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Senior Health - Organic Food Why is it so

As soon as we learn more about food and toxins that can learn are often found in our food, it is increasingly clear that simply eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains is not the only way to improve on a diet. The purity of the food you eat, be taken into account. The way food is grown or raised may have an effect on your health.

What is the difference between organic and conventional food?

The main difference between conventional and organic food is being grown and processed foods. conventional foods may contain chemicals, fertilizers and insecticides, but with natural fertilizers, crop rotation and animals given space to roam freely. There are legal standards that must be met for foods to be labeled organic. These standards include:

O Food does not contain chemicals in soil, including sewage sludge, potash, lead salts are grown. The floor must be free from chemicals for at least three years before the first organic harvest.

o The food can be modified in any way. This includes the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), radiation and food additives.

Or you have to be separated from non-organic food at all stages of growing and processing.

or Organic food, animals must be fed 100 percent organic 'means.

or animals must have outdoor access, including adequate space for movement.

What are the adverse effects of pesticides in conventional food?

Mount Sinai School of Medicine, a study to test for pollutants in the human body. An average of 84 chemicals found in blood, some of which are prohibited for years. This is known as "chemical body burden" and was led to delays in development-related motor dysfunction, and behavioral problems.

GMO or genetically modified organisms can also have negative effects on health. Genetic engineering in food started to try to increase the benefits that can be found in some fruits and vegetables. Since 1994, genetically modified food could be found in supermarkets. The possible adverse health effects of GMOs include new or unknown allergies, reduced levels of nutrition, toxins and increase resistance to antibiotics.

Like a growing concern about food-borne diseases in many countries, food irradiation, exposure of food to a small percentage of radiation to kill bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella have approved. During irradiation, the food is exposed to known carcinogens, but the risks to consumers are still unknown.

What are the benefits of eating organic foods?

Not only organic food, eliminating the risks of pesticides, GMOs, etc. are provided, but also offer additional health benefits of their own.

antioxidants or more conventional food. Pesticides in the cultivation of traditional food can reduce build the plant chemicals that are used antioxidants.

Or you have a higher magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamin C among other nutrients.

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Organic Food Nutrition Revealed

organic food products appear throughout and won a lot of attention. Large supermarkets such as Whole Foods and many other chains are becoming increasingly popular and the public is to extend their purchasing power, healthier choices.

But why?

What is organic? Organic farming must follow strict guidelines and a provision for three years to achieve the certified organic label - not an easy process, but you know the farmer the right to food security and the nature of free will by pesticides , fertilizers and provide a list of other treatment protocols unnatural. Real Whole Foods, which detects your body energy to digest should bring life to the cells. You're a living cell and you need living cells, nonliving chemicals and does not handle dead, denatured food items known.

Why organic is so special? E 'on earth! ecology of nature, earthworms, nutrient dense vein as the plant roots suck the life feed their growth. Without the use of chemicals on the plant is able to function and develop. If the bugs land on the plant, a chemical that triggers its own to defend against invaders. This product is available, you and me, when you eat the plant as a source-oxidant, anti exactly what to call the free radicals (cell degeneration / rapid aging of the battles), not to the taste, smell, presentation of and food is first quality - nutrient / high density mineral than its counterpart less toxins. The way things go, any alteration or genetic modifications. organic animals live and grow into thriving cruelty-free environments in which they are their normal power requirements and healthy eating. It is not a toxic mix of fast feed and fatten for slaughter several injections, which in turn shows the haste of the products we buy and eat.

Shortly after the Second World War there was a movement towards mechanization and standardization of agriculture. Larger companies increasingly automated and appeared in the landscapes of the United States. Animal factories put synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and mass rearing techniques developed in 1920 in widespread use. Over time, the supply of food had dramatically Become ITS bottom is less nutrient dense because of excess livestock and the use of synthetic chemicals in order to accelerate growth at all costs and jeopardize the health of a nation . emerged through this agricultural revolution, some of the organic movement pioneers essay, proclaiming the dangers of ecological insensitivity and calls for a return to responsible farming methods of our past.

This person was Weston R. Price, a dentist by profession, who has traveled the world studying cultures and tribes. Dr. Price results, studies were documented in his book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. When he realized that the dentist's mouth, teeth and gums a direct reflection of the health system inside the body. By rivets to reveal the photographic image tribal men, women and children, and the results that occur when they eat what is considered the modern diet of processed foods and refined have taken place in isolated genetic ancestry. When questioned geographical areas around the world, documenting the supply Food available with other factors such as how far from the equator to seasonal influences plant growth and protein sources were available. The only vegetarian diet is suitable for all, or the Mediterranean diet, which most should, is Extremely Misleading, as revealed to eat price. Today, the food supply is the space without increasing pollution in its regulated commercial agriculture, which dominate the market. We are all with toxic exposure to one or the other. It 'really the way choose not to limit and reduce our exposure to chemicals and in turn how it affects our aging and wellness.

If you monitor food quality and safety concerns that conventional farming, and offers very little light compared to organic farming. If you get a visual tour of these two types of plants, there is a real eye-opener. A couple of large organic farms exist, but most of the comparison between organic farming to conventional farming would compare a lemonade stand several large rooms.

Organic farms are much cleaner and control their inventories with compassion and care, and every organic farmer I spoke to was eager to share his country and the passion with me. I think that what is really important that farmers do this little Shun biological family and their strict standards, and therefore support radical high prices, conservation of the natural balance found in a growing population and alignment of food supply or support the conventional machine and the ability to control the practice of ethical standards to little or no soil, animals and the health of your body with chemicals, increasing use of foreign volume and extend the life of food products at a cost reduced for you. As a nation, our health is in rapid decline and sales of processed food products are on a high - conventional farming deeper pockets. What we really need is to spray pesticides on plants, not exercise, crop rotation and CRAM animals in cages and pump them full of cocktails hormone (rBGH, rBST)?

A risk point in my long experience with my health and keep the search for alternative routes to a functional life and work with thousands of clients with health challenges, Which Completely Typical result after each dietary guidelines and food product mass has traditionally been bred to obtain food. Most consumers would agree is 15% greater than the minimal cost, if the spiral of health problems that are ahead of us in comparison. However, these consumers propaganda separate scream otherwise, allopathic approach to health care to begin searching for the magic pill or one-shot update all drugs, Which WAS advertised on TV last night - you know how to take the same its neighbor, the sense of the term has lost way of life and creating a nation of zombies.

If you look at our health as a nation with obesity, diabetes and a long list of terrible health problems and verify its organic products are free of hormones in meat and finally baskets (less than 5% of food sales total) This means that a number has been used commercially farmed conventional foods. Finally, it includes a shopping cart out of the market an average of eight elements with the first being soda! If you stop for a moment, polluting your body with a long list of chemicals, preservatives and other creations GM, what you say in your life and your children? It is not the genetic structure, your life and your experience with the legacy mean something? Population growth and agriculture businesses, along with global warming, creating a great impact on the environment and your health, regardless of who they are. The quality, quantity and frequency of the safest best diet you have chosen to determine your body is the quality of life with features to deliver. Simply eating foods of convenience and without non-organic food, tell us about the environment and our bodies, we would prefer us not to worry and suffer, while the giants to expand and increase profits and to destroy our beautiful planet.

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Benefits of organic food just a marketing tool?

Many of you may have noticed the abundance of organic food in supermarkets these days. By the division to produce the frozen food section, it seems, is all organic food.

This is not surprising, as consumers buy more organic food. The trend started a small side street in the '70s, when people see the number of preservatives and chemicals began, a part of our offer to begin with food. to see many organic farmers who are growing rapidly began at that time. As people age and more with their health, the demand for organic foods is increasing. Parents concerned about the health of their children are also demanding more organic food, as did some brands of baby food, the organic label on it.

The Organic Trade Association reported that sales of organic food increased by 20 percent over the last five years. A survey conducted in 2004 by Whole Foods showed that more than half of Americans have tried organic foods.

More conventional food manufacturers have noticed and have left the low-carb frenzy in the dust as this address the latest trends in marketing. The U.S. government has made it easier for organic food and market shares with the rules that define organic food.

According to these rules, organic food is grown without chemicals, without the use of additives and irradiation, biotechnology and sewage sludge processed. In addition, for animals and their derivatives, such as dairy products and eggs, no hormones or antibiotics in animals.

However, the rules for the U.S. government in 2003 that organic foods can set made more accessible to the general public, conventional farmers to 200 synthetic chemicals used in their version of organic foods. So we see a lot more foods labeled "organic" on our shelves these days for the consumer, the hungry, to be healthy and ready, most are paying for it.

The benefits of organic food are real. do chemicals, preservatives, pesticides and hormones in food can, all types of health damage. But you respect the rules and buy food manufacturers who have a history of producing high quality organic food. And it's a good idea in a supermarket, trust when buying organic shop.

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Examination of the benefits of organic food and organic food - you call

Many people around the world starts to discover that organic food is quite profitable. These people are experiencing the impressive effects of the consumption of organic products in their weight, their energy levels, and their general health. What should be a general movement developed in a way full of life with these people. Here you will discover the benefits of organic food.

