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Organic Food - Myths and Realities about nonsense

If your college-age son reminded that you have your food supermarket "dead" and you just support for practices of monoculture agricultural subsidies of the government, what do you do? If the answer is "natural and organic food ... but what does that mean and what do you get to where it was converted?

When the difference is a factor? Who has not, during a shopping visit was fascinated when a package, they were "free range chickens" sustainable managed ", while the other simply shows the price and package details for Pound read what must be the" chicken alternatives " are produced by industrial agriculture and mass distribution mean? How to choose either a "chicken" than another?

If the box with the happy cows grazing in green settings labeled "organic" you stop, think and buy? And what about the buyer's dilemma, if one brand of organic milk is different from the competition of organic milk, because milk ultrapasteurized ... the same food and other organic "first," says the milk has presented the best for you, cool, why hasn 't no pasteurization?

What is the natural and organic food mean?

For one, natural and organic foods safe now means very big business, with networks of producers that stretches from Calgary to California to Argentina and beyond, with estimated tens of thousands of retail stores and a market value of $ 11000000000. No other food segment sales increased more rapidly organic foods.

* The packaging narratives.

The story line shows the packaging of organic food evokes childhood bedtime stories in which animals spent away their lives on a farm in idyllic pastoral settings. Do you think "Hmmm this should be food security, in communion with Mother Earth" and so you buy more in the mood of the culture of modernity and the rejection of Big Agribusiness interests. But this view is valid or just naive?

* Reality.

The food really organic? Think about the ordinary business of industrial style. large companies and 24 / 7 to boost sales of large salt demanding consistent and reliable product quality, low prices, mechanization, as well as industrial processing of foodstuffs regular "house brands". The pressure to standardize and the financial viability of any small pin quickly turned into an ideal way business-as-usual. Even if the "marketing spin" and the wise use of bio-identification "stories" to get some important information about the origin of the food trade buyers. This is just a distinction without a difference?

Advantage of organic food-There is more than meets the eye thing.

If the benefits of organic food is somehow to do with, because it addressed, or are created, which then explains the benefits of organic food ultrapasteurized milk That has clearly lost due to the nutritional value of the heat treatment? Response resulting from the economic reality that the product is sold over long distances, and requires big time durability and stability. The logistics market is based on a "buyer" the advantage with a stroke of the pen.

* Is eating the critter's Organic Meal: steak is organic?

What about "organic meat"? It appeared that the meat you buy that qualifies as "organic" only reflects that the animal was confined in a fenced paddock and eating certified organic grain. Where is the grass and pasture? Apparently, the grass and grazing properties are depicted on the packaging is not necessary to qualify as organic food is lawful FDA packaging requirements.

* True organic - rather simplified complex.

In the rare cases when a small farm brings a balance mix of animals such as chickens, pigs, turkeys and cattle, and then use an organized grass pasture rotation plan raises These animals are actually based on Sun Weide, then you're as close as Mother Nature allows organic. Are unnecessary pesticides, herbicides, no, there are virtually no antibiotics. Why? Through the use of cow-ness of cows, the crowd and natural pastures for livestock trends ... fostering collaboration developed for the separation of poultry such as turkeys and chickens, worms and waste ... You get so close to eating a "free lunch is" possible. The waste of one species become breakfast for one another. So who takes the form of energy when petrochemical be avoided? Where does his energy? The sun.

Pros and cons of organic food.

Insofar as agricultural land to produce food does not use the raft of petrochemical fertilizers, herbicides and drugs, and that workers do not inhale carcinogenic compounds, and that the country was the fertility and complexity is not in danger, then the benefits of organic food remains open, indirect and invisible.

* I Feel Aspect moral good.

When you buy in the perception and reality of organic food you feel better about themselves, and somewhere a couple of piece of land and its peasants are also a bit 'more healthily. All good things.

* Pains prices for consumers.

Feeling confused? The pros and cons of organic foods do nothing to $ 4.00 per pound, plus the price of tomatoes, or $ 18.00 per pound to reduce tariffs on beef, or $ 2.70 for milk, line next to the $ 1.80 containers sold.

* Key Superiority?

Strictly organic foods are good? No freshness and timing of delivery of much greater influence on taste, so that the local end of the industrial food chain even "destroy" the boy if organic food is much fresher from the time of purchase.

* Nutritionally better?

By the jury on the question of nutritional completeness. The bottom line is that there is no way to keep a certain superiority of organic food on a show for the regular production.

Organic food for pets.

organic dog food, organic cat food and her cousin, the organic food of birds are only three classes of self-produced food for household pets. If you buy pet food from large national distribution, you are buying industrial food chain. You pay higher prices. Your pet food could be better ... They will certainly serve better feel. But is it really make a difference?

* Simple alternative to the Organic Pet Food.

Resolve the confusion. Why not cook the rice, add raw eggs and shells, plus Pause a multi-vitamin for your dog or cat?

Further information on options for organic diet and what you need to know about your human and pet care Family Health Needs. Check with the creation of a new healthy lifestyle.

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