Rabu, 21 Juli 2010

Coffee culture is the new Americas Java (Bio) Millennium

Dependence on American coffee enters the new millennium.
When I got my extra hot, nonfat vanilla latte drink realize that my Chico State University days are now a faded, distant memory. Seven years have passed and cram sessions late into the night, while in hot mochas grungesters stale-looking in Cafe Maxx served to blur blurry. Are now in the New Java Millennium.

Recently I thought of my favorite scientific journal that I wrote at school. I was an American Studies minor and an American, I wrote about American Coffee Culture. The project is still burning brightly in my brain caffeine. What happened to the culture of American coffee? I'm slowly realizing that America has the Millennium and culture Java without me did a boom.

As we enter the 00s, America literally spills coffee culture in our daily lives. The latest jab at modern coffee scene was campy, represented independent film Mock-u-mentary, Best in Show. A plaintive, yuppie couple in detail how you met at Starbucks. In fact, visited a Starbucks, while talking on their laptop at Starbucks the other side. The funny dialogue mounted soy cream frappes and hot milk extra CAPPS double laughing. Best in show satirical shows only a Starbucks coffee under the influence of culture satire Millennium suburbanites.

Not only I'm a java junkie certifiable but I do as a matter of respect for other Java-addicts in their natural habitat: on patrol, cafes and other restaurants where a cup of coffee is the drink of choice. As a teenager I thought it was coffee for the elderly. When I recklessly, to set the line at Starbucks, I watch with amazement as the girl Britney Spears-like double espresso and then shoot down, without batting an eyelid. Did not your parents warn that coffee stunts growth? I think not. I knew that young people were drinking coffee in those days.

Although there are many tried and true coffee drinker, with their Maxwell House and Folgers instant beverages and avoid froofy stick, as my father lovingly expressed drinks coins. My father would read one of the breeds of black coffee drinker. Although my father with the elite and is now attending Starbucks Java caught on a regular basis. My father was in the coffee culture of the Millennium.

The phenomenon of nothing but coffee is fast catching on to the cyber cafe. You can get a cappuccino and then your e-mail. The concept of cyber crime CAF is where our hectic, techno-culture is among us: if two dependencies (coffee and internet) coupled together in a sinful relationship. The marketing concept is brilliant and appeals to those who need both a Quick-Fix dependencies saturate.

The other fascinating trend that reflects our contemporary culture is the obsession with healthy coffee alternative. My mother is a good example. She is very health conscious and must seek his intake of dairy products. Your favorite beer is a soy milk decaf. Soy? When I was in college, was not even invented soy (or better, but I think it has been used to feed cattle). With the influx of the Americas healthy habits, coffee farms provide milk substitutes like soy milk. Even the coffee bio-, chemical-free sold and served in cafes, which in turn reflects the awareness of health Americas.

When my caffeine buzz wears off and I log on my computer, I try and remember the good old days cultureah coffee Americas swear, if one was a mocha coffee and Starbucks is a new concept. It seems that I need to wake up, get my soymilk and take Americas coffee culture on the internet cafe. Welcome to the new millennium Java.

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