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Mineral makeup - the new watchword in cosmetics

There is big news in the cosmetics market. And 'mineral makeup! So what is it and how is it different? Mineral makeup is as the name suggests based minerals. These natural minerals and inorganic pigments from the earth (minerals, iron oxides), which are finely chopped and ground. Do not contain oils, no preservatives, no perfume, no talc and is safe for sensitive skin.

In fact, they are so sure that many plastic surgeons and dermatologists recommend to their patients. Not only is mineral makeup does not damage the skin, is actually good for them. The ingredients are ground so fine that does not clog pores and why we collect from inorganic minerals, is not moisture, food bacteria, is very pure. It also acts as anti-inflammatory and helps to soothe irritated skin.

What are the ingredients of mineral makeup?

Titanium dioxide. This is a natural mineral that make a great sunscreen. It 's the second most common mineral highly reflective. (The first is Diamond) is not only a physical act, but sunscreen minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This is also a natural sunscreen zinc oxide gives a broad spectrum UVA / UVB protection. But mostly, Kunsthaus is also known for its wide range of colors. This mineral helps foundations of various shades, and is also used in eye shadows and blushes. Iron Oxide This is a very opaque pigment is still used to color cosmetics.

Kaolin clay used for its oil absorbing properties.

Dimethicone silica, a combination of minerals, but are mainly quartz. Dimethicone aids spreading, is transfer resistant and gives a remarkable smoothness and creaminess to the whole lifecycle of the product. It also improves coverage without adding heaviness. It is non-comedogenic and highly water resistant.

MICA is found naturally in a variety of colors and can be used to add shine and sparkle to cosmetics.

How is it different from regular makeup?

Mineral makeup is usually with a brush or sponge with a downward motion on the skin clean and moisturized is applied. If you have very dry skin may appear, the foundation first, everything but a little powder you have to do is mist your face lightly with water and to powderiness disappears. Foundation for oily skin contains natural oil absorbing ingredients, so you can find the basis of Nice and dull all day.

Whatever your skin type, the Foundation will be very natural, fresh appearance to give all day. The makeup is also water resistant, ie is not running or smearing in wet weather or during exercise or when you move the prisoner. All you have to do is pat the water or sweat, instead of rubbing out.

Apart from the make-up is not hard to remove. Do not contain waxes or oils, all you have to do is use regular makeup remover preferred. Most of all the mineral makeup is worth more than money.

It 'truly a breakthrough in skin care. Once you have tried and perfected the use of mineral makeup is not to be, then return to your old foundation. There are several large companies, specializing in mineral makeup.

Check it out for yourself.

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