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Organic Food

In your quest for health I'm sure you've heard of
Organic food. There are many different ways to define
"Organic". Since October 2002, the USDA implemented a
Certification for all organic foods, the Wikipedia defines as
the following:

"The organic certification is a certification process for producers
organic food and other organic products. In
In general, every company is directly involved in food production
be certified, including seed suppliers, farmers, food producers
Processors, retailers and restaurants. Requirements vary from
Country to country and usually with a number of production
Standards for growing, storage, processing, packaging and
Shipping charges are:

or avoidance of synthetic chemicals (eg fertilizers,
Pesticides, antibiotics, additives, etc.) and genetically
genetically modified organisms;

o The use of land that is free from chemicals for a wide
Years (often three or more);

or Prepare detailed written production and sales records (audit

Or strict spatial separation of organic products
on products not certified;

Or go through periodic inspections on site.

certified organic producers are also under the same
Agriculture, food safety and other regulations that
apply to non-certified producers. The ability to put the word
"Organic" is on a food is a valuable marketing advantage
Today the consumer market. The certification is designed to protect
Consumers against the misuse of the term and make the purchase of organic products
simple. But the organic label can
Certification itself usually requires an explanation.

In the U.S., defines three levels of federal organic law
Organics. Products, complete with certified organic
Ingredients and methods can be labeled "100% organic." Products
with 95% organic ingredients may use the word "organic". Both
can also display the USDA organic seal. A third category,
containing a minimum of 70% organic ingredients may be labeled
"Made with organic ingredients." In addition, products
Display the logo of the CA that have approved.
Products with less than 70% organic ingredients, not
Publicize this information to the consumer and can not remember
this fact in the declaration of the ingredients of the product. Similar
Percentages and labels apply in the EU. "Wikipedia

Things have certainly changed in the field of organic food and
We should be encouraged, but cautious at the same time. The
The words "natural" and "authentic" are provided on food labels
and complete and should not be misunderstood as "organic."
That said, we must diligently learn the facts
and read labels carefully! As you can see very
soon if not already, some of the food chains
begin their "tout organic" sections, but remember,
Read the labels. Often there is a clear separation
certified organic food and food shopping in these stores.

Business Super Wal-Mart also announced last month that
greatly expand their organic products nationwide. We must not
surprised that there was $ 15000000000 organic industry
grew by 20% annually over the past 15 years, depending
The Organic Trade Association. "Awareness of consumers' demand and
now exists, "says Howard Solganik, a consultant." The great
The players now believe they can sell significant quantities
Organics. "

These changes are long-chain organic foods Whole Foods
Executives worried yet excited. "This is the latest sign that
We are not a fad, "says Walter Robb, Co-President of Whole Foods
185 stores in 30 states. But he adds: "We hunt
Shadow. We will not be tomorrow what we are today. "It can be very
be corrected. If consumers start to buy in shops
And to think that their new "bio-sections" are all safe food
they are very wrong. The incentive to buy at
commercial transactions is obvious. There are more of them and is based
for high volume, can get a better deal in
Prices. The problem is very likely that these branches
Buy products from major manufacturers are also trying
Cash nutrition growing demand.

What is the meaning you can see more natural, "" Wonder Bread type
The products are, so be sure to read labels
ensure that these products still in line with what your body
Needs. For example, tell patients to eat whole wheat bread
There are many types of bread wheat, but still marked
enrich their flour and bleach, then you should read the labels
carefully and look for these keywords.

Enrichment involves the stripping of more than 40 vitamins and
Minerals during re-three B-vitamins and iron,
Typical. Hardly enrichment by my definition! Bleaching is
as sounds, pouring bleach into the dough. Food
industry can give many reasons and want to explain why
Are pale, but the truth is, its BLEACH! Want to pour it on
Their full plate at home? These loaves telling
Could be "wheat" made use of hydrogenated oil and high
Fructose corn syrup. Hydrogenated oil is the worst oil
Could you give your body and high-fructose corn syrup is not very
chemically different, when in the body as white sugar or absorbed

I know it will work for excellence, and for that I congratulate
You! Ensure that all information in this article
Heart. This will prevent real info with you that your
Body of bankruptcy is in your life! Keep
good work, and speak soon.

In health,

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