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Rene Oswald germinated Create a staple, nuts and seeds raw milk recipes Stash

This video shows how Rene soak, sprout and dehydrate a variety of nuts and seeds make preparing raw food recipes in less time. This method can be found in their "Transition to Living Cuisine" book, available on www.reneoswald.com

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Raw Milk Ninja

Of course, we are far from seeing raw milk on the shelves of grocery chains and box. Fortunately, that did not stop Mark McAfee from sailing to its true north. He feels this is a passionate man and I guarantee you if, God forbid, you or a loved one goes into a diagnosis, the MD did not realize that you're thinking of Organic Pastures Dairy. We are delighted that he and his kind are here with wisdom, courage, and ability to shepherd us into a new paradigm. Oh, and hisChocolate Colostrum rocks. This is an excerpt from my time with him that stands up well alone.

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How to Grow tomatoes in containers - easy and inexpensive method

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Great Ideas for a Small Planet: Eat - beat 1

A tour of the factory where they make organic fertilizer Earth Cycle.

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Organic food as a fast-growing segment of U.S. agriculture

Recently, organic food is gaining popularity, with the trend stable for at least five years. Recent research conducted by the Food Marketing Institute shows that the majority of the American people buy organic food at least once a month.

This segment of U.S. agriculture shows rapid growth. Only in 2007, organic food retailers earned more than $ 20 billion. The annual growth in organic dairy sector is estimated at 18 percent by 2010.

Let's look at the main idea of the ecological food production, ie, use of materials and processes that could improve the ecological balance of natural systems. We can not be absolutely certain that organic products are free from residues, but there are best practices involved in the production, designed to minimize pollution of air, soil and water. And the rules state controlled food production and strict federal y, too.

First, people tend to treat organic food so that it is free of fertilizers or pesticides. However, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) marked foods as organic if 95 percent pure.

Sometimes products contain only 70 percent of organic materials or even less. This type of food can not be called organic, but it can be done with the inscription "with organic ingredients." Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between these types of products in the supermarket.

De facto non-organic practices in the United States release more than a billion pounds of pesticides. The USDA tests show that organic products contain three or four times less pesticide residues, conventionally produced fruits and vegetables.

And conventional farming practices can in water contamination. According to research by the Environmental Working Group that was conducted back in 1955 on the Corn Belt, Louisiana and Maryland, scientists have concluded that the pesticide contamination of water was the level of health risk. The solution was in organic farming and development of land.

It 'important to note that the term organic has a different meaning than organic. Some food producer is looking for increased sales and a reputation to do tricks for labeling food as natural as it does not correspond to organic food standards.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows the use of the term "natural" for food, contains no artificial dyes or synthetic substances added ingredients.

Hemp Milk Superfood Smoothie

www.livefoodexperience.com presents the basics of producing a superfood smoothie with hemp seeds and other live food treats.

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What's the deal with organic food?

For a long time, it was easy, the organic food movement as a fad for a small group of enthusiasts to dismiss environmentalists, and health nuts. Organic food is usually more expensive and harder to find, and tend to have more errors and go quickly in the bathroom. If it is so easy to find, complicating clean, beautiful, well packed, and the cheap non-organic products in supermarkets, for the things why? Moreover, they showed a lot of studies that organic food is not significantly more nutritious than non-organic food. So what's the point?

The funny thing about the game anti-biological is to choose the idea that organic food is a new trend that has the power to be among the common people is not much basis. But the fact is that before 20 century, all food was organic. The term does not exist, because they must. This type of food simply reverses the 20th Century trends in food production that affect many people consider both human health and the planet. In other words, "organic food is not some new glimpse. If you ask an organic farmer, will say that the conventional non-organic farming is unsustainable and volatile.

Basically, avoid this type of agricultural use of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides on crops. Many people mistakenly believe that these chemicals be avoided altogether if in fact still sometimes as a last resort, which is not often used. When it comes to animals is to prevent biological methods, the use of growth hormones and antibiotics that are non-organic farming standards, and They use only organic feed.

The result of these methods is that organic farms can be a bit performance 'not, and can produce more natural to suffer damage, but these plants also have an impact on the environment much less. You must not damage local ecosystems, they do not contain chemical residues, they do not contribute to rapid adaptation in populations of insects, and they consume significantly less energy than their non-organic.

Many countries now have official government agencies responsible for setting standards and certifying organic production, food manufacturers are using organic methods. are identified in the United States, for an organic processed food must contain at least 95% of organic food has no artificial additives, and no process-specific technologies, such as chemical aging, genetic modification and irradiation. Some countries also demand for organic food in recyclable or biodegradable materials to be packed, but this is not currently the standard in the U.S.

As you can see, organic food makes sense, although not much healthier than non-organic food. Sure, we still have the highest rates that go together to speak with organic food, but the good news is that this is changing. Global organic production is growing more than doubled in the last six years, and U.S. production by about 20 percent per year. More and more conventional stores are carrying organic products, and find the content of total organic food stores is growing. What does this mean? comes with greater availability of lower prices. Many large farms have created organic side of their company, all hope of a positive cash-for consumers who want to go organic.

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Why eat organic food? The benefits of the dangers of biological and non-organic

Image : http://www.flickr.com

No wonder that chemicals strong enough to kill insects and plants can be dangerous infections on the human body and the environment. There are literally hundreds of permitted pesticides, fungicides, hormones, antibiotics and other chemical additives in non-organic food, not to mention additives for processing and aromas of cultivation and to introduce insectisides. All of the main reasons to eat organic> Power.

Over 3,000 high-risk toxin found in the United States with food, organic food law are excluded from this. These include 73 pesticides by the Environmental Protection Agency classified as potentially carcinogenic. loss of pesticides in water supply - for example, found a 1996 study by the Environmental Working Group, 96 percent of all water samples collected from 748 cities in the U.S. contained pesticide atrazine.

toxic metals such asCadmium, lead and mercury into the food supply chain through industrial pollution of soil and groundwater and machinery used in food processing and packaging. For example, lead solder used to seal food cans gives the residue despite adversity to health. Cadmium has links with lung, prostate and testicular cancer and the mercury is toxic to brain cells and lead to autism and Alzheimer's disease. Heavy metals affect the nervous system function blockthe production of hemoglobin causes anemia and to reduce diseases such as multiple sclerosis and IQ. Organic Food Safe-guarding against toxic metals.

Solvents are used in commercially processed foods, white blood cell damage, lower the immune system. In addition, benzene and toluene solvents, have links with many types of cancer known.

Products imported from developing countries, agricultural chemicals that have been banned in developed includeCountries.

Cell Health

Other agricultural chemicals are harmful to the health of cells, such as PCP (pentachlorophenol), DNA fragmentation in animals, and many other chemicals found to cause damage to cell membranes and negatively affect the functioning of mitochondria. These include the insecticide endosulfan and the herbicide paraquat, as well as chemical 2-4-D, dinoseb and prathion. Pesticides as chlopyrifos, endrin and fenthion havebeen shown to stimulate certain enzymes involved in chemical signaling that has been brought to an imbalance of inflammatory diseases, psoriasis and atherosclerosis-related.

Children at risk

Organic foods can be crucial to protect children from harmful contaminants to these toxic effects. Two separate reports by the Natural Resources Defense Council (1989) and the Environmental Working Group (1998), revealed that millions of American children wereexposed to pesticides from foods that have exceeded the limits considered safe. These include neuro-toxins that are harmful to the developing brain and nervous system, and possibly carcinogenic, researchers may be a particular risk to children and young people feel in times of strong growth and breast development. The benefits of organic food

organic fruit and vegetables grown from clean, natural soil rich and balancedmineral content, are not only free from chemical contamination, but to win hands down in terms of taste and offer a wider range of nutrients. organic equivalents do not contain more water and less vitamins and minerals. Chemistry, Danish researchers published in the August 2003 Journal of Agricultural, Food and showed significantly greater amounts of flavonoids in the blood and urine samples from those on organic compared to conventionally grownDiet.

10 reasons to go organic.

The Soil Association, a registered charity based in the UK and in the body of organic certification, lists reasons to go organic tenth These are:

1. To protect future generations

2. Pay the real cost of real food

3. An independent guarantee

4. to protect water quality

5. To enjoy more taste and nutrition

6. For chemicals from your plate

7. To reduce global warming andSave energy

8. To prevent soil erosion

9. For small farmers

10. Contribution to the restoration of biological diversity

12 Best and worst non-organic food:

It is not always possible, use organic fruit and vegetables as you like, in this case, the Environmental Working Group has organically labeled and 12 of the 12 most dangerous foods cleaner that does not include, for example.

