Minggu, 01 Agustus 2010

Benefits of organic food just a marketing tool?

Many of you may have noticed the abundance of organic food in supermarkets these days. By the division to produce the frozen food section, it seems, is all organic food.

This is not surprising, as consumers buy more organic food. The trend started a small side street in the '70s, when people see the number of preservatives and chemicals began, a part of our offer to begin with food. to see many organic farmers who are growing rapidly began at that time. As people age and more with their health, the demand for organic foods is increasing. Parents concerned about the health of their children are also demanding more organic food, as some brands of baby food, the organic label on it.

The Organic Trade Association reported that sales of organic food increased by 20 percent over the last five years. A survey conducted in 2004 by Whole Foods showed that more than half of Americans have tried organic foods.

More conventional food manufacturers have noticed and have left the low-carb frenzy in the dust as this address the latest trends in marketing. The U.S. government has made it easier for organic food and market shares with the rules that define organic food.

According to these rules, organic food is grown without chemicals, without the use of additives and irradiation, biotechnology and sewage sludge processed. In addition, for animals and their derivatives, such as dairy products and eggs, no hormones or antibiotics in animals.

However, rules by the U.S. government in 2003 that organic foods can set up more accessible to the general public, conventional farmers than 200 synthetic chemicals used in their version of organic food. So we see a lot more foods labeled "organic" on our shelves these days for the consumer, the hungry, to be healthy and ready, most are paying for it.

The benefits of organic food are real. do chemicals, preservatives, pesticides and hormones in food can, all types of health damage. But you respect the rules and buy food manufacturers who have a history of producing high quality organic food. And it's a good idea in a supermarket, trust when buying organic shop.

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