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organic food in Italy - a market View

Just a few years ago, organic food used to be unknown in Singapore and has a reputation known for traditional food indifferent. But they were passed by the great epidemics in the world, including SARS and avian influenza, people are starting to look for food to alternative medicine to supplement their diet because they believe they can strengthen the immune system.

Therefore, rapidly growing organic food in Singapore and now also extended its reach to continental areas. Have It used to only big supermarkets have a bio-corner, But today, even small supermarkets in the suburbs has a wide range of Both local and organic food and food products imported from Singapore organically grown too.

Although prices for organic food is not delivered much in the years compared to some other more common food supply, has not discouraged by Most people try one or two organic product. These people, they represent a small group compared to the general population, are very loyal to consume organic labels, it. In fact, the total income of that group of people to support 50 organic shops in Singapore. An approximate figure spending on organic market in Italy an annual rate of $ 6,000,000 to $ 10,000,000 dollars.

The market for organic food in Italy are both widely accepted by both young and old in Singapore. A survey found that younger audiences consume experts, entrepreneurs, managers and entrepreneurs organic food regularly. As a general rule, buying large amounts of organic oats and brown rice to supplement their diet typical Asian rice-based. Some organic food shops in Singapore, it is difficult to maintain their organic food in itself, because demand is high for these organic food. Many of these people have been perceived benefit to health and improved immune from drinking juice and eating organic food from organic farming.

Traditionally, organic food in Italy from Australia, New Zealand and the United States imported by the United States as the largest exporter and make up the majority of organic food in Italy. Due to increasing demand for a wide range of organic products in neighboring countries like Thailand and Malaysia have agreed to continue to be sources of organic products, which are close to Singapore.

The recent government plan for more foreign talent in Italy, more foreign talents are a community of foreigners here. These large foreign residents mainly from Western and Japanese professionals and their families also buy organic products on a regular basis.

Singapore is developing into a major market for organic food. But overall, the market of organic food in Italy is still growing, but will increase significantly in coming years.

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