Jumat, 10 September 2010

Organic food - the healthy alternate

organic food production and consumption is somehow in their support for the stage. The entire planet floating on a lot of pollution, radiation and hazardous chemicals, different strains of the virus to produce fatal diseases, and unsanitary conditions. Let us return to our natural state, eating organic food as now it has been a test of the will of a person and the level of economic status.

Millions of years of living men and women who put themselves in harmony with nature, plenty of food available for them. Since no other purpose but to survive, they had no idea of manipulating an organism or improving organic food more delicious and tasty recipes. They have learned to find their food by hunting and then agriculture. When people crossed the border in the direction of civilization, was the mass production of a large part of any economy. Research and development focused on creating high-yield varieties (HYVs) and unnatural method for propagation and production of these varieties.

The choice of the human race in the past, now its lessons. However, these lessons are still covered most of the people. Some people have already decided to return to organic farming and consumption of organic food. To protect the interests of consumers, certification bodies of organic food have been established in many countries. Many are also following suit.

With the Internet has changed the world, the Internet now offers online organic food. Consumers can simply select the site, look for organic foods and online process of joining the Order of the organic food line, right at the comforts of home. makes the availability of information through the network is also possible that consumers are saying to check the authenticity of organic food. Organic Certification Authority has a list of certified organic foods, suppliers and manufacturers.

Organic foods contain more vitamins and minerals, is a regular food, harmful chemicals, after application of pesticides and herbicides. A variety of carrot production, for example, is the largest organic carrot. However, it contains nutrients and organic carrots because it was grown on fertile soil with organic fertilizers.

Organic food Organic food online are generally much more expensive than conventional food. One reason is revealed that the government subsidizes agriculture more pervasive inorganic and organic farmers still receive support from the state. Since the production of organic crops requires the use of natural fertilizers and banning harmful chemicals in pesticides and herbicides, labor costs are higher. This means that the control of pests and weeds by hand instead of spraying. The yield is low, even compared to HYVs.

When calculated, but would always prove to be more expensive for Consumers of food inorganic Because people are part of the taxes, Agricultural subsidies, and consumers pay more for their health if they become ill. consumers of organic food are feeding the body with clean items, so you have a clean and healthy body. Since they have more energy, have more time to work, less stress and more income opportunities.

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