12-clean non-organic food:

Asparagus, avocado, banana,Broccoli, cauliflower, corn (though to avoid genetically modified corn), kiwi, mango, onion, papaya, pineapple, peas

12 most dangerous non-organic foods:

Apples, peppers, celery, cherries, grapes, peaches, nectarines, pears, potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, spinach,

Organic superfoods

Besides the switch to organic foods in the diet, you must add a lot of superfoods! Superfoods are the kings and queens of the vegetable kingdomwith excellent performance - the most powerful, rich in anti-aging, antioxidant dense, nutrient, fighting disease, beautify, strengthen the immune system, improving mood food on the planet!

These include organic vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, which can already be in your diet to more unusual dishes such as pollen, goji berries or coconut oil. Organic coconut oil really speed up the metabolism and function to help you lose weight! It 'also anti-microbial and anti-Bacteria, viruses and fungi. There are many super foods, the more unusual members of the vegetable kingdom.

Organic food health issues - Facts and Myths About Organic Food

The organic food really healthier choice?

A look at the advantages and concerns of ordinary foods compared to organic products

During 1990,
After the introduction of organic food and its consequent increase in popularity in late 1990, people are skeptical about their supposed superiority. Skeptics and producers of traditional foods, he concluded that the benefits of organic food, in theory, not fact. Others argue the superiority of organic products over conventional products were unfounded and unsubstantiated. The truth behind all the controversy is that during 1990, had not done enough testing to prove the alleged benefits of organic produce or endorse the disadvantages of the food produced in traditional ways.

Biological facts of today
Since studies of the 90s there were several have been conducted to demonstrate the nutritional value of organic farming through Improved research and analysis of vitamins, nutrients and minerals of both organic and conventional produce grown. There are significantly higher values of the various economic components in organic products, including:

* Chrome: Prevents hardening of arteries and type 2 diabetes

* Calcium and Boron: building strong bones and prevent osteoporosis

* Lithium: a common chemical antidepressants and mood stabilizers

* Salicylic acid: anti-inflammatory, can prevent heart disease

* Antioxidants: protects cells from damage

* Magnesium prevented: that death during a heart attack

* Selenium: helps prevent heart disease and some cancers

* Vitamin C is based on immune system

And while some of these nutrients in organic products, are not alone. This list could go on, how do more research on the nutritional benefits of organic food.

As we consider the positive attributes of organic food is superior to the harmful effects of foods traditionally grown in order to understand why organic food is higher. While many have been approved by chemicals in agriculture today, had not been explored to determine their safety for the country or the environment. Subsequent research revealed that most chemicals used in traditional agriculture and the negative effects on people. non-organic foods were analyzed and were found harmful chemicals, heavy metals, solvents and various hormones including. Some of the conditions associated with these substances:

* Cancer

* Heart disease

* Osteoporosis

* Migraine

* Hyperactivity

* Reduced IQ

* Hearing impaired

* Reduction of growth during childhood

* Anemia

* Alzheimer's

* Multiple Sclerosis

* Rheumatoid arthritis

* The onset of puberty

* Increased antibiotic-resistant strains of the disease

not too different from the list of benefits attributed to organic food, this list of harmful effects of chemicals used in traditional agriculture has caused only a partial list. While research continues into chemicals used in traditional agriculture and the impact on the human body, is the circumstances that are added to this list. To date, most research on the effects of chemicals on them has made individually. The research is developed around including various combinations of chemicals in many conventional food products, affects the probability that the conditions further add to the list of undesirable high.

While there are obviously many advantages for organic farming is not without errors. It is known that organic products are more expensive, depending on where you buy organic food, which could cost twice as much as regular store brands. There is also concern that natural fertilizers as plant material and manure could pests such as E. coli contain. Even if contamination is rare, can be harmful if proper food handling is not used.

Even with the disadvantages of organic foods are proving to be much safer for consumption of food grown conventionally. In addition to health benefits, organic farming practices also benefit the environment which they consider vital for years to come. Go Organic ... E 'for the community, but also good for the environment and good for you!

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Walk through the Forest Garden Project (Vic Button)

Vic takes you for a walk through the "creation Welhealth 'Forest Garden Project. The idea is to work towards self-sufficient - the forest garden is expected to reach the end, many products needed to live. The house is" completely out of network "electricity with solar cells and wind turbines, has its own source of water from a spring / collected on the roof, growing food organically with low maintenance 'no dig" method of mulching, as shown in the book by Ken Fern Plants aFuture "and has an ethos vegan organic. Welhealth "believes reducing the need for money through the exchange of expertise and goods (give and take) and the idea of a culture of independence fostered community Relient Gandhi. James Chester as a tourist. Com with the production of music videos and support has helped, "Back in the land of" words, music and voice of Vic button.

The benefits of organic foods help us lose weight in many ways

The main advantages of organic foods for quick weight loss are pesticides, no GMOs or GM foods and are easier to digest for us.

Organic food is the best way to go if you want to lose weight quickly. Can be expensive in the first place, but the benefits of organic food from the price is so far.

organic life helps, because if we do not have our body uses all organic foods harmful chemicals, which destroy food to grow food. When our body every time toxic pesticides, when we destroy something to eat, we kill slowly.

Our bodies are more sensitive machines and can only enough poison to get rid of once. Our liver does a good job there, but if we constantly put more toxins in our bodies on a daily basis, then our liver begins to feel overwhelmed and stop working at some point by all the abuse.

One of the advantages of organic food is that organic food is much tastier than non-organic food. If you've ever bought a peach from the supermarket and then bought one at a local Farmers Market or local health food store that has grown organically, it would certainly be the difference in taste. greenpeople.org / healthfood.htm an extraordinary resource can be found at local stores of natural products. You can go to a health food store by the state you are in. You can also see the world for natural food stores live.

If you're into organic gardening or want to try hand once, then once in luck, because there is a wealth of information online. Click here for tips organic gardening and a lot of useful information for horticulture grow almost anything you want.

If you're a big milk drinker, as they are, then buy organic milk is the best, but the milk can be very expensive and you do not have enough money to buy organic milk because the next thing to buy at the best milk it is not. mix milk is homogenized to break the molecules of fat in milk, so that the fat is created equal with the rest of the mixture of milk.

Actually this process of homogenization is very harmful to our body, because the small fat molecules that have broken apart are no longer to digest and start creating wreck havoc on our internal organs through holes in them.

The most important thing we need to lose weight guide to remember is to give our bodies to help out, because most aid giving our bodies the better and faster than you can successfully lose weight and keep it that way.

It 's another thing that goes hand in hand with organic food, and that is to live independently. This kind of life makes us more in harmony with nature instead of against them, and these can be easily compensated for our bodies. We also have a lifestyle much cleaner and less expensive.

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To start eating organic food

Everything to eat healthier, starting with the first step. Very few people jump into new things with both feet, Which is good, Because nothing in the slow change to eat Including a new species, provides a much higher success rate in the long term. Before your next weekly shopping trip, not a complete inventory of your refrigerator and pantry. Go to the supermarket and checking to see production, whether organic products are sold and then see your store to see if there is a natural food or organic section has to do many, thanks to strong demand for them. Once you've done these first two steps, you can continue with the next steps himself began to eat organic food.

If ever eat fruit and vegetables, make purchase Basic versions of Bio-products such as apples, oranges, and celery is the first step in the transition of organic food to eat. While they are more expensive, are free of pesticides and herbicides and grow naturally in soil rich in nutrients to make the taste better and better for you. Usually Introducing organic food on your body and your portfolio is a good starting point to consider if you had something you never did before seen in organic form, expand your horizons and buy. One step at a time and a trial-and-error method, you can have fun with this new idea, the nutrition in transition have a Seamless Aid.

It 's a myth that when you "give up" Bio you need food you love. Most people are not ready, the food we love to sacrifice for the good of Their Health, which is quite understandable. If we are forced to food is not for you to eat your chances of success are small. Instead, look for biological counterparts of foods you love. Some examples of foods that have a biological counterpart include corn chips, popcorn, chocolate and bread.

If you're like most people today lead a busy life that has moved almost always do not have time to prepare a quantity of food or put great effort into your food means. There is good news for you in the world of organic food. Investing in a centrifuge and a dryer, and will become your new best friends in the kitchen. Many people who have organic "juice" for its fruit to eat wonderful, nutrient-rich juice, which can be taken. Dehydrators are the best friends a foodie staff, after the second juicer. Cut and dried fruit. You now have nutrient-rich, super comfortable, take healthy organic foods for on-the-go snack or afternoon pick-me-up, the more they can help the temptation of fast food, because organic foods are rich in water, they are more alert and less hungry.

