Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

Why Organic Food is very important

First, because some plants and animals are considered organic?

Foods grown and prepared by nature is what is considered food, and staffing. Some people believe that organic food for its sound and is also beneficial to the environment.

As artificial additives, fertilizers, pesticides and other kind of synthesis of Bioengineering, will not be used if the crops, what we get, the food is organic. For animals, they should essentially be confined in small rooms to hours or days, must be fed organic feed and must not use antibiotics or similar Substances biochemical synthesis.

A number of countries to define and certify organic products is a variety of measures.

According Just as organic food is healthier for all of us?

Now, researchers say, provide that in the absence of pesticides because the plants and increased antioxidant vitamins themselves. If you have additional nutritional value of organic food is becoming, as opposed to non-organic.

There is also the concern of the low level of contamination by pesticides in plants or plants that is then in the human body when the food is taken. If animals are vaccinated with antibiotics they receive a small amount of resistance to disease, and may be more expensive later.

The third environment, such as organic food?

If you want to clean up groundwater and soil rich, need of small amounts of toxic waste in the environment of food crops, develop organically. It is remarkable that the testing of drinking water is not contaminated and the life in rivers, dams, lakes and oceans is not affected by the use of pesticides. The environment is interrupted when the toxins in the food chain in action.

Since the natural methods are used for food that is organic to buy, the less energy is used. You also need some packing materials and then to an overall increase of small quantities of waste. Genetically modified plants and animals are species non-organic, genetically biological and pollute.

Well, there is some evidence that GM foods can do more for organic food production per hectare cultivated. The use of agricultural chemicals and substances of organic food than for non-organic and small, even if the production per square meter is smaller.

Fourth Want afford organic food?

Now it seems that organic food costs a little 'more than non-organic because of the sensed value of the final product, but should be cheaper Requires Because the smaller quantities of inputs for its growth. A cheap way to get your organic food is bought from local farmers who can learn. The best organic food should be grown under optimum conditions, but the availability of these circumstances, on a distant planet and the importation of food is often expensive.

are standardizing preparation of foods that are organic by the authorities in different countries, organic food is easy to find because they are clearly labeled. To ensure that food produced organically is a way to make sure you select a local farmer, the natural way to cultivate plants and animals back. However, foreign food, biological control is difficult, and most often are based on the "tell" the shop owner and this is still a gray area for many buyers.

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