To achieve this, such as organic food health benefits an individual, you must have the chemistry behind food, which are not considered to understand organic. For foods that are not organically grown, farmers and others to promote the implementation of the crops, the use of different chemicals for the growth process. Some chemicals are used to grow the crop, some will be used to increase the harvest, and others are used to protect the crop.

Fertilizers are used to collect food, which can stimulate plant growth and as organic. When the crop begins to grow, farmers will contribute to a herbicide to the mix, strengthen the plant. Moreover, the same people also put pesticides on crops to ensure that is protected by various parasites. If these foods are sent to markets around the world order, there are still traces of these substances in food. This means that the inclusion in this article, is the body to a range of chemicals that could harm your health.

If organic food is grown, it is with extreme care. The chemicals used are not mentioned at the top of organic food. The farmers of this special precautions are harvested, to ensure that food is kept away from potentially hazardous chemicals and contaminated farming methods. This makes this type of food is very attractive for those who want to live a healthy life.

There was a lot of research include the analysis, that organic foods and the impact they have on an individuals health. This research found that the pure, nourishing goodness of organic products have a key role is essential to ensure a healthy life. One reason is obviously because they are produced, where chemicals such as food that we have already mentioned. The other reason that they were determined to get healthier is that they have an excessive level of antioxidants. Antioxidants are important nutrients for the body. These antioxidants function in the body of the connecting equipment that were damaged by hazardous repaired. They also provide a protective film to cells throughout the body, to ensure further damage is prevented. Antioxidants has been shown that the impact of serious illness, accidents and illnesses reverse.

If an examination of the benefits of organic food, you will find that all the positive points. These types of foods do not contain hazardous chemicals and are pure form are possible. In addition, organic foods have essential nutrients the body needs to function properly. It 's a matter of quality, including food, an apple important for good nutrition, But if that is not organic does not really meet the needs of growing bodies. Organic farming not only a less contaminated product, but also return to base, such as food that has been cultivated since time immemorial.

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Natural organic

I want to cover every aspect of the topic. In short I have only included the most important issues detailed in the best possible way.

Natural organic food is not for everyone. There are many situations where even the person who likes to go organic and consume only raw foods and organic products are at a loss as to how to do this in an economically viable manner.

The reason for this apparent may self for some people, but the truth of the matter is that no matter how far organic food and food costs as it is on the edge of expensive and most among low-income families I find it unacceptable to buy natural organic food on any kind of consistent basis.

Therefore, you must have a pulse, a driving force, if you will, behind their desire for natural and organic foods to block the purchase of the surge in monthly expenses. These factors vary from person to person and personal, depending on the situation.

For example, a heart and soul of family income with two teenage children and a child or baby might find that they have to go to the victims organic. This can cut everything from cutting dining excursions on certain unwanted luxuries such as gourmet roasted coffee to redistributing the natural organic food chain within the family to impress themselves.

This can lead to mom and dad always only a small percentage of organic food, or even in their diet, with the majority of the natural organic food and organic food purchased for their children.
This of course is where the advantage of organic food tip the scales for parents, and where they want their children less pesticides and chemicals to consume plant foods fortified foods and more natural, organic food.

It 'also true that families without very young children, or one-person family will also get the overwhelming scope of the natural organic food if the need is great enough, or if they feel it is important not simply change their way of life. The only thing that remains constant while the lack of people bringing in a more natural food and organic food to change Their weekly, contempt, which would add Considerable rubbing it in their pockets.

People are looking more and more of what they eat, and take a more active interest in finding "natural outlet for them. It 'was hidden in this niche in organic foods and natural products and handle.

These days the mantra is to eat live on the lips of many people fit and healthy ... Read more about this subject can be found on our website by clicking on our link below BU ...
Finally, thank you for reading this article and good luck with any matter relating to this information.

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Tips for Finding the Organic Food Store

A health food store can be very difficult to find in some areas. Health food shops are all the rage in the market.

No longer are people restricted to eating only what farmers and importers provide in the normal grocery stores. In today's society, an offshoot of organic farmers in mass market retail and do a lot of money. But deciding where to store the food and sell organic can be a difficult thing.

A health food store can be found easily if a person access to the Internet. One of the most important ways not only to see a health food store, but also able to receive the latest news about the biological world is going to read on the site of organic consumers. This website is the association of organic consumers that more than 800,000 members worldwide links.

According to its website, "The Law Consumers Association is an organization dedicated to the public interest in health Promote equity and sustainability is building. Centre of the OCA a healthy, balanced and sustainable system of food production and consumption."

This site is a plus for everyone to find more information about organic food. The site also helps through a search engine for the area in which they live next store to find natural products.

A health food store that is known throughout the world, Whole Foods Market. According to their website, they are currently leading dealer "World Natural and organic foods, with 196 stores in North America and Britain."

They sell everything from flowers grown in organic ingredients for organic baked goods. Whole Foods Market has a unique website that a person should check if they are willing to buy organic food.

This company is to sell some items on the site, but offer a variety of information products in their stores to find. They also have recipes that can prepare a person chooses organic foods.

A health food store is a unique way to buy, if it can be found. To find one, a person can on the Internet, local newspaper, or check their local Chamber of Commerce.

Maybe a Whole Foods Market is just around the corner waiting to discover a brave person. If not, can the local Farmer's market is an excellent source of natural and organic foods for the whole family.

More than likely, that the thought that someone was food out of their reach can be determined as rocket and endive. Going green with organic food has never been so easy.

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Search your organic food online

Organic Food Online offers people a way to healthy food, they yearn to find. As our planet is always full of people, everyone is looking for an easy way to shop, not only to live better. Going green has begun to affect not only the environment but the commercial service, as well. One way to achieve a healthier lifestyle is to buy organic food, and with the lightness of the World Wide Web, online shopping, organic food has never been easy.

Find natural and organic foods online very easily by a quick Google search will be conducted. If this is done, a number of vendors will be there from around the world. Most offer seasonal organic food that can be delivered overnight. One of the sites, shipping costs of all services across the country is Diamondorganics. They are not in their catalog via Fed Ex overnight shipping. When it comes to their company, located in California, states are invited to consider the site as a grocery store. Diamondorganics offers everything from fresh flowers to organic products.

Organic foods can be purchased online and complicated people uncomfortable. A person can choose to view all online and not knowing the product from a supplier to purchase on-line. If anyone hesitates, Local Harvest can help you find someone local suppliers of organic products. After the initial discomfort has passed, buying online is a viable solution for organic foods are not readily available locally.

The salary is too online organic food something that consumers should be very aware when purchasing items and receiving of food, not fresh. Internet as a resource, many different organic sites are purchased quickly and with the comfort of home. I would like to return more organic food companies is business, so be sure That the company return to a strict policy when you are not satisfied with items such as produce, or if the price was not worth the product. You can also online before purchasing products that are certified organic safe. elected only by a search on the site, you will know if the items are certified organic food or not.

Why organic food online stores are available, the market has grown enormously. Delivery is available in most of the 24-48 hours a day, every place, and this may provide a guide to access Any type of organic food. The World Wide Web has opened the world of shopping, including shopping. Now people can order food from home, and feel better with the decisions they make. Going green has never felt better for everyone.

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The benefits of organic food

The issue of health is a topic that is almost as if heated religion and politics. Since the dawn of human history people have always been obsessed about the longevity of life, strength, and even complete avoidance of death. It 's still a hot topic these days, and even immortality is not an important issue as it was before the days of superstition over the human, people still go with their health and wellbeing. What is disease prevention, energy and strength, or even the simple matter of losing weight, those who want to live a healthy life is particularly interested. It was then that the subject of food comes in, especially with regard to the increasing popularity of organic food, and its overall benefits. If you want to know more for organic food, then this article will focus on training you on the benefits and advantages.

Weight Loss

Many people are concerned both with her weight and therefore this section, the first thing to cover. It 'important, but note that there will be no guide to the night that technology will help reduce the amount of weight you currently have. However, eating organic foods definitely helps the body to lose weight. The human body has a natural foods and absorb food in conventional supermarkets, which sell mostly contain chemicals and other pesticides that your body is not easily digestible. Most of these chemicals are not present in your digestive system and priorities are probably stored fat in the body for a long time. This process naturally creates more fat in your body, more room for the other vitamins and minerals will need to create the next meal. This is one of the main reasons is for you all that the scales of extra thick hard. have short, the chemicals in conventional food are the result of your body to create more fat to store them on organic foods are chemicals which little or nothing and are less likely to produce more fat in you.


With modern farming techniques of today, the cultivation of various food products and the use of different chemicals that actually produce faster rates, the basic needs were neglected. Especially when it comes to nutrition, hundreds of different types of food are losing their vitamins and minerals that are important to the human body. With organic food, you can be sure they have the right, the nutritional value that is very important to get to your overall health. Think of it this way: the conventional food as fuel for your car that burns easily, while organic food is like fuel that takes a long time to burn. That is the heart and you will see that organic food gives you more power, because the natural nutrients they contain.

Disease fighting power

Natural organic food is to fight disease with different elements in them filled. One of the most popular items is the organic compound known as flavonoids. Flavonoids (also known bioflavonoids) are general polyphenol antioxidants, which are naturally present in almost all plants and helps reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and other degenerative diseases that are linked to old age. They are also responsible for supporting the body's defense against bacterial infections and other fungal problems. It 'also important to know that these nutrients also help protect plants from harmful effects of UV radiation. If a farmer to do and keep spraying pesticides on your lawns, the amount of flavonoids that make the plants are small, and should not fight the disease more benefits.

