Kamis, 16 September 2010

Health benefits of consumption of organic food and organic Skincare

The rise of organic products, from food to cosmetics organic is becoming a trend evident over the past five years or so. The reason for this is that many people believe that the health benefits of organic food consumption. When asked who regularly shops Whole Foods, they would rather lick the floor on non-organic food or products that do not eat the USDA seal of approval on them. Some call this busy and picky, but people in medicine and research are now admitting that there is more than just overly cautious.

There is a strong suspicion that chemicals responsible for toxic and our bodies are responsible for the current overflow of cancer. The toxins are thought to damage of important enzymes, which cause cause multiple health problems. And 'studied and verified that the synthetic chemicals can cause interruptions in hormone production and function. These results are for the growing number of people seeking purity of the search for something to put in their stomachs and on their skin. In June 2009 the European Commission, Communication on Cancer has shown that they have recognized that there are too many environmental factors Such as food chemicals and chemicals in air and water, to be addressed, should be to prevent cancer.

The European Parliament has stressed dass''die increasing scientific evidence that certain types of cancer such as bladder cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer and not only by the action of chemical substances , radiation, and airborne particles, but also other environmental factors.'' The European Parliament also considers that there are many cases of cancer are directly linked to pesticides. European scientists to support the reduction of human exposure to chemicals are also used by U.S. experts also assisted. Several organizations are working to reduce the amount of chemicals in human food, especially those that may interfere with hormones. Many of these chemicals are used as additives and ingredients in personal care and cosmetic products. As the skin absorbs about 64% of what is put on it, skin care has gained the attention of all.

In France alone last year alone more than 300 lines of new skin care organic were placed on the market even though demand for organic skin care is higher in the UK. Britain, although he does not live of course like many other European countries like Italy and Spain, but it certainly is in the process of recovery. The European cosmetics industry has recently provided a list of substances that were considered unsafe ingredients. Some of these ingredients are still in use in the United States on the basis of cosmetic brands. Regarding the food is concerned, there are many colors and dyes in foods used in the discussion as well, but countries like Norway and Sweden have the use of many common food dyes banned. The rest of the EU are increasingly banning food additives that are still in use in America.

Americans and Europeans buy more organic food and organic cosmetics than ever, because they feel that it is a safer food option.Organic rules are slightly stricter than normal food by labeling laws. Anything that is not the document can not be labeled organic has met. non-organic food is produced with synthetic pesticides, more preservatives, additives, and some genetically modified products. Organic products can not be genetically modified, and most can not preservatives used in food products labeled as organic. The things we are 100% marked ecological afterwards, because virtually no chemicals or questionable substances in the mixture, which has tried to eat one of the most important health benefits of organic food. Organic produce almost imperceptible amount of pesticides, consumers are trying to be healthy makes you happy

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