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Organic and Healthy Food Market

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A recent study by market analysts nVision suggests four out of ten adults now choose, the options on a regular basis. organic supermarkets in England are expanding organic and biological Europe's biggest event, the Biofach exhibition in Germany in the increasingly bigger every year.

Unfortunately, when the retailers store prices artificially high. I was the Tesco is a rare event in the past week, as I order on the ground as possible, and I almost died when I saw thePrices are trademarks of pay for organic yogurt and eggs compared to non-organic. Its time the government started to investigate, and, providers see these organic supermarket, the tears of us! Promoting competition is not always a good idea, as this reduces the prices (good for the consumer), the company can put on organic suppliers, is that the profit margins small. I realize that we pay more for organic productsbecause there are more crop failures due to the fact that farmers can not use pesticides, but what is an acceptable percentage and does this vary from product to product. In the case of organic fish equal to 10 percent more expensive than non organic fish and vegetables 20 percent, etc.?

Even in small shops or 'farmers' markets to health, organic foods are becoming much more widely available. Over the past 10 years, sales of organic food in Britainincreased by more than 10 times from 100 million pounds in 1993-1994 to just under EUR 1.4 billion in 2004/05 fiscal year. The big growth is expected to continue, and many companies are jumping on the market. Sales through 'the farmers' markets and factory outlets have grown faster than any other outlet shopping. Organic food and beverages now makes 1.2 percent of the total retail market (Source Soil Association).

There are two types of organic food.

Fresh food

fresh food is Seasonal and perishable. Fruits and vegetables are the most available type of organic, fresh food, and are closely associated with organic farming. They are often purchased directly from farmers to farmers' markets, supermarkets or delis. Organic meat, eggs, dairy products are also available.

Processed foods

Processed food accounts for most of the items in a supermarket. Often the same activity is> Organic and conventional versions of products available, and the price of the organic version is usually higher, as already mentioned. Most processed organic food comes from larger companies producing and marketing products like organic baby food, organic beer, organic pasta or other foods.

How do I know, its staff?

The term organic is regulated by law - all organic foodProduction and processing is a set of strict rules. Look for symbols such as the Soil Association symbol for the guarantee of the highest ecological standards. Soil Association organic symbol is the UK's largest and most prestigious brands in organic products. Wherever you see you can be sure that the food produced is purchased and processed to strict and rigorous animal welfare and environmental standards. Other symbolsResearch to include the Organic Food Federation and certified organic ingredients.

Most people do not have time to read the labels of ingredients of various foods they buy, make sure staff. So, to see the different symbols, you can be sure that the product with a minimum of government regulations.

The use of such symbols is voluntary and may be a product, organic, even if notwearing the symbol of a certifying authority. That is, if you want to be vendors for 100% convinced that what you are eating or using is organic always read the label or talk to.

Where to find? - The organic symbols on almost any type of food and drink imaginable from fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables and meat to processed foods such as bread, baby food or food. Make you can even buy organic pet!

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