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Organic Food - What is the mission of the FDA?

People want to trust that their so-called elected government is doing the right thing when it comes to standards to improve public safety. When the Pure Food and Drug Act was in 1906, a new watchdog agency, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), was born past. It would take many years, we as a nation had luxuries, such as refrigeration, food processing and health standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP), so in many ways, this law was necessary. What exactly does the FDA do?

According to the FDA:

"The FDA's mission is to promote and protect public health, aid, safe and effective products on the market are produced in time for the continued safety on the road and after control in use. Our work is a blending of law and information for consumers. "

But times change, and unfortunately sometimes do, mission statements. The growth in knowledge of biochemistry, natural medicine, physiology, chemistry and molecular methods of chemical process has produced millions of new drugs and synthetic treatments, much more than what our grandparents could have imagined at the turn of the century. To ensure profits growing, these new synthetic drugs on symptom management as a cure for diseases and chronic diseases are aligned. This can be seen through the continued and growing dependence on pharmaceutical drugs. For example, from 1985-1999 there was an increase of 35% in medicine by the Americans to treat (not cure) chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression and arthritis. In 2000, about 116.9 billion U.S. dollars spent on prescription drugs. The number of prescriptions dispensed is expected to grow by 2005 to 2070000000! Compared to our impending war in Iraq is estimated at approximately $ 90 billion. But $ 90 billion for a war around the world every 12 years is chicken feed compared to the cost of drugs and medicines that Americans pay every year. It is about 26.9 billion U.S. dollars less than what Americans spent on drugs in 2000. Let's see, 90 billion dollars in a war now and then and more than $ 1Trillion (yes, the "T" for toys trillion) of drugs. That is a lot of pills. The pharmaceutical sector has grown, the FDA has changed from an institution that was Trying to protect public health from Bad Essen-rubber stamp for a government organization, public safety will only be considered if it arrives through some form of gross public error forced .

In other words, blind loyalty to physicians and their "pills hidden symptom" is not without consequences, and Americans increasingly fat and sick. Today you can be sure that Americans are about 800 cases of obesity, die die, on average, to 300,000 obese people each year. Interestingly, scientists have discovered the cure for obesity, but the FDA and the doctors are ignoring! Moreover, reports the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), which compares 16 "Health markers" to indicate good health, the ranks of the United States, on average, 12 of the first 13 countries in relation to the health of its citizens .

Few realize the implications of these statistics. As soon as we spend more on health care in the form of FDA approved drugs have worse. Wrap your brain cells around! Again, if the United States, like cattle, to be in line to the minimum value for their pharmaceutical daily dose of "just what the doctor ordered." And take their children with them.

Researchers writing Pediatrics 1997-2000 showed that some 3,750 serious injuries, birth defects and deaths in children under two, the other recipients of drugs were accompanied by mothers about pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding. The study, conducted by researchers at George Washington University and the University of Maryland, found 769 children died and 664 cases of birth defects or disabilities that could jump in prescription drug related. The FDA said that these numbers really only about 2% of the actual number of deaths and adverse reactions! Despite the massacre committed against the young and innocent, the FDA requires pharmaceutical companies to test new drugs placed on the potentially dangerous for children. But increased after the New York Times and JAMA, the cost to the central nervous system (CNS) drugs for pediatric patients by 85% from 1985 to 1999!

Call it lack of sufficient funding, the integrity of human nature, greed or plain old corruption, the reasons of protection, once the driving force behind the FDA's gone! A new type of bureaucracy has risen in its place and very few professionals in transition, especially in the media. There is no doubt that the population in general grossly ignorant of the new job of FDA drug benefit life-threatening, drug companies and to suppress non-toxic, inexpensive and effective natural therapies approved.

R. Jay Cavanaugh, PhD, member, 1980-1990 California State Board of Pharmacy, said he was better when it refers to FDA and international pharmaceutical companies:

"This collection of serial killers, with total disregard for human life, hope and life goes off more than 100,000 Americans each year. Over the last decade have been responsible for one million innocent men, but justice is not only have not addressed, they must make jealous with the profits, Bill Gates would be enriched. This parasite killers are not from some cave in Afghanistan, but the plush office suite ... "

The fact that the FDA agency watchdog for the interests of public health is a mistake. The FDA is a dog of international society, multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical and is responsible for millions of preventable deaths.

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