Other benefits

There are other advantages to offer organic food. Besides helping to reduce weight, is rich in vitamins and minerals, and their powers to combat the disease, but also in many other simple but effective way of inestimable value. Read below some examples of their overall benefits.

Or to be free above all organic food from pesticides and other dangerous chemicals (such as preservatives or other additives for the food industry) that may be in your body long term damage.

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Eating organic food - they really offer benefits?

A huge number of people believe that eating organic food offers the best performance in terms of health. Basically, there are organic foods about 50% more nutrients, vitamins and minerals of commercial foods. What people about organic foods are related to fruit and vegetables. That's exactly right. However, other organic products are available at the distribution of organic foods, which are about the same quantity of value involved healthy, to expand. These products are useful, too. Note that some products are marketed. However, not only to identify the benefits, but you also learn the best and most reliable food continues to improve healthy living.

If you want to switch to organic food, is very important to know the benefits. Here you can also find out the secret of money-wise to a healthier life. But make sure that they are determined to do as a habit. You must get used to it, especially when you avoid meat and replace foods rich in nutrients as part of your daily service.

First, they provide good health. Before the increase in the trade and junk food, people tend to live in the first years to a longer life. The main reason is that these foods are produced and naturally refined. They do not undergo a process in which additional artificial chemicals can be found. Farmers are good at taking care of them.

Also eat organic foods reduce risk of cancer and other serious diseases. Fruits and vegetables contain many nutrients and a huge proportion of antioxidants. Examples of these nutrients are contained in natural foods, ascorbic acid and beta-carotene, which are known to prevent cancer. In addition, plants that produce plants sometimes be exposed to pesticides and this makes it an increased need for antioxidants. It is part of the defense mechanism of plants.

Other advantages of organic food are: better taste and more environmentally friendly. What are these? "

Many people turn to eating raw foods, because it would taste better. In addition, many farmers do not use harmful chemicals when you plant. So it helps to remove impurities, the safest area to live

Not all of these make sense? If so, you can also promote a good environment, contributing organic food gift baskets. This would certainly be a key in advertising the benefits of eating organic food. This is a new type of gift for birthdays, Thanksgiving and other occasions. Sure, your friends have not proved that organic food gift basket. It will be fun if we start with you.

Of course, you also want your family to receive the same benefits. Yes, you can offer foods have the nutritional values of your children. There is an organic baby food for your little boys and girls. As they develop even on stage, deliver food, which could enhance their growth and their behavior. Do not worry there, as there products in various flavors such as apple, banana, pear, sweet potatoes and more. The child also cost you something. Also, if you can find products for babies too expensive, you can create their own. There are a range of organic food recipes that you can turn left when you need to prepare organic food for children.

If you want a healthier life for your family, encourage them to eat organic foods. Cooking them will not take a lot of time. Can organic food from the cookbook. It will help you the best ingredients, know how to make a good meal cooking and, of course, determine how much to spend. Try to collect cookbooks just so that you gain the familiarity to eat nutritious foods.

For a quick snack or food, there are organic food for you and your children. Some of these foods are packaged in chocolate, chips, energy bars and drinks including fruit juices. When you go to grocery stores, you'll find many of these. Instead of buying snacks on the market for your children, try to buy organic food. This would definitely increase the important factor with a healthier body. Since I'm in the market, there are good organic products available when you want to save. This will definitely help in your budget. You should know that these foods are more expensive. So, for smart money, get more coupons.

If so, test whether the products have the USDA Organic label. This is another way to find out if you buy foods that are organically produced. With this label, see what the percentage of organic ingredients is included. Not to be confused if some are marked as "completely natural. What is important is when you read the label" USDA Organic ".

Buying organic food is not only you but also help improve the health, development of agriculture. This means that if you buy this type of food, they assisted in the distribution of the agricultural economy. For this reason, you must return the benefits.

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Organic food can live up to the extensive advertising

First, because some plants and animals are considered organic?

Food that has cultivated and refined, of course, the so-called organic food is expected. Some people believe that organic food is therapeutic for them and also for the sound environment. Of crops and plants must be grown organically without artificial additives and especially fertilizers, synthetic pesticides and all kinds of biotechnology. For animals that can not be used on organic antibiotic, large areas should be available to them and must be fed organic food. Each country uses its own criteria for what is biological.

According to How can we discover if the food is organic is good for us?

Now, scientists say creating avoiding pesticides, plants, and vitamin antioxidants to defend more. If you want to take the additional power for organic products than for non-organic. The human body absorbs the low agricultural chemicals, when consumed in a food product is not organic. When animals are vaccinated to take antibiotics, they develop little resistance to disease and may be more expensive later.

And third 'to the sound environment?

If you want to clean the groundwater and the soil fertile, you need to develop something of toxic waste to the environment of growing organic food. It 'very valuable, and that drinking water is guaranteed, not poisoned, and life in rivers, dams, lakes and oceans is not influenced by the work of pesticides. The net effect is disruption of the relationship between the main bodies of power in case of contamination.

Since natural resources are used to make organically grown food, small amounts of energy is used. Organic food will be simple packaging and reduced waste collection. Genetically modified plants and animals can be non-organic species, which destroy the genetically organic and naturally arise.

There seems to be evidence that the yield per hectare of GM crops are produced, compared to organic farming. The use of agricultural chemicals and substances in organic foods that non-organic, and small, although the results per square foot is smaller.

Fourth We can afford organic food?

The high value of organic food could hear is, love makes it more than non-organic, because it is cheaper to produce. A cheap way to get your organic food directly from farmers, who accepts. crops and animals in the best conditions can be cared for by excellent quality, but are more expensive when imported from other countries. .

Standardizing the processing of organic foods from different authorities in different countries, organic foods is easy to discover because they are clearly labeled. After a sufficient knowledge of local farming communities through the production of organic agricultural products to ensure that the food you get is certainly the essence organic. It 's still a big problem for customers to believe that imported foods may sometimes be identified as organic and buying is based solely on trust of the owner of the shop.

Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010

Organic Foods Benefits - Why is organic food better for you

Four years of European Union funded study showed the benefits of organic food has found that organic fruits and vegetables contain up to 40 percent more antioxidants and organic products have higher levels of healthy minerals such as zinc and iron. organic fruit juices, for example, have far more antioxidants than their conventional counterparts. But the results of this study confirms what many people only become as rich Have a good sense of food in the soil mineral with natural fertilizers and chemicals, no knowledge, simply have too much more nutritious. have used a lot of pesticides, herbicides, hormones and other chemicals in conventional food production, free of cancer, immune suppression and a variety of other degenerative diseases have been linked to accompany immunosuppression.

What types of organic foods are the best

In short, you should become familiar with foods that are from nature. Your vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat and cereals should be in their unadulterated natural form or as near as possible. to focus the majority of organic fruit and vegetables on your purchases. When purchasing meat, eggs and dairy products, ensure that those animals that were fed pasture or grass and not limitation, animal factories.

Meat, eggs and dairy products from animals that grazed with the best organic food benefits. If too much food comparison of agricultural products manufacturing business, you have more good fats and less "bad" fats. They are rich in antioxidants, including vitamin E, beta carotene and vitamin C. Also, do not contain traces of added hormones, antibiotics or other drugs.

Be aware that not all organic foods are created equal, the organic label has been reduced in recent years. Consequently, it is very suspicious of the great super-centers and supermarkets, have also been compromised their own version of organic foods to their shelves. French fries and soft drinks are still bad for you, regardless of whether they are "labeled as organic," and you are not at all the benefits of eating organic food. The organic food industry is big business billions of dollars, and many unscrupulous manufacturers are simply out of the benefit of people want to eat healthier and live healthier, threatening or even incorrect versions of organic products on supermarket shelves.

Genetically modified foods as organic Disguised

You must be aware that organic food is genetically modified. You do not get the benefits of organic food GM food disguised as organic. This is definitely misleading. According to some estimates, up to seventy percent of the foods that we have now genetically modified. The best way to ensure that you do not buy organic food, genetically altered look to seal the USDA. The USDA organic seal is a guarantee that the liability of producers of organic products is very strict environmental standards in their methods of cultivation. Producers must also use this seal meet these stringent environmental standards.

Another way to determine if you are spending on genetically modified food on the code PLU Research. The GM foods are 5 digits starting with # 8 For example, GM 84 072 orange. Foods that are organically grown, have five digits, beginning with # 9 For example, Orange 94 231 staff. Foods that are grown conventionally, have a four-digit code. grown, for example, conventional orange 4057.

The Environmental Working Group has published the results of a study identified as being produced with the highest and lowest levels of pesticides. This will help you make more informed decisions on how shop for food. If you are concerned about the benefits of organic food, you should avoid thin-skinned produce like peaches, nectarines, strawberries, celery, peppers, cabbage, lettuce, grapes, pears, carrots, as they have the highest pesticide residues.

Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

Is Organic Food Worth the final? A look at the Organic Food Craze

Do you want food, bio-hype is to meet?

First, because some plants and animals are designed organic?

