Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

Tips for organic food

In order to avoid eating genetically modified foods, the best option is to have to start buying organic food. These types of food is the healthiest way to live you can have today. If you eat dairy products or meat, you should be aware that the dairy and poultry is a dangerous cocktail of antibiotics fed to things Promote growth drugs, drugs against parasites and many other drugs on daily basis. This happens regardless of whether they are sick or not. The worst part of all this is that these drugs are passed directly to consumers of their dairy or meat. This is the main reason why many meat of diseases such as coronary heart disease and hypertension seems every single day.

On the other hand, organic food does not contain these toxic chemicals. The fresh organic food contains on average 50% more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micro-nutrients that are farmed intensively. These are reasons enough for her to go organic? If not, here are some facts and figures to help decide more quickly!

First organic food simply tastes better. Fruit and vegetables full of juice and flavor and there are so many different varieties to try! There are about 100 varieties of organic potato production in the UK alone!

Intensive farming can seriously damage the health of many agricultural workers. There is a much higher incidence of cancer, respiratory diseases and other serious diseases in farm workers from non-organic farms. Thus, the choice to show organic food is one way to care for the health of other people! Organic farms may also be supported wildlife. In recent years the practice of intensive agriculture in the United Kingdom, the reason for the dramatic soil erosion, was the destruction of ancient hedgerows, down to 70% of wild birds in some areas and the near extinction of some of the most beautiful species of wild mammals, snakes and even butterflies.

Last but not least, we talk on the extra costs of organic food to eat. There are no more expensive than intensively farmed foods, especially considering the damage, agro-chemicals for our natural water supply. In addition to paying for these products of intensive farming, we must also pay for cleaning the mess they leave behind. So what is the best option for us? Organic foods, of course!

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