Rabu, 01 September 2010

What's the big deal about organic foods?

Stores In recent years the use of the term "organic food has grown enormously. Specializing in organic foods, multiplied in cities and suburbs and most supermarkets now has at least a small selection.

But what are organic foods and what are its advantages and disadvantages? There are rules of effective government, which specifies exactly food label, which means organic. But there is general agreement on the constituent elements of organic food.

Fruit and vegetables are grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The soil in which vegetables are grown with natural fertilizer and decomposed organic waste treated, which acts as a natural fertilizer. Composting the manure produced from materials such as leaves, grass clippings, weeds, and left undisturbed until they rot. This is obviously a slow process and limits the supply of natural fertilizers.

The organic gardener faces a difficult problem pests. There are some natural solutions to this problem. natural predators of insects such as ladybugs and praying mantis garden supply stores to be acquired. Herbivorous sea slugs can be destroyed by setting pots of warm beer. They will be submerged by the perfume and clothes and crawl into the pan.

Organic meat, such as organic vegetables are naturally pure and free from all man-made chemicals. Cattle, chickens and other animals raised organically do not receive special hormones to promote growth and not treated with antibiotics. And they are not allowed to graze in areas treated with chemical pesticides or consume animal feed, additives or artificial preservatives.

Why organic foods are so popular? His fans seem to fall into three main categories. First, there are those who believe only that organic foods taste better. Gathered in the head, are immersed in the grocery stores nearby, and fresh and tender, rather than long and refrigeration storage before being exposed purchased.

Another group promotes the wider use of organic foods because of concerns about the environment. They believe that the use of chemical fertilizers, the structure and improves soil aeration and promotes the development of beneficial organisms in the soil. Environmentalists against the use of chemical fertilizers because of their adverse effects on water and wildlife.

The last group consists of people that organic foods really better for you, think of the compound. They believe that eating organic meat and produce, you become healthier, more attractive person.

Opponents of organic food has also argued that many operators are dishonest, and buy products from wholesalers and then represented as regular commercial staff, with a premium of 100% higher than the price of supermarket.

decides on the credit side, but the family that cuts in favor of organic food all the empty calories from snacks to their diet. We all know that these foods have little or no nutritional value.

It is your choice what you choose to dine on organic food. Some people may choose to use only fruit and vegetables organically grown, while others decide that everyone must be organically grown food.

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