Foods grown and prepared by nature, which is considered as organic food. Even if it is for those who are healthy is vital for environmental protection.

should be for each crop and plant to be mainly organic, are grown without artificial additives and fertilizers, synthetic pesticides and all forms of biotechnology. In the case of animals, they can not be kept in small areas for a long time, must be fed organically produced feed and must not use, or similar biochemical synthetic antibiotics.

A number of countries to determine and certify organic products is a variety of measures.

Is there evidence that organic food is second sound?

for the purchase of equipment more vitamins and antioxidants take care of themselves, in the absence of pesticides. Food that is not the same as organic food that is organic, has a lower nutritional value.

There is also the problem of low levels of poisoning by pesticides in vegetables, which is then in the human body when food is taken. Using little resistance to disease through vaccination, it means that animals are more expensive rear.

Third Environment can benefit from organic food?

If clean groundwater and fertile soil, you must be prepared food.It few pollutants into the environment by the cultivation of organic considerably, that drinking water is not contaminated and to determine the life in rivers, dams, lakes and oceans is not affected by the use of pesticides. Water and the air is poisoned ruins of interactions between organisms.

It 'also known that organic food requires less energy because it relies only develop naturally. organic food calls easy packing and storage of waste is low. Since organic food is produced by nature and not genetically modified, there is no fear of genetic contamination of species in nature.

Well, there is some evidence that GM food may be more income per hectare of organic production of food. Clearly, small amounts of pesticides and fertilizers for organic food is not equated with biological, although production is generally underused.

Fourth is a good market for organic food?

Since organic food requires less input to produce, so you would expect that it is very cheap, but is more expensive because of high perceived value. The best way to find organic food at affordable prices is to buy from shops, organic food grown by local farmers. The best food is organic, it must be grown under optimum conditions, but the availability of such circumstances in a distant place on the planet and the importation of food is often expensive.

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Organic foods to meet the extensive advertising?

First, because some plants and animals are interpreted as organic?

The food is organic by individuals perceptual experience is the food that was grown and treated with natural resources. Although it is good for the individual, is essential for environmental protection.

For every tree and every culture should be an organic, are much without artificial additives and fertilizers, synthetic pesticides and all forms of biotechnology are produced. For animals without antibiotics may be used organic, large rooms available to be done for them, and they must be fed organic food.

A series of measures that indicate and confirm the food is organic exists in several countries.

According to these healthy organic foods for all of us?

facilities increased purchase of vitamins and antioxidants to take care of itself, without pesticides. Thus, organically grown food has more nutritional value as a source of non-organic food.

The human body absorbs the low agricultural chemicals when you eat food in a non-organic products. little resistance to disease through the use of vaccines means that the animals you love most.

Third is beneficial for the environment?

It is believed that organic farming uses small amounts of pollutants and synthetic chemicals in the environment leading to cleaner groundwater and rich soil. water pollution by pesticides is a particular thing in water and is also thought to kill aquatic life. The ecosystem is broken when the pollutants in the food chain.

energy use will be reduced if the food is grown organically grown naturally. Small quantities of waste that has given the generally low level of packaging materials required. Since organic food is produced by nature and not genetically modified, there is no fear of genetic contamination of species in nature.

Well, there's some information that GM foods could lead to increased production per hectare is subsidized food as organic. Although yields for organic food are a bit 'smaller for food, not organic they want much less fertilizer and pesticides.

Fourth We can afford organic food?

Now it seems that organic foods cost a little more than non-organic because of the perceived value of the final product, but will cost less because they want smaller quantities of inputs for their growth. The best way to find cheaper food is organic, buy from supermarkets, which is food, directly from organic farms. Generated plants and animals in optimal conditions can be cared for by high quality, but are more expensive when imported from other countries.

Several food agencies in different countries use a standardized system clearly, and organic food is to facilitate the identification of buyers. After adequate knowledge of the local agricultural community through the production of organic agricultural products to determine that the food you get is important, but organic. However, organic food that is foreign is difficult to ascertain, and most of the time based on the "tell" the shop owner and this is still a gray area for multiple consumers.

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Why Organic Food is very important

First, because some plants and animals are considered organic?

Foods grown and prepared by nature is what is considered food, and staffing. Some people believe that organic food for its sound and is also beneficial to the environment.

As artificial additives, fertilizers, pesticides and other kind of synthesis of Bioengineering, will not be used if the crops, what we get, the food is organic. For animals, they should essentially be confined in small rooms to hours or days, must be fed organic feed and must not use antibiotics or similar Substances biochemical synthesis.

A number of countries to define and certify organic products is a variety of measures.

According Just as organic food is healthier for all of us?

Now, researchers say, provide that in the absence of pesticides because the plants and increased antioxidant vitamins themselves. If you have additional nutritional value of organic food is becoming, as opposed to non-organic.

There is also the concern of the low level of contamination by pesticides in plants or plants that is then in the human body when the food is taken. If animals are vaccinated with antibiotics they receive a small amount of resistance to disease, and may be more expensive later.

The third environment, such as organic food?

If you want to clean up groundwater and soil rich, need of small amounts of toxic waste in the environment of food crops, develop organically. It is remarkable that the testing of drinking water is not contaminated and the life in rivers, dams, lakes and oceans is not affected by the use of pesticides. The environment is interrupted when the toxins in the food chain in action.

Since the natural methods are used for food that is organic to buy, the less energy is used. You also need some packing materials and then to an overall increase of small quantities of waste. Genetically modified plants and animals are species non-organic, genetically biological and pollute.

Well, there is some evidence that GM foods can do more for organic food production per hectare cultivated. The use of agricultural chemicals and substances of organic food than for non-organic and small, even if the production per square meter is smaller.

Fourth Want afford organic food?

Now it seems that organic food costs a little 'more than non-organic because of the sensed value of the final product, but should be cheaper Requires Because the smaller quantities of inputs for its growth. A cheap way to get your organic food is bought from local farmers who can learn. The best organic food should be grown under optimum conditions, but the availability of these circumstances, on a distant planet and the importation of food is often expensive.

are standardizing preparation of foods that are organic by the authorities in different countries, organic food is easy to find because they are clearly labeled. To ensure that food produced organically is a way to make sure you select a local farmer, the natural way to cultivate plants and animals back. However, foreign food, biological control is difficult, and most often are based on the "tell" the shop owner and this is still a gray area for many buyers.

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Organic foods - healthier path

Going organic is a slogan we often hear today. This is good for a reason. More and more people realize the great benefits to be gained from the promotion of organic food. Many studies have shown that use of chemicals in food every day is too much lead to a series of health problems.

If you are not your mind if this is a route I really want to participate, here are some of the key advantages of organic food products that they convince you, you can jump on the train.

Organic food can be beneficial for health
The food is prepared with the use of chemicals, pesticides and mineral fertilizers. Therefore, you need this type of food may not have strong traces of chemicals that can negatively affect a person's health.

Cancer is just one of many health risks of pesticides have been met, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides e. Organic farming, by contrast, uses a natural way to increase the cultures with the use of natural fertilizers. It 'can be argued that organic foods actually reduce many health risks.

Besides various nutrients in higher levels in organic products are. For example, the chromium, which is lacking in most Western diets, it is noted that 78 per cent higher than that of organic food in food production have been different.

Selenium, an antioxidant that protects the body from popular environmental chemicals, cancer and heart disease has been found that almost 400 percent in organic foods.

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What's the deal with organic food?

For a long time, it was easy, the organic food movement as a fashion step for a small group of enthusiasts to dismiss environmentalists, and health nuts. Organic food is usually more expensive and harder to find, and tend to have more errors and go quickly in the bathroom. If it is so easy to find, complicating clean, beautiful, well packed, and the cheap non-organic products in supermarkets, because of things? Moreover, they showed a lot of studies that organic food is not significantly more nutritious than non-organic food. So what is the point?

The funny thing about the game anti-biological is to choose the idea that organic food is a new trend that has the power to be among the common people is not much basis. But the fact is that before 20 century, all food was organically. The term does not exist, because they must. This type of food simply reverses the 20th Century trends in food production that affect many people consider both human health and the planet. In other words, "organic food is not some new glimpse. If you ask an organic farm, say that the conventional non-organic farming is unsustainable and volatile.

Basically, avoid this type of agricultural use of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides on crops. Many people mistakenly believe that these chemicals be avoided altogether if in fact still sometimes as a last resort, which is not often used. When it comes to animals is to prevent biological methods, the use of growth hormones and antibiotics, which are not standard organic farming, and they use only organic feed.

The result of these methods is that some 'less organic farms can produce, and can produce more natural to suffer a loss but these companies also have a much lower environmental impact. You must not damage local ecosystems, contain no chemical residues, but do not contribute to rapid adaptation of insect populations, and consume much less energy than their non-organic.

Many countries now have a formal government authorities responsible for establishing standards for organic farming and certify that food manufacturers are using organic methods. are identified in the United States, for a processed food, organic must contain at least 95% of organic food has no artificial additives, and that no specific process technologies such as chemical aging, genetic modification, and irradiation. Some countries also demand for organic food in recyclable or biodegradable packaging, but this is not currently the standard in the U.S.

