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SEO baptism of fire

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a competitive business and many fall victim to the same mistakes. I am no exception and this is my story. 

my wife and myself decided to build an online store for the sale of gift baskets and roses on the German market. I did my research on how best to design a website my wife and gift baskets, and create products purchased. What we do not know at this stage was just as we help promote the site!

The new site launced January 1, 2006 and I started thinking about how best to promote the page. This is when the learning really began for me. The first lesson was how much the pay-per-click and that would effectively promote the site for organic search (ie, position in search engines for selected keywords) should be a check before the construction of site. I had already made the first mistake so many web designer, I designed the site, regardless of search engine optimization, or SEO.

However, I had to plow on. I read what I have experienced on SEO online and bought me a book, so do not read whemn at this time on my PC. Here I learned many lessons, and began, incremental changes to my side as I have learned. By the end of February, we were spending a fortune in advertising (the largest effort by far) and I started to make progress in the search engines, I was on the front page of MSN and Yahoo second But nowhere in site with Google (like the pun?).

This is when the grind began. Continiuosly I worked on one side and "technical off-page" optimization, and managed to get the site to the top of the page, both on Yahoo and MSN by the end of March (position # 2 and # 1 respectively). Google was nowhere to be found! What happened?

Many SEO professionals talk about the Google sandbox. This should only happen at new sites. Apparently Google new Web site in quarantine until it is proven. When I heard about this I was so frustrated that I decided I do not know about Google and search engines. This protest lasted only a few weeks ago when I saw that was the most popular search engine Google AdWords campaigns in Australia and always burned our back pocket.

I then one month of efforts focused exclusively on developing strategies for optimizing off-page of my site (preferably the Google of course) and appreared in late August on my site suddenly on page 6. This was encouraging.

For the next three months I persisited. No matter how hard I tried, not the site seemed to do better as a page 3 or 4

In November, my wife and I learned that not cut out to run the business. We both love creating companies and their construction, but the day to day management requires a different motivation and discipline that we had. So we decided to sell while the business grew.

We sold the company and the new owners took possession in December 1, and then it happened! You would not believe. The day of activities has sold literally took that day, a Google search for the most popular keyword (gift baskets) of our website (not just our more) are on page 1 in position 4! I could not believe it! My feelings have fluctuated between exhiliration experience with a win (finally) and frustration that we would not benefit from the obvious increase in this traffic to go to our site.

It is a month since we sold and I have been an important discovery. SEO is a competitive man. If you win, and how they are determined to win at all costs, then SEO is for you.

Finally, they give you an advantage by developing new websites with SEO in mind. I created several sites in search engines and quikly very successful, even with Google!

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