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Homemade food Organic Dog Treats

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It is no secret that cooking at home from dog food and treats from your dog is much better friend of the dog in the junk brands to the most commercially. The thing that keeps people out a lot, their staff is your dog is a perceived lack of time. In today's hectic world it's hard enough to feed us properly. The thought of taking time for our own healthy dog food seems impractical.

Much of my researchRecently, dyes, and dedicated to the holistic dog food recipes contain no preservatives, fillers. These recipes are good for your dog and surprisingly easy to do. If you have a great family dog, double or triple the following fresh ingredients, take a couple of pots ... and in an hour, you have enough healthy homemade dog food meals and treats to eat while your dog for a friend. Freeze them and they will last for a month or more,depending on how many dogs you have. Here's one of our favorites. My dog Zac and throw a coin, which is treated first. Always lose.

organic Dog Treats: Peanut Butter Surprise

This is done with a dog closely guarded secret recipe, which is set by past generations of the family dog Zac. The legend and tradition has it that Zac great, great, great grandmother would this house have won a blue ribbon for the exhibition of dog food made atIf these cookies ... Fresh baked goodies had run the show. Unfortunately we'll never know. Zac is great, great grandfather, just a little 'sneaky puppy at the time, was asked to take the truck. You can imagine the rest of the story. Not even a crumb left.

Secret ingredients:

* A and 1 / 2 cups brown rice flour

* Two cups of oatmeal (not the instant type)

* One extra large egg

* A cup of peanuts without saltButter

* Three tablespoons of unsweetened apple juice

* A quarter cup of honey

* One-eighth cup of water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place all ingredients in a large bowl and mix for at least two minutes with a hand mixer dough treated or large, long spoon. Roll out the dough into small balls (about 3 / 4 inch in diameter) and placed them on a non-greased pan. It does not matter if they are rightclosely together, including homemade food dog treats and do not spread on the cheeks, as they are. Press ball of dough with your thumb to straighten it too.

Put in oven and bake for about 15-18 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on a wire rack. Keep this great organic dog treats some in an airtight container and freeze the rest

IMPORTANT NOTE: You and your dog can either lick the spoon or pastaMixer, and the bowl. This is what a bond of union. It is you and your mate have many happy memories of cookies together.

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