These are just three suggestions on how to start eating organic and change your life for the better. Remember to go slowly to expect, as this is normal, you can make mistakes, experiment with new foods and recipes and to buy what you want to keep up. Customize your new diet for your lifestyle, the possibility of increasing the long-term success.

Organic Food

Image : http://www.flickr.com

In the race faster development we have inflicted serious damage to our natural resources and then to us. Pesticides once the promotion and protection of the crop is now used indiscriminately harms the environment and human life. Over the years, these chemicals accumulate in the environment and poison us slowly. If the form of deposits regularly consumed in our tissues and vital organs, including liver, kidney and brain.


Over the yearsProgress, leading to deadly diseases and even cancer are a reason why cumulative poisons. "In fact, studies in recent years have shown that chemicals are harmful to the environment as a built environment that have penetrated even the most natural and safest of all sources of food, milk. More than 350 human pollutants in breast milk of women in the UK identified. Pesticides poisoning, breast milk and have negative effects on the immune system of newbornsSystem.

Pesticide use

The misery is that over the banning of pesticides, they are largely consumed by farmers and peasants are used;, unnoticed by us. India is the largest producer of chemical pesticides in the countries of South Asia and African countries. A number of studies have found more cases of brain tumors, leukemia and birth defects in children with early exposure to pesticides, according to the National Resources Defense Council.


AStudy of the Harvard School of Public Health conducted in Boston, found a 70% increase risk of developing Parkinson's disease, to those affected, even less pesticides. The WHO estimates that more than one million pesticide poisonings and 20,000 deaths each year worldwide. The indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase yields and save crops, domestic animals and diseases, no doubt increased food production, food security has created, butFurthermore, in a series led by health risks. It also has the agro-ecosystem is deteriorating badly. This explained the need to move to organic cereals to maintain the health and safety of food value.

organic Farming

organic foods are grown organic, without pesticides and chemicals. Is not a "product", but agriculture is a process. "Fewer external inputs, avoiding the use ofChemo synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. Instead, with nature and natural systems works both agricultural yields and disease resistance increase. It builds healthy soil and prevents the penetration of chemicals in soil and water. Helps protect the top soil, water and air.

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The truth about organic food - Organic food can lower cancer risk?

There is no doubt that more people decide to go organic. Distribution of natural and organic products for the U.S. in 2008 alone, an "estimated total of 32.9 billion dollars" (Market Watch, September 9, 2008). From 2005 to 2008, natural and organic industry recorded a revenue growth of almost 70%. However, there are benefits to eating organic, especially when it comes to cancer risk?

What is BIO?

to earn food and drink, the organic label from S. U. Department of Agriculture, food surfaces must remain That Are free of synthetic pesticides, insecticides, growth, and other Potential toxins such as herbicides and growth hormones for a minimum period of three years.

On the surface, it seems that food should be produced in this country of pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones and free right? This is what the producers of these products may lead consumers to believe that if more than the admission by omission.

What is strong is that many of the synthetic chemicals that have been applied in the field, year, and in the atmosphere and water, there is soil pollution can do that and remain there for decades, and some can last as long as 100 years.

Bio is just the latest trend among many, or is here to stay? And if organic is the way of the future will be because of marketing Preying on the fears of consumers Lulling, while a false sense of security? If an informed consumer to buy and continue to choose to eat organic food, you should base their decisions on facts and not half truths.

The differences between organic and conventional farming

Apply chemical fertilizers to promote plant growth
Use insecticides to reduce / pesticides pests and diseases
herbicide is used to control weeds
Give animals antibiotics, growth hormones and drugs to prevent disease and promote growth


Apply natural fertilizers such as manure and compost to support plant growth
Reduces the beneficial insects and birds, or confusion technique traps pests and diseases
Crop rotation, up grass by hand or mulch to control weeds
Give animals organic feed and allow them access to the outside. With preventive measures such as pasture rotation and a balanced diet and a clean environment to prevent disease

What else should consider the food?

Biotechnology, the science through the marriage of biology and technology is created, a relatively new and growing. Biotechnology has brought animal cloning in the foreground, and maybe the table in the near future.

Another area of nutrition that biotechnology is advancing in which genetically modified organisms (GMOs), as amended. genetic changes that is the most basic provision of the life of cells, ie DNA, refers to the ability to add, subtract or alter the genetic code of a plant, animal or microorganism. In essence, the ability of GM to genetically manipulate something in his features, not a rule.

While the sale of cloned meat is already U. S. Food and Drug Administration approval (without labels to differentiate cloned meat supplies from other meat), there's hesitation in the scientific community for long-term safety of GMOs. If the delay caused in our food free of GMOs? Instead, they have in the food supply since 1990.

Both cloning and genetic engineering, new science, one wonders what can really think of the long-term safety of the food that was created by them must be known. Science can not even long-term safety of plants, animals and micro-organisms themselves, that create these processes.

How do you think cancer is a mutation of its own, may not be scientifically altered foods may actually cause more cancer, but in the short term, then in the long run?

What can we learn from the information on organic food Conclude

The only reasonable conclusions about organic food to eat to achieve are:

The purchase is expected to increase the food budget
You can easily reduce the amount of chemicals they are exposed to your body is exposed to through food exposure at least three years unless directed to synthetic chemicals.
The organic food industry on your knowledge of partial information have to see that organic foods are healthier, for example, that organic foods will reduce the risk of cancer - and They are in this partial knowledge translation in higher profits for their industry to count.
Although evidence that organic food reduces the risk of cancer is not too large, many people find that switching to organic production by improving their health.

Minggu, 19 September 2010

To begin to grow food organically

Image : http://www.flickr.com

If you get back to gardening, to learn how to start can be a problem. And if there is space, you may wonder if small organic vegetable growing your own is entirely possible. But there are many ways for overcoming the problem of space, so read on.

First, you must ensure that you are among the three most important controlling factors. If you are starting organic gardening, is the right way to make sure your hands get the most out of material you have.

Start right- Start Time

It begins with an analysis of the growing conditions are your plants. This is the first step and most important, if you want to grow your garden. New gardeners often discouraged when the plants are usually careful not to produce the rich harvest they expected.

Then look at the first and most important requirements for gardening at home:

Well-drained medium such as soil, compost or soilMixture


Sunshine (or at least strong sunlight) is important if the plants are healthy and nutritious. Avoid areas that fall under the shadow of the walls or overhanging branches. The more sunlight you allow your plants grow faster and become stronger. Of course, in extremely hot climates, the cover of shade trees and light compensation often be an advantage. Most fruit and vegetables need a minimum of six hours of direct sunlightmaximum production safety.


The ideal situation for the garden beds is a flat land in the sun, but if you need much space you need to find alternatives. Growing vegetables in containers can be equally rewarding, and jars or other containers which have the advantage of your plants, where they move to get the best light and shade as the seasons change.

Another option for those with little or no flat space,Start a vertical garden. If the walls, pergolas, etc. have seen dripping balconies with beautiful plants like roses and jasmine, it is not difficult to imagine the same situation, where the flowers of edible plants, such as pumpkin, zucchini, passion fruit, tomatoes or even be replaced imagine.

Verandas and courtyards present ideal situations for gardeners vertical. Use your space wisely and you could soon be a paradise garden of edible plants.


Groundis the only ingredient that most urban and many suburban gardeners behind. ground So if you have little or none, or because the harsh and unproductive, a raised bed may be looking for the answer.

raised beds allows the type of soil you are building in a confined space like. You also have the advantage of saving your hard work. Since the bed off the ground you will not need to bend half by far, the other advantage is that you needlittle or no excavation.

commercial versions of raised beds are available in different and can be set accordingly. They range from small, pre-cut lengths of plastic self-watering container hardwood that you assemble.

But it is possible that there are suitable materials for the construction of a high base available at home. Once you know where to build your garden, to decide which is simply a matter of creating a rectangular area bordered with wood, bricks, stones or gardenEdge materials.

The next step is to fill this space with old newspapers. Water it down so you do not fly away.

If, after the method "NO DIG your next layer of hay, alfalfa would be covered by a layer of straw composting. Then your installation of plants in a garden scoop well. 'Water and wait for the magic happens.

One way a bit 'different requires that you add garden compost on the top right of the newspaper. Continue with a bag of mushroom compost and add yourLayer of straw. Water the soil regularly for a few days to settle the mixture, then a part of the straw and the plant in "earth."

