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Organic food and non-organic - Which is better?

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Agriculture has been for centuries. At one point in time, which was what most people took for things like the automobile industry, for example, has done. old way of farming otherwise known as non-organic involved the use of the following conditions of infestation of pests and crops struggle to produce the best.

The first are pesticides and herbicides. This was discovered in foods that are highly toxic chemical compounds seem to have. Through the FDA has already banned these fertilizers areChemical Company used export. For some crops are imported, this comes back to the States and is eaten at home.

The second is contaminated sewage sludge. The idea was that human waste to fertilize crops with non-organic. This was not a bad idea, but that is also chemical and industrial waste treatment plant before being sent into the mix. Tests have shown that large quantities in the human body, can contribute to chronic diseases.

The third is the use of hormones,Antibiotics and remains of other animals. This is usually eggs, meat and dairy products. Doctors consider this a disaster waiting to happen by episodes such as BSE has already been done. This problem could be even worse for the people, when ingested.

The last is irradiation. Spices are exposed to radiation to kill bacteria or microorganisms that may be present. This, too, do more harm than good, because it can lead to various diseases.

Recent studiesshowed a different perspective, as used in chemicals and other materials, the various illnesses and deaths are caused toxic. To alleviate this threat, the government decided to make changes in agriculture. He encouraged farmers from the old, something that is better and safer for all its services.

This is what organic farming is all about. This type of agriculture is to develop crops and livestock with the environmental, human, economic systemsavailable to date. For this to work, two things are necessary. First is fertile land, can grow with different plants. The others are people who work in the country.

European countries are also veering from the old concept and practice. These countries call that organic farming is mainly based on environmental stewardship.

Organic farming works the following things:

1. Make sure that the land may be used without a very long timethe use of fertilizers that were used for non-organic farming.

2. Indication of the crop by proper use of soil organisms and not using pesticides.

3. The recycling of organic materials such as manure and crop residues.

4. Controlling the growth of weeds and pests by crop rotation. This does not mean that the science of organic farming uses has nothing in the way of non-.

5. The growth of farm animals, taking careevolutionary adaptations and respect for the natural process. This means that genetic engineering is strictly prohibited.

6. Finally, the effects of this process on the environment.

In view of this is better, everyone can see that this new approach is safer and better than the old one. It does not use genetic engineering, irradiation and sewage sludge to produce more things were used for non-organic.

It is not easy to quit, even if not organicProduce to enter the market. This is because some products that are demanded by consumers must be imported. Although the government's efforts to prohibit the use of these substances, there are no regulations in the countries exporting to the United States.

As long as there is a regulation in this country or plants that are grown locally are imported in large-scale composition, this is something that can not be deleted. The best thing to do, onlybuy organic food, could not replace them.

This requires more support from the consumer and tougher government legislation for the safety of the public.

The number of organic farmers more than doubled year over the past 16 This will continue to grow until people see the big picture.

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