Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

Food Combining for Health

Organic foods are the best choice, because it seeks to promote health and the health of our planet. It might be a good idea to look to buy a book on healthy cooking, to get in some healthy food from Whole Foods!

More than two thousand years ago, Hippocrates, ancient greek physician, stressed the importance of food for our health. Today, medical science to support this as saying.

Studies have shown that people whose diets include large amounts of certain foods, a much lower risk of developing several chronic degenerative diseases, for example, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, cardiovascular disease, etc. The Research is always and again, the way we eat determines the best way in which we live. This is the opposite. Eating health foods and learning to all nutrients to cook healthy meals, we have more and healthier life.

Another important factor is food combining for health. It's amazing how much difference do it! Many times we have heard? You are what you eat?, Well? It's true. Different people to eat different things, and this may be the culture or simply lifestyle. But for some people this may mean, negative effects such as indigestion. Sometimes we really need to take time to listen to our bodies. This may seem ridiculous, but if you really listen to your body lets you know exactly what you need.

Here are some tips on how to combine foods: Fruit: Eat lots of fruit! But not to combine fruit with other foods. The fruits are easily digestible, but when consumed with other foods, it tends to preserve fruit and fermentation in the stomach.

Protein and starch is a bad idea to combine them! Each of them had to digest a different way. When combined, none of them can be properly digested! This will result in things such as flatulence, bloating and gas, which is not very comfortable.

Vegetarian: vegetables are also in good digestion. Add the vegetables with every meal to support the digestive process.

Food combining may seem difficult at first, but it is definitely paying off. You will soon feel better, especially if the experience of the digestive tract or intestinal problems.

The natural way is the best way to go. Stick to healthy, Whole Foods and see the results!

Other foods for health, which will benefit you and your family!

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