Senin, 21 Juni 2010

Finding freedom - make your life a work of art

! We have a long way from the days of intellectual Giordano Bruno ... Who has to say at the stake in 1600 by the Church that the sun was just burning a star had come. . . But as a species we have in our childhood ... and leave only the beginning of the captivity of gravity.?

~ Michio Kaku, physicist

Outer life? as seen through the senses, and the circuit of consciousness? is a hyper-spatial dynamics of complex energy models. A human face is like a model, how to love. But whose face is, and who? S to make love with whom?

Physicists tell us that life as we perceive Visual in ordinary things, a sparkling sea of subatomic particle is, and people are holographic excitation, consisting of those same particles. Universal intelligence is therefore multidimensional, that life as we know it? every aspect of the cosmos? the inside can a single molecule of DNA.

We can a molecule of God among the hundreds of billions of other molecules in a God be? One unit, one person, a life form? We have no idea.

Or perhaps we are so microscopic that our infinite strip a single cell in the cerebral cortex of a creature from a corridor somewhere, in every world? A creature with the memory of the evolution of consciousness printed code and idea of the wider context of life, the infinite cosmos.

E? S possible.

What? S life? a fathomless sea of possibilities: a magnificent and maddening blend of organic intelligence that bleeds, cries, and makes love with himself. So we know to be yourself? conscious life.

Or unconsciously, depending on how you look. Let? S the face, and large mammals, we humans are myth making? Meat factories hallucination draped with a penchant for projecting movies on the cave walls of our mind and then call our Trance The Truth. The church of religious fundamentalism is the new McDonald's and sell slimmer bad God as their new and improved Big Mac

Breaking kills in any language. No country is free.

We see them everywhere: people shines manufactured myths of creation and apocalyptic futures or promises of heavenly pleasures that give new meaning to religious porn.

! Relativism is the new totalitarianism? under the new pope. I say that absolutism is dead. Impeach God, not just Bush. And we vote for freedom, not a trigger-happy faith.

I? M is not anti-religious. I see only an illusion, as a treatable disease. Let? S does. The truth hurts clear coma while comfortably numb. And yes, I think we all understand the very human need to try to do so, the sense of the whole, to try to bring this miracle crazy under control.

Yes, we are in a wonderful situation. Nearly seven billion of us collectively in an eight-mile global warming high wombed bio-bubble spin in predictable orbits around a star in the sun, with only four billion years of fuel left.

When? Peak Oil? ? Doesn t you shiver, is an existential reality.

And to think all this stuff, just religious. Or you start to believe in God Or see Bury Your Head in the sand of the deaf and dumb pharmaceutical and keep your eyes on the next step in bet Castle W? S lawlessness and disorder. My God, what will the future bring?

Whatever it is, we are a microcosm of a whole mystery. We are, paradoxically, within a membrane that allows our uniqueness and throughout inextricably linked.

The confluence of the opposite, but at the same time, the worlds? that self with others, mortality with eternity, spirit and matter, life with death, ignorance with wisdom, creativity with determinism, security, the ambiguity and the liberation of slavery ? created in us a yearning for some kind of reconciliation, always out of reach.

Life is a polarity of opposites, a contemporary heaven and hell, a yin-yang of torture and ecstasy, not easily reconciled in one way or another. It's our instinct for freedom, which forces us to push the limits of our party, trying to transform the chaos and confusion with intuition and reason, dancing on the edge where he produced the knowledge and love of mystery.

Live your life and fight for what you want to be. This is what I tell myself every day and in every way I remember. That said, perhaps the most radical activism, just as living a free man. And this is our freedom to choose.

Freedom can not be bought. Freedom can not be sold to us. Freedom doesn? T pre-come.

There is no right to freedom of expression. If clarity about the need of wisdom or ignorance of the appeal, I wonder if what I say and do about them, or damage to myself or to others and to stop. cultivate the other hand, if they do me and others.

We must be vigilant in our defense against indoctrination. We refuse to be molded into any image or dogmas. Life is the journey. Consciousness is the leader.

Life is to find the art of living and freedom of expression. There is no central philosophy that our spirit is freed. How free, free spirit. Freedom is the only religion, and? S, where to meet all true religions.

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