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Health Benefits of Eating Organic Food and some frequently asked questions

Many people want to know whether the health benefits of consumption of organic food and farming is all a big lie. The amount of anti-organic foods have people believe that organic food is unnecessary and a waste of time, space and money. Those who prefer to live an organic lifestyle on the pyre of everything he eats, what does not burn at least 95% organic.

So what do you do, live the lifestyle of organic and non organic food continues to? So here are some common concerns on organic food:

What does organic mean anyway?

The Begriff''''Bio means different things in different countries, because the country has to decide what are the rules and regulations. The guidelines, you are seeing in many countries from food, GM does not contain synthetic ingredients and little or no treatment.

What is a GMO?

genetically modified organisms. There are many reasons why farmers such as injection of genes in a culture that is also collected for the production of pesticides on their own. Many are skeptical, because I feel it, play with fire. Genetics usually very touchy and hard to beat if something goes wrong. Many people do not know that it is safe to eat GMOs in Europe and regulations on GMOs is extremely limited. Some European countries have banned GM foods in many areas.

Organic farmers are pesticides at all?

The ban rules on organic farming the use of synthetic pesticides, but when pests become a problem for many organic farmers use natural pesticides.

But no parasites become a problem again in agriculture?

Sometimes, pests are a problem, and sometimes not. There are things you do to get rid of parasites that can be artificial chemicals .. Organic farmers use methods that avoid in harmony with nature for parasites. An example would be a mistake that does not hurt to use the crop, but is a hunter, that parasites are a problem. They focus mainly on prevention and a healthy soil and plants to be strong enough to use their natural defenses to ward off pests. The obstacles of various kinds are also used.

But organic pesticides are completely safe?

pesticides, organic or natural pesticides are usually seen as weakness and a point of attack on organic food. What most do not know is that organic farmers use it often, and when to leave pests, organic farmers are allowed to use a natural / botanical pesticides from the list can be. Natural pesticides are just stuck that is as harmful as synthetic, natural pesticides but do not really like to be brief, and therefore not much opportunity to immerse themselves in cultures. Most are derived from plants.

But of course it means something just because it is, is it safe?

No. Some natural products are safe and some are not. I hate this question because my friends always said if I was doing a detox or something um''erinnern, that just because something is natural does not mean that healthy''when I go out and smear some cow poop on my face, or I went to dig a little 'Poison Ivy leaves and use them on my acne or something. I and many people find this view a living organic insult, because we know that many Substances sold as natural are still not considered dangerous in any way and we do not randomly go out and cook in the kitchen Understanding unknown substances. This is not the case. People must understand that I like many fans not only buy organic things, without first suspect.

What can you buy that is outside of the organic product?

Meat, milk, pasta, rice, cheeses, spices, fruit juices, chocolate, wine, bread, chips, drinks, skin care, clothing, pet food, baby food, canned soups, tampons, sanitary towels , vitamins, supplements, shampoos, oils, spices, cake mixes, biscuit mix, sugar, honey, makeup, cleaning products and the list goes on and on. Going organic does not mean you live at the end drastically different from all others.

How can you tell if something is organic?

This is more or less across the board from food to skin care. 100% organic is the jackpot, labeled things with the USDA Organic seal are 95% organic, and everything that claims to be organic, but it is not sealed with organic ingredients, but not necessarily free from synthetic ingredients produced.

What is the positive side to buy organic meat?

No antibiotics or hormones injected into meat, and animals can eat only organic food and allowed to move freely and live a healthy life.

If organic farmers are reliable or to provide support only to profit from false dependency on the health of people are afraid?

I can not understand why all the organic farmers would cheat the system, it is certainly too much work on their behalf, legally certified to be biologically effective, and preserve this state. With all that there is always a wolf in sheep's clothing, for Most Part But organic farmers have no choice but to be real because die''Mann Gesundheit''macht from the Department visit them as well.

Why organic is so expensive?

Some things, like apples are produced in large quantities and do not cost much to buy organic. In particular, the exotic fruits that grow in harsh environment, the costs are obtained. Even organic products must meet high standards and the costs of the rule dealing with things are handled correctly. was discussed recently that organic farming does not really cost more than conventional.

Why do people eat organic food in the first place?

Many believe there are enormous health benefits of organic food to eat. The low volume of toxins in organic food attracts all types of people because many are concerned that synthetic chemicals may be responsible for the alarming incidence of cancer.

How much influence did they have organic food in the world?

In many countries, most organic food is automatically because these people do not actually use modern methods, when it comes to food. In some of these countries there are some traditional foods are available. China and Japan have a vibrant organic industry, which has contributed in some dispute about the quality of their organic food. Europe is probably the most aggressive in terms of organic food. These rules are probably closer to what America should be considered, so that organic foods in Europe is probably better in terms of purity. Italy represents one third of organic food in Europe, most Italians a lot of organic food consumed on a daily basis.

Britain has a strong demand for organic now, and France alone, about 300 new lines of skin care did last year. In countries like Sweden, Norway and Germany, a number of commonly used additives and food dyes have already been banned. Scientists have conducted several studies in the EU and continue to do studies on the toxicity of our body and the link to cancer.

So to go to the end the decision is entirely organic to the individual preferences and beliefs and the possible health benefits of organic food consumption.

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