Rabu, 22 September 2010

Walk through the Forest Garden Project (Vic Button)

Vic takes you for a walk through the "creation Welhealth 'Forest Garden Project. The idea is to work towards self-sufficient - the forest garden is expected to reach the end, many products needed to live. The house is" completely out of network "electricity with solar cells and wind turbines, has its own source of water from a spring / collected on the roof, growing food organically with low maintenance 'no dig" method of mulching, as shown in the book by Ken Fern Plants aFuture "and has an ethos vegan organic. Welhealth "believes reducing the need for money through the exchange of expertise and goods (give and take) and the idea of a culture of independence fostered community Relient Gandhi. James Chester as a tourist. Com with the production of music videos and support has helped, "Back in the land of" words, music and voice of Vic button.

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