You could start with an ambitious 8ft x 8ft plot, or if you're the type who likes to experiment, a small 3ft x 3ft bed a lot 'to teach you about the best combinations of three essential elements - Sunshine, position and drainage.

The most important things you should know about organic food

What are organic foods?

These are grown all kinds of fruits, vegetables and animals that are processed and unrefined, or that has grown without the use of algaecides, herbicides, insecticides, bactericides, fungicides, antibiotics, antibiotics, growth hormones or chemical synthesis. Organic-raised animals are fed a very healthy and balanced diet and not genetically modified.

While organic production of some non-organic fertilizers are used. But these are limited non-organic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides and are used only as a last resort and not as harmful to our health and the environment than the one used in the manufacture of non-organic food.

What are the benefits of eating these natural foods?

Including these foods in the diet Natural Which is a great way to Improve and Maintain your health while at the same time helping to Improving our environment. Besides the health benefits you get when you eat these natural foods, methods for the manufacture of food products by using environmentally friendly. They are not dangerous fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful to the soil and our environment, there are. So they left the breeding grounds and contribute to the conservation of insects and other small animals.

Contrary to popular belief, natural foods that they only come in the form of fruits, vegetables and livestock, there are a variety of organic foods within the category, such as beef, poultry, fish, pasta, sauces, vegetables, fruit, fruit, fruit juices, vegetable juices, frozen foods, soups, cereals, grains, nuts, chocolate, biscuits, bread, dairy, sugar, honey, syrup and wine.

These natural foods are processed without the use of artificial colorings, flavorings, sweeteners, hydrogenated fats, trans fats, saturated fats, additives or artificial preservatives. As a result, the taste much better than non-organic food because all the natural flavors that were not in any way altered by the use of synthetic chemicals.

non-organic food, the other with large amounts of processed sodium, sugar, artificial additives and preservatives so that look and taste more appealing to consumers and extend their resistance. The nutritional value of organic food is not strongly influenced by the changing nature of food handling and therefore subject to important vitamins, fiber and other healthy nutrients lost. In an attempt to replace lost nutrients, vitamins and mineral synthesis, rather than recorded.

Organic foods contain more nutrients, rich in vitamins, more fiber, minerals and essential fatty acids of non-organic food. They also tend to be more coverage because of their high nutritional value. non-organic food on the opposite side are less filling because of their low nutritional value. Following the acquisition process and filled with sugar and salts that are addicted, non-organic foods tend to leave you craving for more food, which often leads to more eating.

These natural foods are not loaded with potentially harmful synthetic chemicals, additives and pesticides, which are digested if eaten and stored in the body. It 's a well known fact that pesticides in food for many diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's linked to some birth defects, obesity and overweight. According to recent studies, these natural products really better for the fight many of these chronic health problems that afflict our society.

Sabtu, 18 September 2010

Natural Skin & Hair Care: Tips to grow your hair long

Learn natural techniques for growing hair long and healthy in this free video clip. Expert: Bio Noopur Mishra: Noopur Mishra is an immensely talented cook. Took cooking classes she has a gift for creating innovative new dishes, even for their native culture. One of his specialties and sandwiches. Filmmaker: Anish Bhatia

Organic food does not necessarily

Organic foods are the fastest growing segment of the food business - Because so many of us eat "real" instead of additives like, but also allows the type of the USDA regulations, we are now paying That extra dollar and still eat food that pesticides and other chemicals. If you're a label reader, you pay extra for organic and you know these terms:

100% Organic - should not contain chemicals, additives, plastics, pesticides or genetically modified material.

USDA Organic - contains 95% organic ingredients. May contain plastic, they are''in a list approved.

Made with organic - 70% organic.

All labels are required, the list of organic and inorganic ingredients. 100% USDA and labels must state the name of organic certification.

Farmers, the organic label, but it will also decide to use fertilizers or pesticides banned 'look' of certification standards are relaxed to find.

Many of the "rules" on organic foods are subject to interpretation. For example, dairies selling milk as organic when it comes from cows that have "access to" pasture, even if they are denied access.

Truly organic dairy farmers who actually keep the cows are a lot of problems in price competition with large confinement dairies, cows from a "pasture" may, for a few minutes one week turn around. And of course the consumer pays for both the "false" organic milk for the real thing.

More worrying is the fact that 90% of organic food for children now contain additives, said increased brain and vision are.

These additives have been banned a few years ago, but it was a program manger for the USDA formula lobbying by the creators, dismissed his staff and approved additives. If your organic baby food label boasts that it contains DHA and ARA, it is possible to feed the children, synthetic fatty acids, which have been rejected, was convinced by the program manager, "to enable it.

These fatty acids are often known by a potential neurotoxin, such as hexane - a product that will probably not be approved, if someone was looking for.

When a USDA deputy administrator must approve this plan, he said, because the formula makers, that these fatty acids was not the list of previously agreed as a result of mere oversight. He said the law prohibits the use of hexane, the treatment is organic foods, but does not extend the prohibition on processing of synthetic additives.

Other products of green and white label "USDA Organic prevent the cheese, wood, paper and organic duck faux aggregation, which contains a synthetic substance, there is a true story contains.

I'm sure there are others in similar settings for the USDA deputy administrator who was OK to allow the use of additives in hexane has decided to produce baby food, but after reading about this woman, I see it as the fox guarding the Chicken Coop. In an interview, said to have been seen in the federal program purpose "of the sector to grow," and thought the dispute was about plastics in organic food, mostly ridiculous. "

I think this lady needs a job to do something other than protecting the American consumer. What do you think?

If you want to read the source material for this report, see the review spokesperson, July 5, 2009, entitled "Traces of obfuscation doubt''organic."

Jumat, 17 September 2010

Why some people are not a fan of organic food?

While many people under the road to a healthier diet, including organic foods to buy, others are not a fan of them. They head That this is somehow for farmers additional money from the food we offer to make a name lover. Let's face it, are tired of hyped consumer advertising, which is not in step with ethical or legal.

They assume that this is just a marketing ploy, it's too crazy with leaders of creative people go to for their products. What I do not know is that it is a very complex process that a manufacturer must undergo to successfully grow organic foods. It 'easy to be led by labels but, and this is a problem.

For example, some people have bought what they thought, where organic food in the past. What is later discovered that these products contain only organic ingredients, some but not complete. They felt cheated and betrayed by the producers even if it is legal. This is because the items that are actually at least 95% organic, so certified.

A common myth is that too much movement, the organic food taste better than traditional methods. This means that many people seek organic foods are disappointed for the first time that this additional layer, the taste is not only there. If a person does not even organic food they tried to say is that smacks of cardboard, or some stories simply terrible. When you hear things like it will be less likely to feel alone.

Another common myth is that organic foods contain more vitamins and minerals. Actually you do not know where to start, but these rumors. It was certainly not something that the FDA or the farmers who grow organic products would be difficult for them to say that consumer benefit. The fact that this is not true, but often people do not buy more organic products if they find out the truth.

Many people are not exactly a fan of organic foods because of the fact that it costs more. They think they are buying are already paying too much for its food. Why should they pay more to get what they want? For many families, are difficult to get to have the money to pay for necessities. You can no longer simply spending so organic food is undoubtedly justified, whatever the recruit is going to happen to be.

Nothing is more frustrating than food to rot before eating. With organic food will rot faster than other objects. This is because there are all kinds of preservatives used to it, to keep them better. For those who have no desire to shop often or do not like to waste their food, I'm just not a fan of organic food.

For many people, but simply do not have all the facts about organic food. That is, they continue to eat what they've always been. Their hypothesis is that you get sick from it yet So what's the problem? They assume that organic producers are lots of small amounts of residue on the food we eat, to the left.

But what if you are on the right track? What happens if you eat organic foods can help reduce many common medical problems in our society? Perhaps the solution is not for them to heal with medical science, but by changing the way our food is grown. This is definitely something to think about.

Kamis, 16 September 2010

Fruit Trees Part 1, Homesteading food, conservation, oil Aiguille

Robert Henry of the Survival Report brings you the first in a series of videos from fruit trees. Includes tips for buying the right kind for your industry, how to take care of them, irrigation solutions and information on diseases and treatments. With the growing possibility of an economic collapse or depression and lack of food now a message a day, now more than ever, it is important to act on a certain level of self-sufficiency with yourFood supply. long-term preservation of food is very important, but also the ability to preserve food and products. www.survivalreport.net

Health benefits of consumption of organic food and organic Skincare

The rise of organic products, from food to cosmetics organic is becoming a trend evident over the past five years or so. The reason for this is that many people believe that the health benefits of organic food consumption. When asked who regularly shops Whole Foods, they would rather lick the floor on non-organic food or products that do not eat the USDA seal of approval on them. Some call this busy and picky, but people in medicine and research are now admitting that there is more than just overly cautious.

