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Not for all the tea in China ...

My grandmother had a saying that is seldom heard these days "I would not do for all the tea in China!" it seems if you press something that would not do that. I think it was rarely a time when tea from China and something was richer and for which the masses can not reach. The different types of Chinese tea more often in everyday life, many people choose for their potential health benefits. There are many different varieties of Chinese teas, some of the most common types are described briefly below. In future articles I will some of the benefits to health, to give any kind of reputation described.

Green tea

The most important regions in China, producing different types of green tea Henan, Anhui, Fujian and Yunnan. Green tea is a great source of joy and, if research is to be believed, people's health. With only two or three cups a day can feel a difference in your body and mind. They say to clean the toxins from the body, while the support of many institutions to achieve a better state of all. His achievements have been recognized for thousands of years, while the combination of an excellent flavor and aroma. It has many styles and flavors. Green tea is a wonderful introduction to the pleasures of tea culture.

Oolong tea

Oolong tea main producing regions of northern Fujian and Taiwan. Oolong is becoming increasingly popular, it is believed a fresh taste and is also an excellent source of nutrients are doctors. Oolong tea is usually served as a small leaf is broken, like small green trees. Once they come into contact with water expands considerably and give a hint of fresh and sweet. Oolong not only tastes great, but with only two or three cups a day could benefit from its many healthful properties.

White Tees

The key regions of China white tea are the north and south of Fujian and Hunan province. White tea is perhaps the most natural form of tea. It 's just the buds, if performed in its most delicate. Like green tea, white tea does not have any more tea fermentation treatment. One drink a rare and wonderful taste fine by the kings and queens of ancient China developed.

Puerh Tea

Yunnan is the main production region in the end this tea. You'll see a variety of different ways Puerrh, Pu-erh, and so on, but depending on how it is written written, but it is the great "connoisseur of tea. Puerh has a unique flavor and also known as a medicinal tea - the Research has found many positive connections within this type of tea. And 'treatment as a good wine should be drunk slowly, while the leaves to settle in the cup. The parallels with the wine, not the end - the rule of Puerh Tea is the older the better. Some of the best teas are more than fifty years. It has a rich brown color and licorice taste. A must for lovers to try the tea!

Flower Tea

flower tea are produced in many regions of China - Fujian, Fuzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Hangzhou and Jinhua in Zhejiang Province and Sinchuan, Jiangsi, Anhui, and Hebei provinces. Flower tea herbal teas to drink at any time of day and also go well with food. For a touch of sweetness, it can be a little 'sugar, make sure that even if there are opposites in crystalline form as granules. jasmine tea is also known to have different types of flowers and tea flavors. Most are sweet and they are required to clean toxins, and offer a great taste. As the name suggests, the flowers of flowers in a cup of tea and offer this wonderful exquisite aroma.

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