As you can see, organic food makes sense, although not much healthier than non-organic food. Sure, we still have the highest rates that go together to speak with organic food, but the good news is that this is changing. Global organic production is growing more than doubled in the last six years, and U.S. production by about 20 percent per year. shops are always more conventional transport of organic products, and found the content of total organic food stores is growing. What does this mean? comes with greater availability of lower prices. Many large farms have created an organic part of their activities, all bodes well for the money tied to consumers who want to go organic.

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Organic food - better or not? What the research shows

Organic foods are those that are grown without the use of artificial fertilizers. It renounces the use of pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics or genetic engineering. Organic food is the flagship for organic farming, traditional techniques used and the crop rotation to maintain soil fertility and crop pest free.

There are great health benefits that can be achieved by simply including organic foods in our diet. Organic food is not only good for our health but also good for our environment and health in the methods used to produce them.

The following are points that "reveals why organic food is better"

Increased energy consumption of organic food because they are less toxic and harmful chemicals that contain the human body.

They contain more essential nutrients to fight infections, so that your body more resistant to disease.

Are also shown in the fight against chronic health problems, which are useful in growing in today's society.

Non organic fruit contains 30 different pesticides, which can kill even after washing your health unlike organic fruit without pesticides.

producers of organic food are more likely than other foodstuffs inspected. Thus, to meet the requirements to be met strict guidelines and standards.

In organic dairy animals are not drugs, chemicals, growth hormones, in contrast to non-organic milk, where such things are used in artificial feeding, the effects of which will be finally adopted when the man eat.

Since the production of organic food not included use of artificial pesticides or drugs that are harmful to the soil, they are considered environmentally friendly.

Studies have also shown that organic foods are not genetically modified. GM products pose a serious threat to animals and humans.

They are safe and of course to eat as they are not harmful additives and chemicals that are harmful to the human body are filled.

Despite the popularity of organic food in recent years, organic farmers still face some challenges. First, compared with conventional food, organic food is more perishable nature, why not use preservatives or pesticides. This requires a burden on producers of goods as quickly as possible to sell in markets. Across the customer is a rule of thumb is to buy organic food in small quantities and fill the stores on regular basis. Secondly, the market for organic products is not yet well developed.

The need of hour is to create awareness about organic food and build the marketing and technical infrastructure required to meet the demand of consumers and producers. Thirdly, organic food is growing expensive than traditional food products for the market. These high costs for the production of organic food is eventually borne by the customer in the form of higher prices for such products in the market.

If you decide to go for organic food, at least make sure that the USDA stamp is printed on the box.

To your health!

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Get all the benefits of organic food

Today, a person has the opportunity, the way they eat in a different way to break with the past. You could try to do this, eat healthier and healthier, but often you want, but are not effective. We are creatures of habit, and they say it takes 90 days to make or break a habit. Now is a good time to take a good look at your current eating habits. This is why the benefits of organic food in your life should be considered more than ever.

Why? Even if you can groped to heal and change your way of life, it is extremely difficult to do so in many cases. But the availability of organic food, on the contrary, we have seen in the past, it was easier to make wise decisions, while basketball is local food stores and health food stores locally.

With the advent of more and more organic foods on the scene, it's easier to live your desire for a healthier lifestyle and create a healthier lifestyle, keeping wise decisions. Today we have the luxury of having better access to local organic products of all time in the past. Why? For the simple reason that the public has a sense of movement in a way that now your healthy eating habits allow even healthier if you created the form of organic foods because of the availability of this amazing food, unlike in the past.

The benefits of organic food are many, and should only begin to scratch the surface to find them. have different types of arenas activated growing organic food as locally abundant and measurable than ever. As you try, you'll notice there are advantages of organic products from which you have some perhaps not even thought of.

What are some of the benefits of organic food? Well, for starters, organic foods are produced in a way that there are chemicals in the growing process or in the case of animal breeding. In many cases, to discuss business with organic food for cultivation with the farmers and the possibility of high quality products with only organic pesticides involved grow. These companies are looking for with the process of purchasing the land at the farms, so there is no local drainage of others not involved in farming for organic farming the land next door.

There are chemicals in the mix and only natural fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or imported.

Farm animals are raised with organic feed and you can be sure that the meat or organic milk, which is consumed in a standard organic set.

One of the advantages of organic food is rarely thought of genetically modified organisms. These are foods that can change its genetic structure, in one way or another. Until recently we had not even considered this as a problem, but it was with the advent of modern science and the collapse of the genetic code, a new world of genetic engineering develops. This has important consequences, as you can imagine.

Although this solution may be many advantages in agriculture. Science has not had long enough to know exactly what are the disadvantages of changing the genetic structure of living organisms. We can change the nature and we can still huge advantage at the same time we must be aware of what can make this change to win. The benefits of organic foods are designed for years far exceeds that of non-organic food. Until the jury returns the benefits against the risks of organic food products than non-organic is the belief that organic food is still largely a healthier and more nutritious.

There is a problem with organic food and high costs. Your monthly bill will eat in proportion to the amount of organic purchasing and this could take another important aspect in relation to decisions to enjoy the many benefits of organic food or not until they become cheaper!

Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010

The main reasons for eating organic food

There's a good chance you've already seen an organic food aisle in local grocery stores. It could be also adopted a farmers' market where they sell organic food in the rule. Unfortunately, most people do not know organic food and remember just crossed. People are basically not interested in Organic Food.

Today, organic food sources rich versions of every imaginable cuisine based on milk and eggs, hot dogs and cookies. You can also stumble on organic food for almost nothing, such as meat and fruit. giant food retail chain, such as Danone, Dean Foods and Wal-Mart now offers several organic products. The organic food market is now a growth industry and $ 14000000000 responsible for almost 20% of annual market growth.

The industry continues to explode in growth. Why? Since most people believe that organic foods are better than regular processed foods for various reasons. regular foods are processed and contain chemicals, taste better at the expense of health benefits.

These foods are known to be free from pesticides and naturally fertilized. These fruits are the use of natural fertilizers and pest-safe protection are grown. However, non-organic fruit-growing types to grow due to normal market prices higher. In addition, trees that have grown organic means income support under chemically fruit trees.

One important reason to start eating organic food is high in nutrients. Organic foods are known, more vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals contained.

We also expect that these plant compounds are in a more organic food. These nutrients act as antioxidants. If a person stops eating foods with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, his body can be used to expel toxins. It only means that the body is clean, free of chemicals and pesticides free of charge for a certain period of time.

Research also shows that organic foods contain higher nutritional value. Lycopene, for example, is highest in the organic tomatoes, and polyphenols in organic potatoes. There is also a higher level of flavonoids in organic apples and red wine contain resveratrol. In a recent study of the issues contained notes that organic products contain 10% to 50% more than conventional secondary plant substances.

Another good reason to eat organic foods because they are less harmful than chemically treated foods are. Some even claim that organic foods taste better than ordinary foods. While pesticides are used to protect produce from harmful bacteria are other bacteria, good and necessary for fruits and vegetables.

For a parent, is one of the best ways to ensure the physical and mental health of children who receive these types of foods to eat as quickly as possible. Children vital organs and immune system development, with its large natural food can be combined to make it more vulnerable to toxins than adults. There is also a good idea to make organic food for baby. This way you will only receive, and help the purest possible source of nutrients for developing their bodies.

Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010

Seven good reasons to eat organic food

There are many things in our society that cause disease, are diseases and disorders. The main reason for the condition of so many in our world is what we eat. Foods that are slow with pesticides and other poisons to kill our bodies make our immune system too weak to charge the attack of the disease entering through different paths handle.

One of the best defense for the body is entirely organic food. Fruit and vegetables are not genetically modified. organic plants without pesticides, artificial fertilizers, human waste or sewage sludge grew and were processed without ionizing radiation or food additives. Organic meat was raised without antibiotics or the use of growth hormone. In other words, organic foods are naturally produced without synthetic chemicals.

With this knowledge, there are many reasons to eat organic food are positive.

Before Your body may fight disease, bacteria and viruses when it is fed organic food. There are chemicals in the food chain and you're a healthy option if you eat organic. Many of the chemicals present in organic foods led to many types of cancer. Eating more organic foods, your body will be healthy and in return you have more strength and energy.

According to Organic foods contain nutrients least 50% more vitamins and minerals that their non-organic. Food that has changed in any way chemically much less nutritional value and, therefore, is not so good for the body.

The third growth hormones and antibiotics themselves, for many foods we eat are chicken how to add, enter the human body. These hormones and antibiotics can lead to premature aging in children, especially girls. Eating a diet rich in organic foods to help ensure that your child is mature as nature intended.

Fourth Why organic foods have less fat, helps to combat and prevent obesity. Experts warn that lead to a diet rich in fatty foods for heart disease, stroke and other deadly diseases. A diet full of organic food will help prevent these conditions and keep the weight down.

Fifth antibiotics are present in non-organic food is a direct cause of allergies. Many people with allergies can be avoided by eating organic food.

Sixth organic fruits and vegetables are grown not only with nature, but they taste better than good. If you eat organic food, you get the taste of foods that you tend not added toxins, which destroy the true flavor.

Seventh to protect organic food from toxic metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury. Heavy damages nerve function and block the production of hemoglobin, causing anemia. The metals that are also linked to lower IQ and diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, eating organic foods help the environment and supporting local small-scale farmers to save. Note also that, contrary to popular belief, buying organic food is not always expensive and there are many possibilities to buy at a lower price.