There is a strong suspicion that chemicals responsible for toxic and our bodies are responsible for the current overflow of cancer. The toxins are thought to damage of important enzymes, which cause cause multiple health problems. And 'studied and verified that the synthetic chemicals can cause interruptions in hormone production and function. These results are for the growing number of people seeking purity of the search for something to put in their stomachs and on their skin. In June 2009 the European Commission, Communication on Cancer has shown that they have recognized that there are too many environmental factors Such as food chemicals and chemicals in air and water, to be addressed, should be to prevent cancer.

The European Parliament has stressed dass''die increasing scientific evidence that certain types of cancer such as bladder cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer and not only by the action of chemical substances , radiation, and airborne particles, but also other environmental factors.'' The European Parliament also considers that there are many cases of cancer are directly linked to pesticides. European scientists to support the reduction of human exposure to chemicals are also used by U.S. experts also assisted. Several organizations are working to reduce the amount of chemicals in human food, especially those that may interfere with hormones. Many of these chemicals are used as additives and ingredients in personal care and cosmetic products. As the skin absorbs about 64% of what is put on it, skin care has gained the attention of all.

In France alone last year alone more than 300 lines of new skin care organic were placed on the market even though demand for organic skin care is higher in the UK. Britain, although he does not live of course like many other European countries like Italy and Spain, but it certainly is in the process of recovery. The European cosmetics industry has recently provided a list of substances that were considered unsafe ingredients. Some of these ingredients are still in use in the United States on the basis of cosmetic brands. Regarding the food is concerned, there are many colors and dyes in foods used in the discussion as well, but countries like Norway and Sweden have the use of many common food dyes banned. The rest of the EU are increasingly banning food additives that are still in use in America.

Americans and Europeans buy more organic food and organic cosmetics than ever, because they feel that it is a safer food option.Organic rules are slightly stricter than normal food by labeling laws. Anything that is not the document can not be labeled organic has met. non-organic food is produced with synthetic pesticides, more preservatives, additives, and some genetically modified products. Organic products can not be genetically modified, and most can not preservatives used in food products labeled as organic. The things we are 100% marked ecological afterwards, because virtually no chemicals or questionable substances in the mixture, which has tried to eat one of the most important health benefits of organic food. Organic produce almost imperceptible amount of pesticides, consumers are trying to be healthy makes you happy

Rabu, 15 September 2010

USDA says OK to add 38 non-organic Foods Organic Foods to List

Image : http://www.flickr.com

Last Friday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved the proposal to allow 38 non-organic ingredients "USDA organic previously that are permitted in food." Fortunately, there are 60 days in which we as the public may comment on these. Just last month alone, the USDA received over 1,000 complaints, fertilizers, chemical pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones are used, other than food.

Some producers pushed for this change, becauseThey argue that the 38 points are minor. Other arguments are that these companies claim that these products are difficult to organic form found in her. These elements include 19 food colorings, two starches, hops, sausage casings, fish oil, chipotle chili pepper, gelatin, celery powder, dill oil, frozen lemongrass, Wakame seaweed, bay leaves and turkish protein concentrate of whey . The companies argue that small amounts of these non-organic ingredientsfood is used to 'can do to further "the most organic to create.

People are now arguing that if the label says the product is organic, everything is organic food should be in this. There should be no exception allowing the use of organic farms "for things not in a product labeled organic." This makes sense only. Unfortunately, there are a lot of foods such as cereals, meat, bread, beer, pasta, candy and soup mixes thatbe affected by this rule.

Given that organic sales growth alone has more than doubled over the past 5 years, the USDA does not seem to be heard, the public, but also their wallets instead of. Statistics show that large food companies like General Mills, Kellogg and power are now the choice of foods to use the facilities available to pop mom-and-only. The reason why it has a great meal, and policy makers working to improve, take note of what is probablywith the fact that this is not conventional. In fact, current USDA regulations define "organic" as no chemical fertilizers, sewage sludge, bioengineering or pesticides. It also states that animals must be without antibiotics or growth hormones, and access to free range (outdoors).

For those who really want to eat only organic foods that will cause a huge problem. So if you're worried about this problem, so now is the time to stand, and do something about it. Take a moment to update your e-mail and government officials, have the pressure on the USDA. If you get up, the FDA will take note.

Interesting facts about organic food

There are a lot of information out there about organic food. The problem is that not everything is true. Here are some interesting facts about organic food are found to be helpful. This information can also help you decide whether to take the benefits for the purchase of such products or do not want.

It may surprise to learn that only about 2% of the food is grown organically in the world. So it is not always a wide range of locally. This is also part of why prices are so high for them. Do not be fooled, this low percentage, however, because about 40 million dollars annually in the coming of these foods.

In the U.S., the movement of organic food are very high and many producers are looking into it. This is the area where they grow more organic food. Today about 70% of grocery stores out there offer some form of organic foods. Surprising that there is a strong demand for bio-cream and yoghurt products.

Not only the United States, however, where organic food is selling well. Other areas are Canada, Italy and Britain. It is suspected that found within the next decade there will be some form of organic food grown and distributed all over the world. Australia has a vast sector of the country where organic foods are grown and it is considered that more land be allocated for this purpose over the next five years.

Many people have to learn but that is the largest country in the organic production of food caught Germany. This is because they often have problems with soil and food production because of it. Biological methods to help, but not on the ground, are very nutritious. In Europe, the movement of organic food has more to do with the choice of society. You do not want the addition of chemicals in the food we eat, or act for the environment if it is a better alternative.

The process of conversion of farmland from conventional to organic, even though these methods takes a long time. Therefore, it is increasing in both numbers to be there continuously. On average this process takes five years. A farmer can not just wake up and say that the day he decided to only organic products grows. Unfortunately, the process is not as easy to complete.

purchased at least 70% of people in the United States has or uses some form of organic food. You will not find there a big difference when it comes to taste. A fruit that are sweet in many reports, however, Apple. Organic foods do not spoil quickly, because if you do not have their wax or other preservatives. You may also be smaller than others because of their ongoing growth process is not caused by chemicals.

Products: 95% or more votes by the USDA allows the label to get their food as organic place. Most consumers not only on those labels, but so are they to buy what they believe organic foods are, but they are very similar. Learning this information should you interested in learning more about the process for labeling organic food. They want to be sure that what you buy is the real thing. Why pay for food that you think are organic when they contain only a few elements that make them so

Selasa, 14 September 2010

Like chicken soup

You can do this "food as medicine" original classic in a few minutes. And you can do scrap I'd thrown away! Find out how easy and inexpensive to do this delicious and nutritious foods. You can get a better version of the video: www.innovativehealing.com

Organic Food Diet - 10 mistakes

Organic food production standards require that the integrity of organic substances stored in the stages of growth and transformation. So how many errors that make use of organic food diet you?

Before the season, the use of non-organic herbs and spices for food.

organic food regulations do not allow the use of food irradiation. non-organic herbs and spices can be irradiated to increase their duration.

If you add the herb sauce irradiated pulp is no longer organic. This is true even if the tomatoes are grown with great care your methods.

The second use of non-organic sauces in food preparation.

Some examples would be soy sauce or barbecue sauce. The problem lies in the potential of genetically modified ingredients have been used.

Genetically modified foods can not be labeled as organic. Genetically modified soybeans. In fact, using most of the soybean crop in the world, modified seeds.

Avoiding soy products and use only organic versions of the product.

Using the third normal milk for your sauces and recipes.

Conventionally produced milk is sold with contaminants acceptable. This allows contaminants are hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and even cleaning solutions.

Fourth Do not wash produce.

organic food production does not allow the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. This does not mean that pesticides and fertilizers are not in use. They are used, so washing is important to remove them. It would also remove impurities, which had settled on the food during transport.

Fifth not wash "pre-washed lettuce.

Pre-washed salad is easy to manage. The idea of saving a step in the preparation of food.

Now, when working in the garden salad, washing machine not working. Maybe I should change the water three times before the dirt is gone.

And then there's another point. Are you willing to trust the standard cleaning someone else for your food? Probably not, right?

Sixth Wash with tap water production.

The tap water is contaminated with chlorine and other pollutants. If you are using to tap water, do it before:

Fill a jar with water. Then water is poured into another container. Do this back and forth 3-4 times. Then it is ready for use. In this way, causing the chlorine to evaporate faster just let it sit.

