Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

Is Organic Food Worth the final? A look at the Organic Food Craze

Do you want food, bio-hype is to meet?

First, because some plants and animals are designed organic?

Foods grown and prepared by nature, which is considered as organic food. Even if it is for those who are healthy is vital for environmental protection.

should be for each crop and plant to be mainly organic, are grown without artificial additives and fertilizers, synthetic pesticides and all forms of biotechnology. In the case of animals, they can not be kept in small areas for a long time, must be fed organically produced feed and must not use, or similar biochemical synthetic antibiotics.

A number of countries to determine and certify organic products is a variety of measures.

Is there evidence that organic food is second sound?

for the purchase of equipment more vitamins and antioxidants take care of themselves, in the absence of pesticides. Food that is not the same as organic food that is organic, has a lower nutritional value.

There is also the problem of low levels of poisoning by pesticides in vegetables, which is then in the human body when food is taken. Using little resistance to disease through vaccination, it means that animals are more expensive rear.

Third Environment can benefit from organic food?

If clean groundwater and fertile soil, you must be prepared food.It few pollutants into the environment by the cultivation of organic considerably, that drinking water is not contaminated and to determine the life in rivers, dams, lakes and oceans is not affected by the use of pesticides. Water and the air is poisoned ruins of interactions between organisms.

It 'also known that organic food requires less energy because it relies only develop naturally. organic food calls easy packing and storage of waste is low. Since organic food is produced by nature and not genetically modified, there is no fear of genetic contamination of species in nature.

Well, there is some evidence that GM food may be more income per hectare of organic production of food. Clearly, small amounts of pesticides and fertilizers for organic food is not equated with biological, although production is generally underused.

Fourth is a good market for organic food?

Since organic food requires less input to produce, so you would expect that it is very cheap, but is more expensive because of high perceived value. The best way to find organic food at affordable prices is to buy from shops, organic food grown by local farmers. The best food is organic, it must be grown under optimum conditions, but the availability of such circumstances in a distant place on the planet and the importation of food is often expensive.

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