Take time to know the benefits of organic food and to apply to their daily diet. It will change your body and your life.

Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010

Eating healthy to stay healthy organic food

Why should you be looking to eat healthy organic food. Let's face it, we all want to have better health, being fit, energetic and big emotions. There are many measures being taken, but first you need the benefits of eating organic food photography. And the other thing is to see that you look into what they need healthy food, everything. Eating healthy foods means that you do not eat organic, additives and artificial flavorings. Organic food is better by far the best way to get your health and wellbeing.

It 'has also been said that organic foods may be used to reduce the risk of cancer. Although some pesticides that farmers are surely thinking, there are still a number of dangers, including a cancer risk. This is terrible, but it is also something that many people are unaware. Although EPO is not a lot of chemicals, weed killers and insect killers Including considered dangerous, are being misused again say many foods, fruits and vegetables, That is sold today. This is not something that you have concerns about buying organic food. This is why some claim that organic foods can reduce the likelihood of cancer.

As mentioned above, a healthy and organic food is a great way to stay healthy, and diet is a risk of disease. While acknowledging more often than not all that many are still behind the fact that organic foods are more likely to spray and counterparts chemical costs set i riddin Unfortunately, some are, which will include a set and decide not to start to eat a complete organic nutrition. Course, the decision to do this for you, but you should not let the cost of healthy eating organic foods is curved. There are many reasons why organic food has a higher price and a couple of reasons are listed below.

As mentioned above, organic food is to eat healthy. This in turn means that are used today to improve your health if eaten. Since unprocessed organic foods, you have to worry about artificial additives. Similarly, for fresh fruit and vegetables, organic foods are not dressed with pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals. If you are like some individuals who are willing to eat a food gambling that have been infected and those chemicals. And 'because we do, but the full extent of these harmful chemicals in our bodies. This is the reason that many healthy eating, organic food, for the long term, the price is worth continuing to turn in good health.

The reason why the food is healthy, organic food costs more because of a list of other causes. First, we must recognize that time is very tedious work to increase organic food sales for consumption. Many people are surprised to learn how to have understood that the seeds of plants and forget about it until the harvest. The truth is otherwise. Many studies have been completed, it can be certified organic. This includes, at times, expensive equipment upgrades. Many farmers who are growing up to do organic fruits, vegetables and dairy products, which do not normally put on themselves. Farmers switch to organic food, much can be found spending a considerable amount of money for updates that may have an impact on the cost of organic foods, especially those sold directly by farmers.

Another of the many reasons why you should not let the price of round eating healthy organic food, because at this point are a list of steps you take to save money. Firstly, it is a good idea for the careful selection of organic and natural food stores that are buying. Before shopping, organic food place in town, low prices and transactions are to cost less than fortnightly or monthly sales reported for sale. Stocking, if you see a bargin, is another of the many ways to save money when eating healthy on a budget but at the same time. Organic food coupons can also be used. Organic food coupons can sometimes, in many grocery stores, to find online, and newspaper supplements the weekend.

Despite the higher costs that come with increasing demand, healthy eating organic food is by far the safest option. The health and welfare benefits for the whole family and himself are much broader, if you have to think about the health impact on your life. Today, a crucial place to start is to eat healthy food organically.

Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010

Because Organic food is important

Those people who are on a healthy diet, often tend to look for organic food, design, and with good reason. Eating organic foods is useful in many ways, organic foods for consumers with food enriched with nutrients, these foods are an excellent choice and are often identified free of destructive and toxic chemicals, in many processed foods. For truly healthy eating, organic food is definitely the way to go, here are some of the reasons why organic foods are superlative much better for people to consume.

The researchers note that organic foods to better control the effects of the disease than counterparts in processed foods. As organic foods have more antioxidants in themselves, have the power to increase more immunological. A strong immune system is the individual that organic food is healthier overall body uses in addition to increased resistance to disease. What's more, antioxidants, ingredients that are often in skin creams today and face products in demand. The reason why antioxidants are an ingredient as it is desirable that the antioxidant ability to capture free radicals in the body in order to minimize the harmful effects of natural aging process and improve the appearance and health of the largest organ of the body skin. In addition to providing an antioxidant defense for the consumer to cancer.

The right people with the consumption of toxic chemicals in question prefer to eat organic food because it allows them to avoid the use of poisons. stores in an effort to establish contact with chemical residues on some foods of fertilizers, herbicides, and maintained to avoid DDT and other pesticides, consumers are the organic food sections in their present position. For consumers interested in long-term effects of these toxins, the consumption of organic food is not only healthy for the body but also provides some psychological relief to the consumer as well. For consumers who are seriously concerned about the environmental situation today, so that organic food is their primary food choice option for the consumer eat well and at the same time behave environmentally friendly.

For consumers with serious consequences associated with GM foods with organically eliminates these concerns. GM foods are and remain the subject of serious discussion, there is the fear that GM plants can prove harmful to the environment, may finally crosses with other crops and plants, and were correlated with certain diseases, allergies and diseases. Completely avoiding the problem all together, consumers of organic products as the major source of food, in turn, sweeps the need for the consequences of eating foods that have been genetically modified and fear turn.

Organic foods are items that contain more vitamins, minerals and ascorbic acid. Naturally grown, quality has been tested for organic food to give consumers greater nutritional value for their money. While organic food may sometimes be more expensive than their processed and chemically treated counterparts, is that most consumers find the price worth the investment

Senin, 09 Agustus 2010

Organic food versus conventionally grown foods

Everyone wants to eat nutritious foods and most people can say exactly what they are. People are in two camps: conventionally grown (CG) divided against organic food. Most of the food, the process of CG at our disposal. The seeds for fruit and vegetables have been genetically modified and irradiated some. The plants are grown with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. After harvesting the plants are grafted and vitamins and minerals added to them. During processing, the food further enhanced with vitamins, minerals, preservatives and dyes. Finally, the product is canned, canned or frozen before reaching the consumer. Today, more than $ 2100000000000 food, beverages and consumer goods sold package annually.

Organic foods are grown without the use of irradiation, bioengineering or pesticides. produced meat without antibiotics or hormones increased. The USDA Organic has three options. The term means getting only 100% organic ingredients in organic products. Organic means it has 95% organic ingredients. Made with organic ingredients, which means that only 70% of the product is made with organic ingredients. Contains organic ingredients means that the product contains less than 70% organic ingredients. Farmers, organic produce and meat must follow strict growth medium and water conservation practices and guidelines for the humane treatment of animals. Now, the consumer buys more than $ 15000000000 of organic food and beverages annually.

Okay, then what is better? Just because a product says it's organic or contains organic ingredients does not necessarily mean that is a healthy alternative food cg. Some organic products may actually be higher in sugar, salt, fat or calories. Before buying, check food labels to know exactly what you get.


There is no scientific evidence or support from the USDA that organic food is more nutritious than conventionally grown foods.


The standards of quality and safety apply to organic foods and cultured in conventional manner.


Organic foods may be less, have strange shapes or different colors, but in most cases they look identical to their CG counterparts. Why not treated with waxes, fruit and vegetables are not shiny and without preservatives, spoil quickly.


Taste is a matter of personal choice. The people, whether organic or not organic food tastes the same, or are still divided. Common sense says that the food will taste fresher the best available. Most fruits and vegetables taste better when bought day coming on the market. The taste is also a way to produce is influenced stored and prepared at home.


Conventional pesticides farmers protect their crops from molds, insects and diseases. This is one reason that many organic foods that do not want to be treated with pesticides. Studies have shown that the levels of residues on fruits and vegetables is to find minimal and poses no real risk to health. However, you need all the fruit and vegetables thoroughly with running water. Peel and cut the outer leaves, and leaf vegetables after washing them. Since pesticide residues found in fat, meat and remove skin from poultry and fish.


Organic foods can cost 50-100% more food in CG. This is due to higher personnel costs, higher standards of right and lower yields. You should consider the best value for money before buying, either CG or organic food

Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010

Organic foods - they are worth the extra cost?

If we accept the purchase of organic food in a supermarket, most of us the product is made with organic ingredients, otherwise it would be a conventional food. Not so.

Foods that are entirely organic - fruits, vegetables, eggs - 100 per cent are classified as organic, and carry a USDA seal. Foods that have more than one component, such as breakfast cereals, can the USDA Organic seal or the following labels:

• 100 percent organic, all organic ingredients

Bio · least 95 percent organic

· Product with organic ingredients that contain 70 percent organic ingredients.

Other terms on food labels as "all natural" outdoors "or" hormone-free "may be important for you not to be confused with the term" bio ". Only products grown and processed according to USDA organic can be classified as organic.

The current dispute revolves around 5% organic ingredients not permitted in food labeled "organic." The 41 allows non-agricultural products are common ingredients, such as citric acid and lactic acid, calcium carbonate, calcium chloride, glycerin, and xanthan gum. In other words, not all organic foods are 100% organic.

Something must be, as the organic sector is worth more than $ 17000000000 24000000000 today and should reach $ 2010.

While the most nutritious organic food is controversial, there are still reasons to buy. For example, small doses of pesticides and other chemicals can adversely affect the health of some fruits and vegetables have a high exposure to pesticides, such as peaches, nectarines, strawberries and lettuce.

