Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

Your lawn's Hidden Treasures - Weeds!

By now you should know that your lawn is not perfect. It could perfectly under your guidance and support, but for now, there are some questions that should be overcome. Once the lawn, fertilized had sown, and cast it for a few weeks will determine that weeds have begun to invade.

We will start small, only one or two. But they multiply rapidly. In a few days can make a small colony of weeds. If you leave them alone, they begin to replace your lawn and enjoy the fertilizer, which will stop the grass growing. Weeds can destroy almost perfect pitch in a month or less if we do not act.

Do not worry, there are ways to control weeds of both natural and chemical solutions. But what about other problems, lawn care as the rocky soil and straw? You will also learn how to combat these problems, or at least learn how to work them, I know you will be able to have created the grass to enjoy.


There are many different types of weeds such as how to find your lawn. Weeds survive you from other plants, herbs and flowers from their roots siphon water and nutrients from the soil. Weeds respond very quickly if not removed.

You should plan to spend one or two hours a week weeding the lawn. This will help weed population low. Basic types of weeds are:

broad-leaved weeds (dandelion leaves are wide)
Creeping Charlie
Japanese Knotwood
Woody weeds
Vine weeds

These types of weeds are important to recognize, because their removal can, while you drag or use chemicals. Even if you do not need to know their Latin name, know their appearance.

If your lawn, or if you have already purchased property that has sown the grass, you should be about how you want to remove existing weeds and prevent new, think of the growth. Although you have to weed around now and then pull Resort, there are ways to reduce this by using biological and chemical methods. You can combine these methods to find a way that works for your lawn.

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