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Organic food health issues - Facts and Myths About Organic Food

The organic food really healthier choice?

A look at the advantages and concerns of ordinary foods compared to organic products

During 1990,
After the introduction of organic food and its consequent increase in popularity in late 1990, people are skeptical about their supposed superiority. Skeptics and producers of traditional foods, he concluded that the benefits of organic food, in theory, not fact. Others argue the superiority of organic products over conventional products were unfounded and unsubstantiated. The truth behind all the controversy is that during 1990, had not done enough testing to prove the alleged benefits of organic produce or endorse the disadvantages of the food produced in traditional ways.

Biological facts of today
Since studies of the 90s there were several have been conducted to demonstrate the nutritional value of organic farming through Improved research and analysis of vitamins, nutrients and minerals of both organic and conventional produce grown. There are significantly higher values of the various economic components in organic products, including:

* Chrome: Prevents hardening of arteries and type 2 diabetes

* Calcium and Boron: building strong bones and prevent osteoporosis

* Lithium: a common chemical antidepressants and mood stabilizers

* Salicylic acid: anti-inflammatory, can prevent heart disease

* Antioxidants: protects cells from damage

* Magnesium prevented: that death during a heart attack

* Selenium: helps prevent heart disease and some cancers

* Vitamin C is based on immune system

And while some of these nutrients in organic products, are not alone. This list could go on, how do more research on the nutritional benefits of organic food.

As we consider the positive attributes of organic food is superior to the harmful effects of foods traditionally grown in order to understand why organic food is higher. While many have been approved by chemicals in agriculture today, had not been explored to determine their safety for the country or the environment. Subsequent research revealed that most chemicals used in traditional agriculture and the negative effects on people. non-organic foods were analyzed and were found harmful chemicals, heavy metals, solvents and various hormones including. Some of the conditions associated with these substances:

* Cancer

* Heart disease

* Osteoporosis

* Migraine

* Hyperactivity

* Reduced IQ

* Hearing impaired

* Reduction of growth during childhood

* Anemia

* Alzheimer's

* Multiple Sclerosis

* Rheumatoid arthritis

* The onset of puberty

* Increased antibiotic-resistant strains of the disease

not too different from the list of benefits attributed to organic food, this list of harmful effects of chemicals used in traditional agriculture has caused only a partial list. While research continues into chemicals used in traditional agriculture and the impact on the human body, is the circumstances that are added to this list. To date, most research on the effects of chemicals on them has made individually. The research is developed around including various combinations of chemicals in many conventional food products, affects the probability that the conditions further add to the list of undesirable high.

While there are obviously many advantages for organic farming is not without errors. It is known that organic products are more expensive, depending on where you buy organic food, which could cost twice as much as regular store brands. There is also concern that natural fertilizers as plant material and manure could pests such as E. coli contain. Even if contamination is rare, can be harmful if proper food handling is not used.

Even with the disadvantages of organic foods are proving to be much safer for consumption of food grown conventionally. In addition to health benefits, organic farming practices also benefit the environment which they consider vital for years to come. Go Organic ... E 'for the community, but also good for the environment and good for you!

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