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Regulating Manic Depression / Bipolar (organic food) Disorder in a year

My husband, Dave, I was married, mother of a fair health for one year. He is happy.

For a year has remained relatively stable in his moods, experiencing signs of depression danger only in extreme stress. And in these times of stress could be avoided, the plunge into a depression or dip in a manic state! Here's what my husband have bipolar or manic-depressive illness manage when his workaholic tendencies cause an accident or buying a new home have been done has been done on him ragged with new tasks:

FOOD antidepressants / bipolar MANAGEMENT

In general, we changed his diet to more fruit and vegetables and less processed foods contain. We definitely had to wean sweetened cereals, sugary desserts, coffee and pop, and we tried to wean him from the treatment of peanut butter. We hope to successfully training your body that peanut butter without added sugar or shortening welcomed home. For years, almost insisted on peanut butter sandwiches. And I must say that when I met and married Dave, his flesh is soft like the flesh of a fish breeding. He was very, very strong physically, but somehow unhealthy meat was soft and deterioration. Now it is firm and solid. He is still strong.

When Dave was in danger from the deep depression is over, he tells me how he felt, and together we have found particular use essential oils for emotional support and effort complements physical therapy / brain and we were sure to load some foods (for example, food too much sugar and carbohydrates). If you read my first newsletter (bipolar disorder / manic-depressive illness provided manic-depressive Dave, you can see, we have targeted hormonal balance by Dave , his emotional equilibrium and his diet. Over time, and we understood Dave's particular symptoms and reactions to foods and the environment better, we changed his regime. It worked! And we learned to use the powerful therapeutic oils, to save him from thinking offensive applying the oils externally and internally. (Therapeutic quality oils can be used internally).

GOOD-BYE depression. GOODBYE ups and downs. HELLO stability.

Both Dave and I are pleased to report that can be managed with constant attention to detail, manic depression / bipolar disorder! He sleeps for about five hours at a time and his brain is active in five or six directions instead of fifteen directions at once! Not as much as he wants and the quality of his dreams using dream has changed dramatically for the better. Perhaps because he sees a more positive light ... Long live the news! Please forward this information because it is a very successful practice.

At this point we still rely heavily on the drug / therapeutic essential oils young living ( and night supplement called lye (to make the system more acidic instead of basic). The Young Berry Juice is known for its soothing and nourishing his brain activity with brain proteins that directly provided within the body are available. These products are all to young people living, and that's because Dave is married to a young life Distributor me. (# 605520, among others)

But many, many supplements and oils have been treated along the way, Because His body sank, was no longer certain supplements (such as Cream Prenolone for his hormones and peace and calming oil to help remain calm ...). Necessity is the good thing about YL supplements and oils, not only just the symptoms, but in reality the movement of the body in healing.

If you have specific questions for us, you can contact

ENERGY patch work

In the middle of our first year together, Dave and I discovered LifeWave Energy Patches and management of Dave's body and his mood was even better. Patches are not only energy allow him to work hard in the forest, but to heal the body through energy balance. This concept is quite surprising, but the reality is almost unbelievable! For / Dianne if you are interested in the patches. Dave and my brain was offset incredible. My reflexes and balance are better and you can think is best. They work for everyone and all ages.


Recent developments in our management program has been bipolar for switching organic food. I was just surprised to hear the difference, as we have updated our food. Our new health also shows in our skin, more than 55 years.

For your information contains non-organic pesticide residues and heavy I will be happy to receive food, the heaviest residues run list so you can avoid. Buy only organic. (Apples peppers, and celery, cherries, chili, grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes) and I guarantee you wonderful physical changes of the brain, if you change your diet.


Everyone is happy to have happened and I am particularly pleased to report great results Dave and the fact that bipolar disorder / manic depression can be addressed manipulated, managed ... without the use of drugs. This can affect so many people. We all have someone in our lives, or succumb to the fight against depression, not us. You can make a difference in their lives wonderful, if you want to say about this article or refer them to my website where you can read the story for themselves.

See you there!

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