Seventh Cooking pots with galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, steel T-Fal or canned.

Your plates can peel or release contaminants in your kitchen. Select porcelain or stainless steel cookware.

8th With a microwave oven.

This is probably the most common and biggest mistake we make. The fact is that the microwave is not allowed in organic food production. To maintain the integrity of foods, avoid the microwave.

Nono did not understand the labeling of organic food.

For eco-logo, the product is an ingredient in at least 95 percent organic.

Products, which may consist of 70 percent organic ingredients on the label this state. You may not be labeled organic.

The products with organic ingredients, organic ingredients must be indicated. Well, here is where many people before.

Assuming that grabbed a box of cereal from the shelf, which was made with organic blueberries. This is to be understood in order, as long as you know that blueberries are not organic, the product.

10th Assuming that all foods are a natural food store organic.

They are not. For example, I found the ketchup with high fructose corn syrup in a local shop made. The bottle was not labeled organic. But the businessman said he wanted to those who could not tolerate the sugar cane. HFCS is unhealthy and should be avoided.

Senin, 13 September 2010

The Organic Food Store should be your store of choice

We all want to eat healthy. We want the food we are at our local grocery store to buy healthy food. It will take time for the food we choose to create a balanced diet. But unfortunately this is not the case. Many times our choices of organic food in our local grocery stores are very limited. Organic Food Stores help solve this problem. Organic foods are produced to meet certain standards, which are grown and harvested. Are exposed to grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They have no food additives.

Many buyers are now buying organic products. We are increasingly aware of what we eat and be more aware of how food is grown. And 'the opening of a growing sector of organic food and many shops, so that consumers have several choices in what they buy. There are obvious health benefits to shopping at your local health food store. It was found that organic foods have a high content of vitamins in them. They reduce our long-term exposure to chemicals and pesticides.

Organic Food Stores do not sell only organic foods, but many also sell locally produced foods. There is great debate about what is best for you. Buying locally grown food helps local farmers and eliminate the transportation costs of shipping food from all over the country. But many organic foods are not grown locally. If you live in the northeast, could be very difficult to buy fruit and vegetables during the winter. But it is very easy to grow organically in California and shipped to the northeast. But the question remains whether ecological food ship from California to the northeast and food resources to send food.

Organic food stores are a step in the right direction. They allow consumers to buy organic food or locally. They give us choices and a wider choice of what is available in our local grocery store. They help to promote the use of chemical free farming. And organic food is healthier for us to purchase. It reduces our exposure to chemicals that our body needs and that allows us to go near the food, as they had grown naturally, rather than chemical. Organic Food Stores should your store of choice when shopping for you and your family.

Organic food is increasingly required

Image : http://www.flickr.com

It 's a fact that an increasing number of people moving toward organic and natural products each year. This means that people are more aware of what types of foods are offered on the market are and what effect on the health of the general population.

We as Americans are among the most sensitive and logical in the world when it comes to production and staff. However, we did not have too much value on the quality of> Food we consume, so far. This is very exciting and means we now have more sensitive of our food.

organic food is usually a food that was grown not treated with natural fertilizers and no pesticides. What the Earth at the onset.

When we see around us, the fullness of nature is clearly visible. We live in an abundance of natural creation. But if man decided that, given the false impression that he must produce more to feed all the means at its disposal for people and make more money, even if it goes against the laws of nature, the number of cases was more frequent. We are what we eat.
If we act on a competitive rather than a creative level, we lose sight of unlimited natural resources that are available to us.

So it's exciting to see the end more and more people are becoming health conscious and desire to live in a natural way. So we need to see more> organic food and organic food stores are always in our neighborhood.

For your health and well-being,

Minggu, 12 September 2010

Why eat organic food import

Those people who are on a healthy diet, often tend to look for organic food, design, and with good reason. Eating organic foods is useful in many ways, organic foods for consumers with food enriched with nutrients, these foods are an excellent choice and are often identified free of destructive and toxic chemicals, processed into many foods. Truly healthy eating, organic food is definitely the way to go, here are some reasons why organic foods are so much better superlative for people to consume.

The researchers note that organic foods to better control the effects of the disease than counterparts in processed foods. As organic foods have more antioxidants in themselves, have the power to increase more immunological. A strong immune system is the individual that organic food is healthier overall body uses in addition to increased resistance to disease. What's more, antioxidants, ingredients that are often in skin creams today and face products in demand. The reason why antioxidants are ingredients such as antioxidants is desirable that the ability to capture free radicals in the body in order to minimize the harmful effects of natural aging process and improve the appearance and health of more largest organ of the body skin. In addition to providing an antioxidant defense for the consumer to cancer.

The right people with the consumption of toxic chemicals in question prefer to eat organic food because it allows them to avoid the use of poisons. stores in an effort to establish contact with chemical residues on food products from Certain fertilizers, herbicides, and maintained to Avoid DDT and other pesticides, Consumers Are organic food sections in the current situation. For consumers interested in long-term effects of these toxins, the consumption of organic food is not only healthy for the body, but also offers consumers some relief psychological, as well. For consumers who are seriously concerned about the environmental situation today, so that organic food is their primary choice of food is a way for consumers to eat healthy and environmentally friendly at the same time behave in a way.

For consumers with serious consequences associated with GM foods with organically eliminates these concerns. Genetically modified foods are and remain the subject of serious discussion, there is concern that genetically modified plants may be harmful to the environment, can finally intersects with other crops and plants, and were correlated with certain diseases, allergies and diseases. Completely avoiding the problem all together, consumers of organic products as the main source of food, in turn, the dryer needs, the consequences of eating foods that have been modified genetically engineered and fear turn.

Organic foods are items that contain more vitamins, minerals and ascorbic acid. Naturally grown, quality has been tested to offer consumers organic food more nutritional value for their money. While organic food can sometimes be more expensive than their processed and chemically treated counterparts, is that most consumers find the price worth the investment.

Sabtu, 11 September 2010

Why Raw Food Diet is not a # 3

Check out some of my latest recipe books and DVDs: www.lovingraw.com Why raw food is not a diet describes the style of life before and because its different from regular SAD (Standard American Diet) diet plans. So far I have lost more than 215 kg of raw food lifestyle! More videos to come, so stay tuned and subscribe on my YouTube page and lovingraw.com on my website! Shot: 10/05/2007

Organic Food Recipes for children from solid

Is your child ready for weaning? If your child is already six months, then it's time to change the routine preparation of milk, or breastfeeding, and add the prepared solid food during the day. Because children are very sensitive, organic baby food recipes would be ideal for them. So prepare to verify the information weaning mothers and gentlemen, your doctor or from the site. Be sure to buy organic food for themselves the child the best.

As a parent, I always get to see the babies and watch them grow. My sister-in-law is now weaning her first child. After giving his statement, the benefits of organic food for children, we began to experiment with new recipes organic baby food for weeks.

My granddaughter is seven months and looking for a new recipe organic food for children only for a week of testing for allergies or digestive problems. Let me do the first three recipes homemade organic baby food that we did. These recipes are made entirely with organic products. These are very easy to do, less time to aim and have a longer shelf life for the next day to feed.

Going Bananas

Banana is always in season and is easily accessible on the market or in your favorite supermarket. However, because we want our children to eat organic foods, make sure you buy your bananas from trusted seller / market. If you live in a country that control imports of bananas are certified organic label. banana buying local would be safer especially if you live in a rural area or rurban.

Banana lasts until at least three days, depending on the quality of maturity at purchase. Therefore, this organic baby food recipes are always served fresh for children. Use the spoon to feed the baby and starts scratching ripe banana ½ tablespoons new starter for the meal.

Banana is rich in potassium, which is good for bone development. Feeding children with bananas helps the body absorb calcium in the ability of babies milk. Banana also contains vitamins (A, C, folic acid, choline), calcium minerals (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus), carbohydrates and omega-6 fatty acids.

Go, go, go, avocado!

I never tried the avocado for my children "recipe organic baby food, and when I saw my nephew has gnawed pretty, it was a great experience. In fact, the taste and texture ideal for children. An avocado is more than enough for a week. However, avocado turns brown, if not served immediately. One solution is to integrate avocado family meal. The child then eats organic food with the whole family.

When buying avocados, select different levels of maturity so that more would be a ripe piece of everyday life. Service startup, ½ teaspoon of organic food for babies baby food. Scraping in small amounts until the meal enough for the child.

