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Sales & Recycle Every USB storage device or digital camera cards and save the environment

Synopsis: Sell / Recycle any flash storage device that provides Flash-based. All cards or USB sticks, camera cards such as Secure Digital (SD), Smart Media, Compact Flash, miniSD, microSD, MMC, and multimedia cards. In general, any storage device that will work or even be broken.

Today, modern computers, both laptops and desktops built with Smart Media slot for entering and not just on the corner of the world's desktop and laptop but on digital cameras and flash mass storage devices today grip its monopoly as the 'last one is "electronic film" with several advantages, quiet, faster, lighter, larger and with no moving parts, is also rewritable.

Components: a Smart Media card or a flash memory card or USB device is composed of 1-4 NAND flash EEPROM chip. Electrically erasable programmable read only memory is a non-volatile semiconductor memory chips, the stored information even if power can not keep. These semiconductors are solid and its electrical conductivity can be controlled statically or dynamically. Semiconductors are insulators, but are identical to those in silicon and is the main raw material for all these microchips.

semiconductor production and use of certain dangerous substances: the preparation for semiconductor materials requires high chemical purity and a small presence of impurities can have large effects on the properties of the chip. In addition, these materials doped with other elements to adjust the electrical response as the current vector, controlling the number and charge positive or negative.

Because of this requirement of high chemical purity, semiconductor devices require raw materials must be purified to a series of fusion processes, before solidification of various chemical reactions to go to create these modern wonders.

More than eight weeks for production is necessary for these products through various chemical processes and process scheduling process such as chemical vapor deposition, chemical-mechanical polishing, and ion implantation, etc. Overall, these USB devices and digital cameras, memory cards (flash memory chip) but going more than 300 processing steps in sequence and eight or more levels of large composite procedures.

In this process, many toxic substances and harmful chemicals, such as catalyzing be used for cleaning. These substances mainly as listed below are the most important pollutants and are the leading cause of cancer and other genetic diseases we face today, our children will face tomorrow. toxic elements such as arsenic, boron, antimony and phosphorus, toxic substances like arsenic, phosphine and silane. highly reactive liquids, such as hydrogen peroxide, fuming nitric acid, sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid.

Computer Recycling & Environment

Today we deal with which wastes are generated by electronic products. These tiny silicon wafers, which allow computers, digital cameras, accessories, etc. to work, insatiable abuser of chemicals, water, fossil fuels, gases such as nitrogen. produce only a single semiconductor chip, it takes more than three kilograms of fossil fuels, nearly a pound of toxic chemicals, seventy pounds of water, and more than a pound of nitrogen and all have a direct and negative impact on our health, but also are the components of the first cancer, diseases of the nervous system, reproductive health and genetic diseases.

Now imagine, the total number of these cards produced this year, 115.7 million in 2006 and 88.2 million in 2005. Linear in this figure are the effects of aggregation for the environment.

So, if the user of Smart Media cards, SD cards, Compact Flash cards, USB flash drives, USB drives, digital cameras and other devices, including the latest gadgets and gizmos like MP3 players and digital voice recorder, you will remember their liability for environmental risks today. These products all use flash memory chips.

Instead, these materials decompose organic waste advance, be sure to recycle one or sold for reuse. Digital Image Recovery is the only service company to retrieve data from damaged devices worldwide and helps people get their information from its captive equipment damage. eProvided now replaces the circuits and corrections, and provides data, no matter what kind of serious damage to each of your storage media.

SD cards, USB sticks, CompactFlash cards USB sticks etc. Recycle computer memory devices.

Instead of throwing away your damaged or older devices and the increase of electronic waste, recycling, either through donations or sell it to us can and will help will buy back from you. buy storage devices, old and damaged, including all types of flash memory-based. Buy a USB flash drive or USB sticks, any digital camera based on flash cards and other electronic devices such as digital recorders and MP3 players and games.

If it is damaged or not used silicones such as those mentioned above, both know. is also a computer technology company and asset liquidation.

If you have too much of something, have no idea what to do with it too general, or just have, we can do hands.

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