Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

Organic foods to meet the extensive advertising?

First, because some plants and animals are interpreted as organic?

The food is organic by individuals perceptual experience is the food that was grown and treated with natural resources. Although it is good for the individual, is essential for environmental protection.

For every tree and every culture should be an organic, are much without artificial additives and fertilizers, synthetic pesticides and all forms of biotechnology are produced. For animals without antibiotics may be used organic, large rooms available to be done for them, and they must be fed organic food.

A series of measures that indicate and confirm the food is organic exists in several countries.

According to these healthy organic foods for all of us?

facilities increased purchase of vitamins and antioxidants to take care of itself, without pesticides. Thus, organically grown food has more nutritional value as a source of non-organic food.

The human body absorbs the low agricultural chemicals when you eat food in a non-organic products. little resistance to disease through the use of vaccines means that the animals you love most.

Third is beneficial for the environment?

It is believed that organic farming uses small amounts of pollutants and synthetic chemicals in the environment leading to cleaner groundwater and rich soil. water pollution by pesticides is a particular thing in water and is also thought to kill aquatic life. The ecosystem is broken when the pollutants in the food chain.

energy use will be reduced if the food is grown organically grown naturally. Small quantities of waste that has given the generally low level of packaging materials required. Since organic food is produced by nature and not genetically modified, there is no fear of genetic contamination of species in nature.

Well, there's some information that GM foods could lead to increased production per hectare is subsidized food as organic. Although yields for organic food are a bit 'smaller for food, not organic they want much less fertilizer and pesticides.

Fourth We can afford organic food?

Now it seems that organic foods cost a little more than non-organic because of the perceived value of the final product, but will cost less because they want smaller quantities of inputs for their growth. The best way to find cheaper food is organic, buy from supermarkets, which is food, directly from organic farms. Generated plants and animals in optimal conditions can be cared for by high quality, but are more expensive when imported from other countries.

Several food agencies in different countries use a standardized system clearly, and organic food is to facilitate the identification of buyers. After adequate knowledge of the local agricultural community through the production of organic agricultural products to determine that the food you get is important, but organic. However, organic food that is foreign is difficult to ascertain, and most of the time based on the "tell" the shop owner and this is still a gray area for multiple consumers.

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