Avocado is definitely an organic food product because it is based on a large scale. Avocado is a complete tour of all organic food for children. Babies get vitamins (A, C, E, K, B6, folic acid, pantothenic acid, B6 and other vitamins in small amounts), minerals (manganese, zinc, copper, phosphorus, potassium, sodium), saturated fat, carbohydrates, fiber food and protein to eat avocados. But it is rich in fat is good for children.

Go to sweet potato

boiled potato was one of my favorite recipes organic baby food. It 'very cheap and abundant year-round market. The variety I like most is the red skin and orange flesh peach. Once cooked, it can be refrigerated for the next feedings. For children, boiled mashed sweet potatoes easily. Serve ½ teaspoon solid starter.

Organic baby food recipe baked sweet potato is low in sodium and very low in saturated fat and cholesterol. It 's a good source of fiber, vitamin B6 and manganese, and a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C.

Go for Organic Baby Food!

Dietary habits and preferences are determined at an early age. As more and more people are aware of health, it is best to educate children on health and value their physical body. Start the learning process at the earliest - at the time of birth through breastfeeding and once they are ready for solids. Train children on organic food, producing organic baby food recipes to eat them.

Jumat, 10 September 2010

"Health Food" vs. Healthy Food - How to record labels

You know how to read food labels? Maybe he thought you wanted. The truth is that you're probably not. But Jeff Novick, MS, RD - The McDougall Program - is doing. And in his entire speech, which shows three simple steps you need to know if you ever buy foods at any supermarket or health food store. In this excerpt makes online Novick - which are used for a food service manager of Kraft Foods - a leading food using dirty secrets in order to deceive consumers. no coincidence that the labels are so confusing!Supporters argue that food diet High-protein/low-carb U.S. "low fat foods began 20 years ago and still gain weight," proves "that the low-fat diet has been effective. But that is absurd, as Novick points in his presentation. The food was not / no fat at all. food companies use sleight of hand, seem to them that way. Novick shows how to see you on the meaning of food labeling, see the you have to be cut, and understand what you're really getting. This is an excerpt fromconversation of 80 minutes, Novick at the VegSource 2007 Healthy Lifestyle Expo, and part of a 12-part series of top health lessons. In all its fascinating and entertaining presentation for teachers Novick "three simple rules" to cut the BS and quickly understand food labels, you know exactly what you get. After his speech, you will never look the same on packaged foods! You can use a DVD set with all 12 amazing talks from the Expo 2007. CLICK HERE for more information...

Organic food - the healthy alternate

organic food production and consumption is somehow in their support for the stage. The entire planet floating on a lot of pollution, radiation and hazardous chemicals, different strains of the virus to produce fatal diseases, and unsanitary conditions. Let us return to our natural state, eating organic food as now it has been a test of the will of a person and the level of economic status.

Millions of years of living men and women who put themselves in harmony with nature, plenty of food available for them. Since no other purpose but to survive, they had no idea of manipulating an organism or improving organic food more delicious and tasty recipes. They have learned to find their food by hunting and then agriculture. When people crossed the border in the direction of civilization, was the mass production of a large part of any economy. Research and development focused on creating high-yield varieties (HYVs) and unnatural method for propagation and production of these varieties.

The choice of the human race in the past, now its lessons. However, these lessons are still covered most of the people. Some people have already decided to return to organic farming and consumption of organic food. To protect the interests of consumers, certification bodies of organic food have been established in many countries. Many are also following suit.

With the Internet has changed the world, the Internet now offers online organic food. Consumers can simply select the site, look for organic foods and online process of joining the Order of the organic food line, right at the comforts of home. makes the availability of information through the network is also possible that consumers are saying to check the authenticity of organic food. Organic Certification Authority has a list of certified organic foods, suppliers and manufacturers.

Organic foods contain more vitamins and minerals, is a regular food, harmful chemicals, after application of pesticides and herbicides. A variety of carrot production, for example, is the largest organic carrot. However, it contains nutrients and organic carrots because it was grown on fertile soil with organic fertilizers.

Organic food Organic food online are generally much more expensive than conventional food. One reason is revealed that the government subsidizes agriculture more pervasive inorganic and organic farmers still receive support from the state. Since the production of organic crops requires the use of natural fertilizers and banning harmful chemicals in pesticides and herbicides, labor costs are higher. This means that the control of pests and weeds by hand instead of spraying. The yield is low, even compared to HYVs.

When calculated, but would always prove to be more expensive for Consumers of food inorganic Because people are part of the taxes, Agricultural subsidies, and consumers pay more for their health if they become ill. consumers of organic food are feeding the body with clean items, so you have a clean and healthy body. Since they have more energy, have more time to work, less stress and more income opportunities.

Kamis, 09 September 2010

Cheap Organic Food

It 'can also take the words "cheap" and "organic" in the same sentence? And if so, where and how to get this cheap food organic?

Let's face it. Organic foods are great, but sometimes can make more money than the current budget allows grocers. Before you spend your entire content and organic food to go, you may wonder whether these foods really worth the money and all the hype is. My answer is a resounding yes! Organic foods are foods grown or raised without the use of synthetic (chemical) pesticide formulations, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers. This method of farming allows foods that grow in nature, as they were intended. Consider that conventional farmers in the United States Spray 2000000000 pounds of pesticides a year to compensate for poor crop cultivation techniques. And you know where to land these pesticides? In our food! In addition to pesticide contamination, conventional produce tends to have fewer nutrients in organic products. On average, conventional produce has only 83 percent of nutrients from organic cultivation. Studies have significantly higher levels of nutrients such as vitamin C, which is iron, magnesium and phosphorus and significantly less nitrates (a toxin) in organic crops. When I discovered that organic food could be the missing link for my weight loss and health efforts, I had just graduated from college and WAS living in a miniature, make a very expensive apartment in New York City, I Hardly . In other words, I was broke with a capital B. Why should I spend money on organic food? Not to mention pay the rent on time? Here, I learned the art of "the search for organic food is":

Before I stopped the purchase of non-food processed. Most protein shakes, "health" bars, and processed foods are actually quite expensive, and if you delete them completely from your shopping list, save hundreds of dollars. Take a good look at the price of sugar cereal, biscuits and sweets packaged and frozen TV dinners. You will see prices increase as rapidly in these foods. The same money could be better used in a week's worth of organic products.

According If I started to eat reasonable portions, the food was not so expensive. If I had to really look at what I eat and what I eat, I had clearly been mistaken for a £ 200 sumo wrestlers. Portion Distortion I had the least expense and eating less is not to say!

Third I tried the local farmer's markets. Prices were much better and I've always fresh foods in season. And frankly, if the price of cherries was the equivalent of diamond earrings, I would choose a different fruit. Go for apples, pears and bananas. Diversity is good, however you choose fruits and vegetables without the price of diamonds.

Fourth I transition my kitchen and my whole house slowly. I probably did not follow a complete organic food up to three years. Not ideal, but as best I could. Rome was not built in a day and neither was my palace organic. You better start with some points and then go from there.

Fifth Buy organic produce "selective". The following foods are shown to have higher pesticide residues, and should therefore always be bought organic products:


Red raspberries
Imported grapes


Hot Peppers

Animal products

* More and animal products (meat, poultry, dairy and watch) than antibiotics or growth hormones added. Swallow meat that have been injected with these harmful substances is equivalent to the same meal hormones and antibiotics. Very dangerous!

The following foods are generally lower levels of pesticides can buy conventional if necessary:




Brussels sprouts

There is no evidence, the material in the vicinity of "Feeling Good" is himself. See where your money and see how to adapt the cheap organic food in your family (even if it is a slow transition). I promise that if it were possible for me, it is feasible for you too!

Rabu, 08 September 2010

The breakdown of organic food delivery system

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delivery of organic products is difficult to control. With the delivery of fresh, new problems emerged with farmers and retail outlets. The application for a new order to continue to grow and with it the sales section of local grocery stores are always bigger. Farmers have a hard time in the shops in time and labor shortages in the market for organic products is always both the retail and 'less farmersline.

Bio-food companies are part of the retail market. The number of companies selling organic foods include national chains, shops and internet 'farmers in local markets. With local markets, organic food system delivery structure is not developed yet. The shops on the Internet generally come directly from a farm, so many of them are not experienced as a major influence. But retail stores that are out inthe market will see a drop in sales.

Since we do not use preservatives, the organic food delivery service makes it difficult for production to have time for shopping before a waste product begins. As retailers are forced to make bad and go away, it depends disastrous consequences for farmers on sales.

