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Organic Food

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In the race faster development we have inflicted serious damage to our natural resources and then to us. Pesticides once the promotion and protection of the crop is now used indiscriminately harms the environment and human life. Over the years, these chemicals accumulate in the environment and poison us slowly. If the form of deposits regularly consumed in our tissues and vital organs, including liver, kidney and brain.


Over the yearsProgress, leading to deadly diseases and even cancer are a reason why cumulative poisons. "In fact, studies in recent years have shown that chemicals are harmful to the environment as a built environment that have penetrated even the most natural and safest of all sources of food, milk. More than 350 human pollutants in breast milk of women in the UK identified. Pesticides poisoning, breast milk and have negative effects on the immune system of newbornsSystem.

Pesticide use

The misery is that over the banning of pesticides, they are largely consumed by farmers and peasants are used;, unnoticed by us. India is the largest producer of chemical pesticides in the countries of South Asia and African countries. A number of studies have found more cases of brain tumors, leukemia and birth defects in children with early exposure to pesticides, according to the National Resources Defense Council.


AStudy of the Harvard School of Public Health conducted in Boston, found a 70% increase risk of developing Parkinson's disease, to those affected, even less pesticides. The WHO estimates that more than one million pesticide poisonings and 20,000 deaths each year worldwide. The indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase yields and save crops, domestic animals and diseases, no doubt increased food production, food security has created, butFurthermore, in a series led by health risks. It also has the agro-ecosystem is deteriorating badly. This explained the need to move to organic cereals to maintain the health and safety of food value.

organic Farming

organic foods are grown organic, without pesticides and chemicals. Is not a "product", but agriculture is a process. "Fewer external inputs, avoiding the use ofChemo synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. Instead, with nature and natural systems works both agricultural yields and disease resistance increase. It builds healthy soil and prevents the penetration of chemicals in soil and water. Helps protect the top soil, water and air.

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