Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

Why dog food can not be better for your dog

Dry dog food is recommended as the best diet for dogs, but this is totally wrong. While dry dog food can be absorbed to a limited extent in your dog food, most products are very high in simple carbohydrates, relatively low in protein and lower nutritional quality. Furthermore, it is very bad for dogs to eat foods containing natural moisture.

The heavy use of commercially manufactured dog food by dog owners is a major cause of increasing incidence of diabetes and related canine pancreatitis. A search on "dog food" on the Internet is a lot of websites and articles to promote the use of this cable product, but the purpose behind These items are selling dry dog food. So how reliable is this information really? The only dog food safe and healthy is probably also organic and contain high levels of protein and complex carbohydrates are the form of grain products. It also contains vegetables and very little sodium and no chemical additives. However, organic dog food should be used more sparingly. It should not be all that you have to feed your dog.

To maintain good health, dogs need a great natural diet. The best diet is a diet that includes healthy first messages from family and the dog bones before. If this is not possible, you can feed your dog commercial food organic products from a company's reputation, most of the nutritional needs of your dog. organic dog food can be added to this diet, or because your dog should be treated as, but not the only thing you have to feed your dog.

We have a very comfortable oriented society. We are busy and often stressed the need to earn a living and raising children. There is so much easier to foods from a box or open a can pour (and even then we would have preferred ring-pull cans) and we can fall into the trap of living on autopilot and autumn feeding our animals and our families food that is of little nutritional value and may actually be a health hazard. We return to manual control, making sure we do. Our family - both two legged and four legged look - and feel better and even though They are not with us, we know who to thank.

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