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The main reasons for eating organic food

There's a good chance you've already seen an organic food aisle in local grocery stores. It could be also adopted a farmers' market where they sell organic food in the rule. Unfortunately, most people do not know organic food and remember just crossed. People are basically not interested in Organic Food.

Today, organic food sources rich versions of every imaginable cuisine based on milk and eggs, hot dogs and cookies. You can also stumble on organic food for almost nothing, such as meat and fruit. giant food retail chain, such as Danone, Dean Foods and Wal-Mart now offers several organic products. The organic food market is now a growth industry and $ 14000000000 responsible for almost 20% of annual market growth.

The industry continues to explode in growth. Why? Since most people believe that organic foods are better than regular processed foods for various reasons. regular foods are processed and contain chemicals, taste better at the expense of health benefits.

These foods are known to be free from pesticides and naturally fertilized. These fruits are the use of natural fertilizers and pest-safe protection are grown. However, non-organic fruit-growing types to grow due to normal market prices higher. In addition, trees that have grown organic means income support under chemically fruit trees.

One important reason to start eating organic food is high in nutrients. Organic foods are known, more vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals contained.

We also expect that these plant compounds are in a more organic food. These nutrients act as antioxidants. If a person stops eating foods with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, his body can be used to expel toxins. It only means that the body is clean, free of chemicals and pesticides free of charge for a certain period of time.

Research also shows that organic foods contain higher nutritional value. Lycopene, for example, is highest in the organic tomatoes, and polyphenols in organic potatoes. There is also a higher level of flavonoids in organic apples and red wine contain resveratrol. In a recent study of the issues contained notes that organic products contain 10% to 50% more than conventional secondary plant substances.

Another good reason to eat organic foods because they are less harmful than chemically treated foods are. Some even claim that organic foods taste better than ordinary foods. While pesticides are used to protect produce from harmful bacteria are other bacteria, good and necessary for fruits and vegetables.

For a parent, is one of the best ways to ensure the physical and mental health of children who receive these types of foods to eat as quickly as possible. Children vital organs and immune system development, with its large natural food can be combined to make it more vulnerable to toxins than adults. There is also a good idea to make organic food for baby. This way you will only receive, and help the purest possible source of nutrients for developing their bodies.

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