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USDA says OK to add 38 non-organic Foods Organic Foods to List

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Last Friday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved the proposal to allow 38 non-organic ingredients "USDA organic previously that are permitted in food." Fortunately, there are 60 days in which we as the public may comment on these. Just last month alone, the USDA received over 1,000 complaints, fertilizers, chemical pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones are used, other than food.

Some producers pushed for this change, becauseThey argue that the 38 points are minor. Other arguments are that these companies claim that these products are difficult to organic form found in her. These elements include 19 food colorings, two starches, hops, sausage casings, fish oil, chipotle chili pepper, gelatin, celery powder, dill oil, frozen lemongrass, Wakame seaweed, bay leaves and turkish protein concentrate of whey . The companies argue that small amounts of these non-organic ingredientsfood is used to 'can do to further "the most organic to create.

People are now arguing that if the label says the product is organic, everything is organic food should be in this. There should be no exception allowing the use of organic farms "for things not in a product labeled organic." This makes sense only. Unfortunately, there are a lot of foods such as cereals, meat, bread, beer, pasta, candy and soup mixes thatbe affected by this rule.

Given that organic sales growth alone has more than doubled over the past 5 years, the USDA does not seem to be heard, the public, but also their wallets instead of. Statistics show that large food companies like General Mills, Kellogg and power are now the choice of foods to use the facilities available to pop mom-and-only. The reason why it has a great meal, and policy makers working to improve, take note of what is probablywith the fact that this is not conventional. In fact, current USDA regulations define "organic" as no chemical fertilizers, sewage sludge, bioengineering or pesticides. It also states that animals must be without antibiotics or growth hormones, and access to free range (outdoors).

For those who really want to eat only organic foods that will cause a huge problem. So if you're worried about this problem, so now is the time to stand, and do something about it. Take a moment to update your e-mail and government officials, have the pressure on the USDA. If you get up, the FDA will take note.

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