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Conquering Arthritis

conventional treatments for arthritis with surgery, physical therapy and medications are a poor suffering rate.The track would therefore do well to natural treatments that look the cause of the problem than just treating the symptoms that may occur again opposite.

A convincing argument to oppose conventional treatments for arthritis by an American woman who was aged 20-50 years (approximately) was affected by this disease. She went through the full range of conventional treatments, including gold therapy, all 12 doctors who had to give in these 30 years of drugs for temporary relief from their symptoms, prescribed and told her to go home and learn to live with their condition. Then he heard from a doctor who was on a different wavelength of others. looked at him, he immediately took the drugs and put a strict diet, exercise and diet, which addressed the cause of the problem. Within three weeks of this approach, had pain relief have tenaciously for 30 years, and in just three months, had lasting relief from their state!

Regardless of what form of arthritis, the patient should be seriously considered in the diet are given when this condition takes care of natural resources. All the food in the Solanaceae family (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, etc. belong) should eliminate, as solinaise contain the explosive liquid in the joints.

Arthritis occurs when the system is too alkaline. This condition can be corrected by changing your body in an acid condition with the help of the following foods: grains, nuts, natural cheese, lentils, organic meat, fish or poultry.

Food supplements are very useful in promoting recovery in the joints. 1000mg of vitamin C should be taken three times a day to rebuild the collagen and make the body more acidic. to ensure shark cartilage and sea cucumber to be addressed on the label. Omega 3 fish oil should be taken twice a day. Acts of 500mg twice daily pantothenic measure as an anti-inflammatory.

The following herbs can also help with arthritis. Yucca helps stimulate the adrenal glands that produce the body's own cortisone. Black Cohosh relieves pain and inflammation. Hyranges acts as synthetic cortisone, without the cost or side effects. Alfalfa increases vitality.

There are also some complementary therapies that can help. The first is taking castor oil packs. Dip a piece of white flannel in castor oil, hot water, wring it and put it on the inflamed area. Cover with plastic and apply a heating pad. Do this twice a day for an hour each time. The second is acupuncture, acupressure and massage to meridians pathhways Open energy, producing organs, healing the body and stimulate the lymphatic system of the body, cleanses the body of toxins. Zostrex cream (red pepper extract) smooth external applied inflamed joints.

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