The market system is the responsibility of such food for retail is in danger of violating that revenues willGenerated from this food specialties. The computing market close $ 27000000000 in the United States alone, and demand for the market rises by this number will be higher. Until the problems of farmers, with a constant supply of food available and the lack of certified inspectors are determined to be the revenue generated will be negatively affected in one way.

His extradition system can be made improvements. With demand for retailEnsure that farmers' markets are, with difficulty, their supply. The revenue it generates is growing dramatically. Its distribution system must provide some kind of consistency that have made the supply of farms able to keep pace with the demand that consumers want. If this offer is no problem caused the organic food market grow and generate more income for farmers and retail markets.

Be healthy with organic foods

Today's society is constantly vigilant to Have awareness of health and the people looking on That factors are able to give them an advantage for the realization you are in good health. We all know that healthy diet, physical activity constant speed and get adequate rest profound impact on our overall vitality. Then there is a huge number of groups that organic foods swear extremely beneficial to the overall health of individuals.

How to produce organic food?

Product in organic farms, these products under strict guidelines and grown and grown and packaged without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, man, preservatives, artificial coloring and other chemicals. non-organic products are on different chemicals, which are not usually so well understood that their effects on consumers and the body must be held subject studied. These chemicals can be linked to some cancers with food allergies.

The benefits of eating organic food

One of the most important benefits of eating organic foods is that these foods are not unreliable at all materials submitted. Dairy and meat of biological principles are also willing to refrain from any form of chemicals. non-organic agriculture, farmers usually the animals to various chemical additives designed to speed up their weight and growth. In addition, cows in dairies chemicals to increase their productivity are given milk.

According to the guidelines for organic food, livestock without antibiotics or growth hormones and are raised is not genetically modified in any way. The benefits of organic food are that animals are only organic feed that is supplemented and given free of chemicals.

Another benefit of eating organic food is its friendliness to the environment. The non-organic food with chemicals, the treatment is responsible for changing the landscape and contaminate the surrounding soil and water supplies. Soil organic food grown in experience no change. Making use commitment to organic food will be healthy, as the benefits of organic food at Whole Foods are naturally free of chemicals.

Since the benefits of organic products are durable and versatile for the Environment, the decision to go organic in a responsible and healthy.

In many countries, requires manufacturers of organic foods in order to obtain organic certification in order to advertise their products as organic foods. Free food chemistry are not able to treat existing diseases, but it is thought to reduce the risk of poisoning the body, in turn, to a minor health problems. The market for organic food is rapidly evolving as customers are increasingly health conscious and aware of the effects of pesticides and chemical fertilizers used in crops on their health.

Selasa, 07 September 2010

Grocery Store Wars (2005)

Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away. Help fight the dark side of the farm. Rate the film, favorite the film, comment the film and subscribe to our channel for the freshest Free Range films.

Here are six reasons why be healthier if you choose to eat organic, you

I have a couple of times lately, whether organic food labeled organic really is necessary. So I thought it would be a little 'just because the election is organic such a smart move for your health to write, and how to make sure that what you buy is really organic.

We now have the choice, organic food is more popular than ever, even in large supermarkets. But why make the decision for the bio-switch if you have a choice? Here's why:

The first organic food tastes better. This is particularly evident with apples and tomatoes, but also with most other foods.

According to Organic foods are grown using fertilizers Full Spectrum. This means that the plant can absorb more nutrients and soil remains valid. Organic foods have a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals as a result, although this is a topic of heated debate in the scientific community!

Why Third, organic farmers use only natural materials for their crops, care for their animals, control of pests and diseases to fight fertilizing, farmers are no harmful chemicals are not exposed and polluted the environment.

There are fourth all chemicals not natural exposed every day. Our bodies have a certain ability to divorce, but when they are overworked, looking for our bodies, toxins, not to save damage. Often this is in the fat tissue. Some industrial chemicals cause endocrine disruption, may cause hormonal imbalance disorders. The choice of organic reduces exposure to these chemicals.

Some organic farmers use bio-dynamic, energetic means to further strengthen the vitality of their crops. For a real treat, groped almonds or walnuts biodynamics.

Fifth order to maintain the health of their animals, organic farmers use natural remedies - herbs, nutrients, and homeopathy. This makes them completely free of chemicals and artificial hormones. I especially like to cook my egg breakfast, knowing that the chicken that had a happy life.

Sixth Genetic engineering is a relatively new practice in agriculture, the potential negative consequences for the future. Organic food is not genetically modified.

How can you be sure you are buying truly organic food

Organic farmers must be a long and exhaustive process of logo certified, you are purchasing a product that is truly organic to obtain guarantees. When you buy an organic product certificate will see a dealer or manufacturer number. Growers will be reviewed regularly to ensure their compliance and an organic product can be traced to its source through the food chain. With an eye for the logo and certification number of producers can be sure that the food you buy is really organic.

Since organic food is so widely available today, the gap between the price of organic food and organic has been significantly reduced, particularly in the areas of dairy products, flour and bread. Download the next time to eat, enjoy the additional benefits that can be obtained by choosing organic!

Senin, 06 September 2010

Organic Food

Organic food is food without any chemicals. The food industry processes them without additives. In 2000 he added the National Organic Standards Board of S. U. Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic food is not organic food. The food industry produces organic food without the use of sewage sludge fertilizer, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones, genetic engineering, antibiotics and irradiation.

For a certified organic food has made a series of tests, and comes with a process for a fee. The U.S. Department of Agriculture regulates this procedure. This food contains 50 percent of additional nutrients, vitamins and minerals than other foods.

Organic foods are not natural food. However, organic foods contain natural or refined foods. The food industry has identified organic food as "organic" the USDA Organic standards met. food agencies in the world demand for these foods to consumers better than ordinary foods, not refined. Consumers around the world are in this type of food is more nutritious and safe switching.


Meat in an organic farming has many advantages. It 'delicious, nutritious, additive-free and healthier for people. It 'also genetically modified (GM) and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) free. European laws banning the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) at all stages of food and farming.

Upon change of an organism genetically, the food industry uses genes from other species. This is for the provision of services such as accelerating growth, increasing yields and makes the body resistant to pests. Most people do not feel appropriate to include genetically modified foods in their diet.

Neural diseases in farm animals bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), probably a similar illness, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) in humans cause was a result of the diet of farm animals with food containing animal protein. These practices are not natural food, and cause diseases such as BSE.

Studies show animals ensures the supply of food, organic nature is to give them a good growth, reproductive health, disease resistance and greater probability of survival than animal foods are unrefined data.

This food is environmentally friendly and is usually grown for animals to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. The absence of pesticides known to the survival of wild plants and animals such foods, and thereby promoting biological diversity.

People prefer not to eat this food because organic food is tasty food conventional comparison. Finally, the kitchen is full of antioxidants.

Minggu, 05 September 2010

Certified Organic Products

organic certification is a certification process for organic producers and manufacturers of other products of organic farming. Any company that is directly involved in food production can groped certification, and that includes process, suppliers of seeds and growing materials, farmers, businesses, restaurants and food retailers as well.

From one country to another you will notice that the conditions vary for organic certification, but there are usually production standards in place that grows to dictate storage, packaging, processing and shipping needs.

These rules require the production to avoid synthetic chemicals as pesticides, additives, fertilizers, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms is the use of sewage sludge and irradiation. They also require detailed record keeping a written record of sales and production and use of arable land, which is entirely free of ANY chemical additives is at least three or more years.

To be certified organic, it is also necessary that organic products are completely physically separated from food, not certified, certified organic and each site is required to undergo periodic inspections to indicate that the standards are met.

The concept of organic certification addresses a growing demand for organic food truly global. Certified organic products exist to improve the quality of our food back up, while promoting trade at the same time. In the early days of the organic movement, organic certification was not required, but as more consumers turn to organic products through more traditional channels such as grocery stores and supermarkets, the need has grown exponentially for certification. In many countries the certification by the government, that there are no legal restrictions on surveillance using the term organic is ". producers of certified organic products are also on the same level of health and food safety standards than food producers are not certified.

What makes these certification of organic food as an excellent idea is that users are capable of demonstrating their confidence in food. Why certified organic food guidelines and standards are maintained, consumers, buying organic foods that are certified can be confident that grow well without chemicals or additives, healthy food and safely. The organic movement is growing at a rapid pace and constant, as more consumers get the health benefits associated with buying organic.

As more consumers are turning to certified organic products to feed themselves and their families, the guidelines tend to grow more and more specific to organic certification. Cultivation and processing organic food is not a difficult task at all for most food manufacturers, But These companies require that a go and really see how they take with regard to food production, Especially if it is a natural expansion without pesticides or other chemicals and additives.