Organic food advocates felt strongly that not only organic food better for your health, but are better for the planet's health. For example, pesticides and herbicides in groundwater pollution often promote erosion. The problem is that organic farming is inefficient to participate now nutrition world.

To buy or not buy, consider these factors

There is no conclusive evidence that organic food is more nutritious than conventionally grown foods.

Organic foods must meet the same quality and safety standards as conventional foods. The difference lies in how it produces. Thus, for example, organic food spoil faster because it is not treated with wax or preservatives.

Consumers buy organic foods, often limiting their exposure to pesticide residues. Many experts agree, however, that the amount of pesticides on fruit and vegetables a very small risk to health.

Many organic foods to buy to keep the environment clean. Organic farming is to reduce pollution and conserve water and soil.

Organic food more expensive than conventional food because of more expensive farming practices, crop yields and control of the government. For example, organic farming may hand weed vegetables to control weeks and pay more for the plant.

Tips for buying fruit and vegetables - organic or not ..

Buy fruit and vegetables to get the best quality. Ask your grocer what day new produce is.

Carefully read food labels

Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly under running water to reduce dirt and bacteria.

Sabtu, 07 Agustus 2010

Organic food - Understanding the Label

The United States is a land of paradoxes. We are still undernourished supercharged. We have evidence that we have plenty of food and nutrients we take a lot of calories, but every day we have deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.

To explain the proponents of organic farming that is reverse the decline in nutrient density of high-yielding traditional crops is one of the main reasons why organic farming has become so important to consumers. The same movement was born as a reaction to the nature of the developed world food system. Instead of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, said organic farmers compost and other methods to improve the nutrition of soil and improve disease control natural nutrients in plants. Small, local production was the name of the game.

Food safety, quality (taste and nutrient density) and where and how the materials have been grown and processed and then manufactured into a finished product, are also part of this health equation. In fact, most people believe that buying organic food, the food more nutritious, safer and tastier food grown conventionally.

Part of the problem is the definition of 'organic'. The term actually refers to the methods used to produce the food and not for the nature and quality of food. Taste, for example, the freshness, how the products will be delivered, is influenced not know whether or not organic products.

Among the attributes commonly used for foodstuffs from organic farming:

Is cultivated without pesticides;

Is cultivated without fertilizers;

Been growing in soil with a layer of minerals is through the application of mineral fertilizers and increased natural

Is cultivated without the use of preservatives, hormones and antibiotics.

Organic farming practices are designed to soil and water conservation and promote the reduction of environmental pollution. Farmers, organic produce and meat do not prevent fertilization by conventional methods or standard of weed control, or antibiotics for livestock disease to grow. Instead of chemical herbicides, organic farmers use crop rotations and spread mulch or manure to keep weeds away.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has controlled a number of national standards that organic products in 2002. He set four basic rules for using the word "organic" on food:

First Foods that are made from 100% organic can be labeled "100% organic" and bear the USDA seal.

According Foods that are 95% organic can be labeled "organic" if the other 5% of ingredients not found in an organic form.

Third Foods that 70% organic, the words "organic" products are the organic ingredients are described.

Fourth Foods with less than 70% organic ingredients, the word "organic" only in their lists of ingredients.

Consumers buy organic products make a practice of reading food labels are grown with pesticides to eliminate or contain synthetic colors, flavors or preservatives. In the wake of recent health risks tainted pet food and toothpaste and spinach, women seeking cosmetic plastic-free, believing that the products were made without industrial ingredients like petrochemicals are healthier for you to bring a boom in products Organic personal care.

However, note that there is no conclusive proof that organic food is more nutritious than conventionally grown foods. Neither has the USDA, although organic food argue that organic food is safer or more nutritious certificates

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Pros, cons of organic food

organic clothing, organic food, organic products for cleaning - the word "organic" seems to be the hottest trend right now. Before jumping on the train staff, however, it is important to identify the advantages and disadvantages for the purchase and consumption of organic food. It can be difficult to see the differences with an eye not trained. At the grocery store to see both the non-organic fruits and organic vegetables and healthy, because the cost of organic food as much as twice? The tendency is to produce in and on the shelves of grocery gear that moves through the imposition of drinks, dried fruit, bread, yogurt, cheese and dozens of other foods.

Many Americans harbor growing concerns about food safety and genetically modified foods. "Organic", when used with the label of a food means that food on land which has been grown without chemicals for three years. food plants should be labeled as organic without the use of pesticides or other chemicals are produced. Lastly, they must be processed and packaged without using preservatives, colors or other additives.

There are many good arguments to defend the purchase and consumption of organic foods. Organic agriculture is no danger of a threat of pesticides and chemical run-off was the contamination of watersheds and clean water, while many traditional methods of modern agriculture to do just that. Organic farms also tend richest manageable, sustainable land management through the use of cover crops, crop rotation and compost. These have shown that organic farming, soil erosion and slowly vary the requirements for the nutrient content of soil.

A study analyzing food 00:00 concluded that organic products contain more nutritional value and micro-nutrients from non-organic food. Professionals nutrition of organic foods are high in vitamins A, B, C, E, vitamins, elements such as zinc and minerals such as calcium. Organic food is not the risk of certain health complications related to pesticides and antibiotics. Organic foods contain lower concentrations of heavy metals and virtually fat-free, which was taken to heart disease associated with hydrogenated), while non-organic processed foods may contain both terms.

Despite the high nutritional value of organic food, there are some disadvantages to eating organic food. Fertilizer used in organic compost may be more harmful than health related to pesticides and chemicals used on non-biological hazards on farms. Manure often contains bacteria E. coli, which may transmit dangerous diseases to humans. In addition, organic foods are at the same rate of non-organic food is produced. The methods of farming often produce low yields of modern intensive methods. This is why food is often double as free organic food companies Non-organic rose growing. When large companies began to replace modern methods of growing organically, the world can see has created a shortage food.

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organic food in Italy - a market View

Just a few years ago, organic food used to be unknown in Singapore and has a reputation known for traditional food indifferent. But they were passed by the great epidemics in the world, including SARS and avian influenza, people are starting to look for food to alternative medicine to supplement their diet because they believe they can strengthen the immune system.

Therefore, rapidly growing organic food in Singapore and now also extended its reach to continental areas. Have It used to only big supermarkets have a bio-corner, But today, even small supermarkets in the suburbs has a wide range of Both local and organic food and food products imported from Singapore organically grown too.

Although prices for organic food is not delivered much in the years compared to some other more common food supply, has not discouraged by Most people try one or two organic product. These people, they represent a small group compared to the general population, are very loyal to consume organic labels, it. In fact, the total income of that group of people to support 50 organic shops in Singapore. An approximate figure spending on organic market in Italy an annual rate of $ 6,000,000 to $ 10,000,000 dollars.

The market for organic food in Italy are both widely accepted by both young and old in Singapore. A survey found that younger audiences consume experts, entrepreneurs, managers and entrepreneurs organic food regularly. As a general rule, buying large amounts of organic oats and brown rice to supplement their diet typical Asian rice-based. Some organic food shops in Singapore, it is difficult to maintain their organic food in itself, because demand is high for these organic food. Many of these people have been perceived benefit to health and improved immune from drinking juice and eating organic food from organic farming.

Traditionally, organic food in Italy from Australia, New Zealand and the United States imported by the United States as the largest exporter and make up the majority of organic food in Italy. Due to increasing demand for a wide range of organic products in neighboring countries like Thailand and Malaysia have agreed to continue to be sources of organic products, which are close to Singapore.

The recent government plan for more foreign talent in Italy, more foreign talents are a community of foreigners here. These large foreign residents mainly from Western and Japanese professionals and their families also buy organic products on a regular basis.

Singapore is developing into a major market for organic food. But overall, the market of organic food in Italy is still growing, but will increase significantly in coming years.

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Organic Health Secrets - What you should know about organic food?

The switch to organic food

In the old days we use for food, fruit and food price and quality looks to buy. But now we see a lot of factors. As if free fertilizer when they are in companies with good water circulation and raised so on. In other products, we are looking for the percentage of saturated and unsaturated. Because we all know that health is wealth. This is why all the conversion to organic, because it is worthwhile for its price.

A variety of agricultural products may be organic, including produce, grains, meat, dairy, eggs and processed foods.

Difference between organic and non organic food

The main difference between organic food and organic food is going up.

Non-organic food

In ancient times, before the Second World War, agriculture without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, was the only option for farmers. Technology developed and farmers found some chemicals such as ammonium nitrate, which was used as ammunition, has been useful as a fertilizer, and organophosphates were used for nerve gas used later as an insecticide.

are used in non-bio-products to increase production of nitrogen fertilizer, using pesticides to control pest animals antibiotics and growth hormones are used to enhance production and prevent disease.

Organic Food

While organic foods are used in natural fertilizers. (That is, they use chopped vegetable materials, flour, seeds and green manure), which is an excellent source of natural fertilizer. green manure is used to protect the growth of weeds in crops.

What type of fertilizers in the cultivation of organic food used?

