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Advantages of a bio-

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organic still confused about the benefits of buying?

Buying organic food is rapidly becoming so popular, the industries that would keep farming you do not have in droves. Yet even today there are men and women, each a consumer, the bio is actually still confused about what the Department means, why should they do and why.

There are certainly those of our country who believe and havedid their best to convince others that buying organic is simply a waste of money. A few years ago there was little scientific evidence that buying organic food was actually - scientifically - better for you. Now it's 2008 and continuing research known appearance to reverse skeptical beliefs.

If you take a conscious decision to produce, buy organic, packaged food, meat, dairy products or fresh, you can choose to eat foods that harmmuch cleaner than their conventional counterparts, and is reducing exposure to potentially harmful or deadly as antibiotics, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and hormones.

It is usually not so expensive to buy organic. Largely because of higher labor costs involved with production. In short, keeping warm danger zone still requires work to ensure ilk bugs, diseases, weeds and other diseases with similar non-influence or contaminate the food. But (sometimes below the point of being a danger to their health), agriculture, conventional controls that such a possibility, and with a good club rough "in the struggle to gain ground on the" chemistry. Its cost is less than $ 50.00 per hectare depending on the harvest season, and the demand for pest and weed control.

While the control of that situation, to the point of disposal to one hundred percent completed his course, manual work requires much more Automation is usually not a viable option, because the needs of individual care. But this necessary work has its price. Compared to conventional farming is $ 50 per hectare cost of the organic farming can sometimes cost as ten to thirty per acre.

The words, if it costs farmers more than $ 1,000 per acre, to ensure a healthy crop, compared to only $ 50 per acre for conventional, organic and natural foods is to go with the others, cost more. But the question remains: isOrganic food is worth the> price, even if the price is much higher?

Although there are some judgments about nutrition, the latest findings in January 2008 that gathered - the options you get with traditional hands down - you are buying organic products and more antioxidants than minerals. And buy organic or not, is often used to your lifestyle priorities.

Something that does not show up when those discussions have heardbrought to light, but for every positive report on the purchase of organic food, it could be worthy reason for the conflicting reports of all positive results are due to a few. Your decision is ultimately based on it, if your health, property, life and care for those you love, questions for you now. The test of what it feels like anyone can really clearly through your daily activities, diet and education are defined today.

You see, the scientific results and their coverage are only partimage. For example, it is a known fact that even in the "best scenario" cases traces of hormones, pesticides and chemicals - are in the supply of conventional production, dairy and meat - - not intended for human consumption at all -. This is a fact.

Again, pure logic, that man is not consumed by cows injected with hormones, not careless enough argument to convince, or those whose health is at risk to change their habits. It could be argued that the secondPassive smoking is linked to "traces" of hormones, pesticides and chemicals. They know it is bad for you, and people are exposed to them. If you allow yourself or your family to some second-hand smoke, despite the risks, of course there are priorities lifestyle that exceeds their health priorities.

The same goes for the purchase of thousands of billions of people who do not, aware of the dangers are complex and share, however, decide to do nothing, because theirLifestyle imposes itself is not important to them. Good luck, get someone to eat right, exercise and maintain a healthy active lifestyle that buying organic does not have advantages. (We do not know, but you know)?

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