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Organic food - better or not? What the research shows

Organic foods are those that are grown without the use of artificial fertilizers. It renounces the use of pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics or genetic engineering. Organic food is the flagship for organic farming, traditional techniques used and the crop rotation to maintain soil fertility and crop pest free.

There are great health benefits that can be achieved by simply including organic foods in our diet. Organic food is not only good for our health but also good for our environment and health in the methods used to produce them.

The following are points that "reveals why organic food is better"

Increased energy consumption of organic food because they are less toxic and harmful chemicals that contain the human body.

They contain more essential nutrients to fight infections, so that your body more resistant to disease.

Are also shown in the fight against chronic health problems, which are useful in growing in today's society.

Non organic fruit contains 30 different pesticides, which can kill even after washing your health unlike organic fruit without pesticides.

producers of organic food are more likely than other foodstuffs inspected. Thus, to meet the requirements to be met strict guidelines and standards.

In organic dairy animals are not drugs, chemicals, growth hormones, in contrast to non-organic milk, where such things are used in artificial feeding, the effects of which will be finally adopted when the man eat.

Since the production of organic food not included use of artificial pesticides or drugs that are harmful to the soil, they are considered environmentally friendly.

Studies have also shown that organic foods are not genetically modified. GM products pose a serious threat to animals and humans.

They are safe and of course to eat as they are not harmful additives and chemicals that are harmful to the human body are filled.

Despite the popularity of organic food in recent years, organic farmers still face some challenges. First, compared with conventional food, organic food is more perishable nature, why not use preservatives or pesticides. This requires a burden on producers of goods as quickly as possible to sell in markets. Across the customer is a rule of thumb is to buy organic food in small quantities and fill the stores on regular basis. Secondly, the market for organic products is not yet well developed.

The need of hour is to create awareness about organic food and build the marketing and technical infrastructure required to meet the demand of consumers and producers. Thirdly, organic food is growing expensive than traditional food products for the market. These high costs for the production of organic food is eventually borne by the customer in the form of higher prices for such products in the market.

If you decide to go for organic food, at least make sure that the USDA stamp is printed on the box.

To your health!

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