amino acids and organic milk has more fat, but lower cholesterol.

Meat, fish, poultry

The animals raised in farms eco useful only ate food does not contain chemical additives. Therefore, this protein is very useful and contains much more nutrients.

All have similar ECOPRODUCTProperties of products to be consumed by our ancestors. They are tasty, nutritious and useful. This is especially important for children in their diet should avoid all types of preservatives, colorings, flavorings and other chemical additives. synthetic substances completely knock poison the work of the body and taste receptors. Synthetic products can not be a food for the cells, as opposed to natural. For children is especially important to eat properly becausegrow, all organs are formed. And the health of our children depends entirely on nutrition.

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