You hear a lot about how fertilizer bad for the planet. And yet, the food is grown with organic fertilizers. What kind of fertilizer? Organic fertilizers, of course!. I mean, have not been synthesized or modified in their basic chemical composition. When the media talks about the dangers of farm fertilizers, synthetic fertilizers, they are just talking.

What are the standards for growing organic food?

The U.S. government has established certain rules for growing organic foods and USDA to obtain a certificate before the sale. Once, if you see the label organic food means that USDA Organic foods are produced according to the U.S. government.

U.S. government set the rules, which are not included in organic foods. natural foods include organic foods, but not all natural foods are organic. only foods labeled "organic" as certified USDA Organic Standards

Organic Food Types

There are three types of labels are found in organic food

1) fully organic food that is 100% organic means?

2) that the organic food can be 90% of biological resources

3), products that contain organic ingredients like wheat, contains organic ingredients and 70% of biological resources

So before you buy organic foods, check labels.

If we do organic food, drink clean water and regular exercise should probably go a long way to maintain good health

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Why organic food is better for you

Why organic food is better for you
If you're like most people, chances are you that organic food is to eat more healthily. This may have caught your attention. If you are unsure of making the transition to organic food, you may have reasons why you should try. One of the most frequently asked questions is why organic food is better? For a variety of answers to this question, please read on.

When it comes to organic foods is important to know that not just anyone can make organic foods. There are strict rules. Food and food businesses that are certified organic by Quality Assurance International group (QAI) must undergo rigorous testing and meet high standards. If this is done, all foods are identified by a certified organic by QAI sticker or label. This certification helps to give a lot of comfort in the knowledge that the food we eat really healthy.

Another of the many reasons why organic food is better for you because it usually tastes better. This means that you and other eaters tend to eat more organic foods, and stick with organic foods or start a completely organic diet. These steps can help improve your health. This is largely in part because fruits and vegetables without using pesticides and other chemicals are potentially harmful products. Clean the floor, which is required when growing organic foods can produce better results, which should mean better taste.

It 'has also been said that organic foods can help reduce the risk of cancer. Although the use of certain pesticides that farmers considered safe by many, there are a number of risks, including a cancer risk. This is alarming, but it is something that many people are unaware. Although the EPA does not believe that many chemicals, including herbicides and insect killers to be dangerous, are still used on many foods, especially fruits and vegetables that are sold today. This is not something that you have concerns about buying organic food. This is why many claim that organic foods can reduce the likelihood of cancer.

Although a number of benefits of eating organic foods, especially when it concerns the health and welfare, many are concerned with costs. Yes, free money organic food more, but many think it's still well worth the cost. Some wonder whether it is possible, a price for health. Even with the high cost of organic food is still possible to save money. You can do this by using good organic products to do, looking for organic food distribution and procurement, if you find such sales. Many shops display their weekly sales flyer in the store or online sales. Organic food coupons can be online or in weekend newspaper supplements to find.

Since there are a number of advantages of organic food, it is serious. If so, you will notice that you are purchasing a number of different options with respect to organic food. Organic foods, including fresh products sold online and locally. Your local options tend to organic section at your supermarket or a specialty food stores are organic.

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Health benefits of organic food and why it is important to buy

Over the past 25 years I have asked thousands of questions fitness. Always the most important question is, with his hand stroking his stomach, how can I lose? My answer is the same every time. Eat less (the portions in each setting), eat more often with protein and carbohydrates combined, and eat higher quality less processed foods.

Eating quality food on the surface seems simple. No junk food, right. This is not enough, we have more information because the quality of food we eat is at a historic low. Large food companies have put together everything with chemicals and preservatives so it will take more time to make more money. God has not changed for those who wish to substances in our bodies. So we see many new diseases that seem to have no case. I will tell you the cause, is the artificial sweeteners, artificial fats, chemicals and preservatives that we put into our mouths. We are what we eat.

If you understand your body in a constant state of regeneration, so that the term "You are what you eat" takes on an entirely different meaning.

Bear with me if this is old info, but it is very important. Every cell in your body will be dead and buried in about a year. Your skin, bones, muscles, your organs and even the atoms and cells, from which the DNA is in a constant state of degeneration and regeneration. Common sense tells you that, if placed in a higher quality nutrients that a higher quality product for the regeneration of cells.

Which also showed that cells that are part of the body of a patient as a tumor or cancer is a Completely dead and buried within 14 months. So if you can in a high quality nutrition to see lower our stress, and healing, there is a chance to regenerate healthy cells to replace diseased cells. This is a very sensitive matter, as I believe is a time and a place for western medicine, the pharmaceutical industry to use as a patch covering the symptoms of an illness or disease tends. But I think they should only be used for more holistic approaches have been exhausted as a last resort. If you are at this intersection, I highly recommend that you consult a specialist like Deepak Chopra in Toronto (1.800.333.4453)

It is expensive, the value of organic food? On the surface it seems that the additional cost and inconvenience of purchasing more frequently (because the quality of organic food spoils quickly), it is worth. But I ask you, what you must have cancer or a heart attack.
It surprises me at all that we are so driven that we lose our health to earn money and then turn around and spend all our money trying to get back our health. Should not be so.

Some of the latest medical information revolution by the world's leading naturopaths recognize that traditional Western doctors have missed the boat entirely. And I totally agree with this new information that all types of evidence we have that 95% of all diseases and environmental suffering. We bring on ourselves by reducing our immune system with an unhealthy lifestyle.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) has finally accepted that cancer is caused 60% environmentally friendly. This means that it is our lifestyle. This is important stuff, because the cancer has surpassed heart disease as the recent No. 1 killer of Americans under the age of 85.

This is surprising considering that the ACS information links for the pharmaceutical industry is very deep. Obviously there is more money in the cure of cancer prevented. However, the ACS can not ignore the obvious.

Modern medicine is a platform for profit and not health. I know I could put myself in trouble on this issue (and I found our local newspapers), but this is a theme to heart. I know there are a lot of good intentions MD out there, but for most cases hands are tied. The damage is much higher.

For example, diabetes is a profitable business that patients and doctors pre-diabetes is associated with only marginally high blood sugar, diabetes drugs before even trying weight loss and exercise. As discussed in Chapter 1, diabetes type II is one of the simplest, if the diseases are cured given the right information.

The American Institute of Cancer recent press release (November 2007) shows clear evidence that being overweight dramatically increases the risk of most cancers.
The report also noted that there are certain lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of cancer it is. Some of the health benefits of organic food is as follows:

Or to be as lean as possible within the normal range of body weight

Or to be physically active as part of everyday life

Or to limit the consumption of "energy-rich foods, foods high in calories, fats and sugars. Avoid sugary drinks

Or eat mostly foods of plant origin, including fruit, vegetables, whole grains and beans

or limit your intake of red meat and avoid all processed meat

or target to meet nutritional needs through diet alone, without dietary supplement

Please read again the last line.

Yes, organic food is worth it! Think of it as an investment for your vitality.

If you do not have to eat organic foods, eat what you are loaded with poisons and chemicals. Companies that produce food for the masses only in a sense, not the quantity of quality. They will do what they always do, as much food as possible from point A (on the field, which is sold out) to B (mouth) to have. You try to prolong the shelf life of foods that are natural, so you can get there.

The longer the shelf life of foods you eat, the shorter your life will be. If it was from the ground and rots, it is good for you!

These companies are full of food with toxic substances and poisons, it has been sprayed with pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. Most foods on the shelves of a grocery traditional injected with chemicals. The fertilizers that farmers use all their poisons and chemicals. Fertilizers into plant roots and end inside the fruit and the fruit itself can not bare fruit. Most of the fruits now days hybrid seeds, the fruit that did not even germinate and reproduce its own kind are prepared. You can not even sustain its own, as it is for you to get the long term. Bottom line, if it is the cheapest food that is produced for the masses eat it like eating an apple that has been sprayed with Raid. And to help wash, no, no, it is in the apple and the skin. The chemicals and preservatives to use that national food companies are 100 times stronger than Raid.

Organic food really better?

Yes! Do not bore you with details of the latest tests, which are the next (they are, but the next) show that organic foods are products that are grown 50% more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and as food for the masses. If you buy organic food!

I realize that eating is not realistic, organic food at 100% of the time. But at least now you have some ideas (J). My experience is that there is something that grows. What worked for my family is a commitment to organic foods 25% of the time. Once you can demonstrate that you can feel the difference when you eat in organic foods are becoming more common.

The organic food industry is now a U.S. $ 14 billion U.S. dollars a year in the U.S. is so big a deal is always involved. The quality and importance of the organic label is in rapid decline. Companies like Wal-Mart are limits on what is known as bio-and even tried to deceive people with organic signs and stickers in their stores.

Buy local! If you want the freshest, nutrient-rich foods are available for purchase near the house. farmers' markets, community supported agriculture, food co-operative measures are the best solution. I recommend that you search Google for "quality of organic food / farmers market / your city and state," and go visit These companies or markets. Some of these farmers can not afford or want to sell certified organic, but only because I have are certified, it also means products are not higher. With some 'legwork, you'll soon be able to find high quality organic food close to home. As I did so, you may be able to add points to set-off with a few farmers, a little convenience.

Search for organic food quality in the vicinity of your house is not as difficult as it seems. The bottom line is, look for farmers who practice organic farming principles are sound and the production of small amounts of food.