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Organic Health Secrets - What you should know about organic food?

The switch to organic food

In the old days we use for food, fruit and food price and quality looks to buy. But now we see a lot of factors. As if free fertilizer when they are in companies with good water circulation and raised so on. In other products, we are looking for the percentage of saturated and unsaturated. Because we all know that health is wealth. This is why all the conversion to organic, because it is worthwhile for its price.

A variety of agricultural products may be organic, including produce, grains, meat, dairy, eggs and processed foods.

Difference between organic and non organic food

The main difference between organic food and organic food is going up.

Non-organic food

In ancient times, before the Second World War, agriculture without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, was the only option for farmers. Technology developed and farmers found some chemicals such as ammonium nitrate, which was used as ammunition, has been useful as a fertilizer, and organophosphates were used for nerve gas used later as an insecticide.

are used in non-bio-products to increase production of nitrogen fertilizer, using pesticides to control pest animals antibiotics and growth hormones are used to enhance production and prevent disease.

Organic Food

While organic foods are used in natural fertilizers. (That is, they use chopped vegetable materials, flour, seeds and green manure), which is an excellent source of natural fertilizer. green manure is used to protect the growth of weeds in crops.

What type of fertilizers in the cultivation of organic food used?

You hear a lot about how fertilizer bad for the planet. And yet, the food is grown with organic fertilizers. What kind of fertilizer? Organic fertilizers, of course!. I mean, have not been synthesized or modified in their basic chemical composition. When the media talks about the dangers of farm fertilizers, synthetic fertilizers, they are just talking.

What are the standards for growing organic food?

The U.S. government has established certain rules for growing organic foods and USDA to obtain a certificate before the sale. Once, if you see the label organic food means that USDA Organic foods are produced according to the U.S. government.

U.S. government set the rules, which are not included in organic foods. natural foods include organic foods, but not all natural foods are organic. only foods labeled "organic" as certified USDA Organic Standards

Organic Food Types

There are three types of labels are found in organic food

1) fully organic food that is 100% organic means?

2) that the organic food can be 90% of biological resources

3), products that contain organic ingredients like wheat, contains organic ingredients and 70% of biological resources

So before you buy organic foods, check labels.

If we do organic food, drink clean water and regular exercise should probably go a long way to maintain good health

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