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Here are six reasons why be healthier if you choose to eat organic, you

I have a couple of times lately, whether organic food labeled organic really is necessary. So I thought it would be a little 'just because the election is organic such a smart move for your health to write, and how to make sure that what you buy is really organic.

We now have the choice, organic food is more popular than ever, even in large supermarkets. But why make the decision for the bio-switch if you have a choice? Here's why:

The first organic food tastes better. This is particularly evident with apples and tomatoes, but also with most other foods.

According to Organic foods are grown using fertilizers Full Spectrum. This means that the plant can absorb more nutrients and soil remains valid. Organic foods have a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals as a result, although this is a topic of heated debate in the scientific community!

Why Third, organic farmers use only natural materials for their crops, care for their animals, control of pests and diseases to fight fertilizing, farmers are no harmful chemicals are not exposed and polluted the environment.

There are fourth all chemicals not natural exposed every day. Our bodies have a certain ability to divorce, but when they are overworked, looking for our bodies, toxins, not to save damage. Often this is in the fat tissue. Some industrial chemicals cause endocrine disruption, may cause hormonal imbalance disorders. The choice of organic reduces exposure to these chemicals.

Some organic farmers use bio-dynamic, energetic means to further strengthen the vitality of their crops. For a real treat, groped almonds or walnuts biodynamics.

Fifth order to maintain the health of their animals, organic farmers use natural remedies - herbs, nutrients, and homeopathy. This makes them completely free of chemicals and artificial hormones. I especially like to cook my egg breakfast, knowing that the chicken that had a happy life.

Sixth Genetic engineering is a relatively new practice in agriculture, the potential negative consequences for the future. Organic food is not genetically modified.

How can you be sure you are buying truly organic food

Organic farmers must be a long and exhaustive process of logo certified, you are purchasing a product that is truly organic to obtain guarantees. When you buy an organic product certificate will see a dealer or manufacturer number. Growers will be reviewed regularly to ensure their compliance and an organic product can be traced to its source through the food chain. With an eye for the logo and certification number of producers can be sure that the food you buy is really organic.

Since organic food is so widely available today, the gap between the price of organic food and organic has been significantly reduced, particularly in the areas of dairy products, flour and bread. Download the next time to eat, enjoy the additional benefits that can be obtained by choosing organic!

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