Minggu, 22 Agustus 2010

Organic food can live up to the extensive advertising

First, because some plants and animals are considered organic?

Food that has cultivated and refined, of course, the so-called organic food is expected. Some people believe that organic food is therapeutic for them and also for the sound environment. Of crops and plants must be grown organically without artificial additives and especially fertilizers, synthetic pesticides and all kinds of biotechnology. For animals that can not be used on organic antibiotic, large areas should be available to them and must be fed organic food. Each country uses its own criteria for what is biological.

According to How can we discover if the food is organic is good for us?

Now, scientists say creating avoiding pesticides, plants, and vitamin antioxidants to defend more. If you want to take the additional power for organic products than for non-organic. The human body absorbs the low agricultural chemicals, when consumed in a food product is not organic. When animals are vaccinated to take antibiotics, they develop little resistance to disease and may be more expensive later.

And third 'to the sound environment?

If you want to clean the groundwater and the soil fertile, you need to develop something of toxic waste to the environment of growing organic food. It 'very valuable, and that drinking water is guaranteed, not poisoned, and life in rivers, dams, lakes and oceans is not influenced by the work of pesticides. The net effect is disruption of the relationship between the main bodies of power in case of contamination.

Since natural resources are used to make organically grown food, small amounts of energy is used. Organic food will be simple packaging and reduced waste collection. Genetically modified plants and animals can be non-organic species, which destroy the genetically organic and naturally arise.

There seems to be evidence that the yield per hectare of GM crops are produced, compared to organic farming. The use of agricultural chemicals and substances in organic foods that non-organic, and small, although the results per square foot is smaller.

Fourth We can afford organic food?

The high value of organic food could hear is, love makes it more than non-organic, because it is cheaper to produce. A cheap way to get your organic food directly from farmers, who accepts. crops and animals in the best conditions can be cared for by excellent quality, but are more expensive when imported from other countries. .

Standardizing the processing of organic foods from different authorities in different countries, organic foods is easy to discover because they are clearly labeled. After a sufficient knowledge of local farming communities through the production of organic agricultural products to ensure that the food you get is certainly the essence organic. It 's still a big problem for customers to believe that imported foods may sometimes be identified as organic and buying is based solely on trust of the owner of the shop.

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