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Organic foods and local food production - are the same

In Britain, consumers are eating organic foods by the bushel. In fact, according to the Organic Centre Wales, "Direct sales of organic food through box schemes and farm shops farmers' markets has grown more Than one third to 144 / million in 2004." And these numbers have continued to increase, as consumers increasingly concerned accustomed to worrying about the long-term effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on plants from non-organic farms. While most people agree that organic food is organic is preferable not started a debate about the origin of organic food. For example, organic food is equally desirable that organic food is imported into the UK?

Need for the Local Organic Food

Those is to insist on one side of the debate, no matter where organic food is grown, but the decisive factor is that the food meets strict standards to ensure that it is really organic. Those beyond the debate equally strongly that organic food is grown locally is preferable, and imported organic food, both because fossil fuels for the transportation of imported organic food to add to global warming and why the UK organic food support to local farmers.

Supporters say may be organized in the United Kingdom organic food store organic farm, or even organic food for delivery to your home. You can also organic fish such as trout from a bio-organic farming of fish. You can live 400 years trout organic, natural spring water and eat shrimp, which comes from organic watercress bed.

Those who suggest that to import organic food store organic farming are only seasonal foods that limit consumer choice, whether for the preparation of meals. imported organic food, they say, keeps its superior nutritional quality, while enabling a wide selection of fruit and vegetables.

Some people, of course, on the floor of the vehicle, and decide their food from a store of organic agriculture, if they want the season to choose and shop for organic food imported for the rest of the year.

The Bottom Line

The people, in their opinion on whether to diversify to limit the consumption of organic food grown locally, but almost everyone agrees that organic fruit, organic vegetables, organic meat and organic fish better than those grown with chemical fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides .

Currently, non-organic farms are licensed for use on more than 1,000 chemical plants. It 's all the results from soil erosion due to over-breeding dangerous toxic runoff into our drinking water. Food from organic farming is a way to reverse this trend. With over 700,000 hectares dedicated to organic food in the UK, farmers are trying to request the needs of the consumer. However, some import markets almost half of organic food they sell. As for who will open the debate on imported organic food locally grown organic vs win

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