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Style on a budget: Simple changes = dramatic results

Want to add more style and elegance to your home? Want to know how to do it for less money?

Youre not alone. Americans spent 343 billion U.S. dollars for home improvement, according to a recent study of Barnard's Retail Consulting Group in Upper Montclair, NJ So if you're considering upgrading your home, you're in good company.

Trends driving today decoration

People change their style more often in the past. This is due to the faster pace of life in general, and shorter design cycles in areas such as the style of other fashions.

Consumers are more aware and fashion and who want to express their tastes. Internet, movies, magazines, television and all display a wider range of home decoration styleselements that consumers want to integrate into their lives.

People are investing less and decorative elements. Young people in particular often leave behind old furniture items, instead of paying to go to their new home.

Can I decorate without a decorator?

Today, more people than ever to make interesting changes to their homes, and do so without the expense of a professional decorator. If you're considering upgrading your style, you might ask:

Can I make changes myself?
The results look professional?
I can see my options?
Can I make changes for a reasonable amount of money?

In Wordy! Not only can you successfully decorate your home yourself, there are good reasons to do it yourself. These include:

Save Money
Take only what you want
Implement Change decor on a time that suits your budget and time available
Express your unique sense of style to go to a local luxury, more modest on another

Where to find decorating ideas:

trends in home decoration, change often. To find the latest trends:

Read the reviews of the design for the home
window displays in stores, furniture and
Talk with the designers in the store

It's my job with this new approach that I have?

An exciting design trends of recent years in lookthe eclectic mixing and matching of various items, fabrics, colors and styles. Many people today tend to have a wide selection of home furniture: antiques they have inherited, only items purchased, and the selected items as a pair. Today, you can combine these in a creative and fun for a look that is fun and unique copy. Contrast this approach with the stuffy antique furniture and decoration of the past.

Where do I start?

With the choice of interior disposition, a project may seem a little 'intimidating.
Like all successful projects, you need a plan before you start. Consider your objectivesdo you want to add a new piece of furniture or redo a room? Instead of becoming bogged down in endless review the best settings possible, focus on four areas which the results are impressive for a reasonable price:



Painting a room is one of the changes simply decorated, but the most impressive that you can do. You can make a small waiting room, with lighter colors. You can also make a smaller apartment by tying most of its rooms with a lighter color.

Instead, you can make a large room more intimate by using darker colors. A touch of color can brighten a gray area. Have a favorite rug or furniture? Then you can use it as the basis of your decor and select a paint color that complements.

Buy your paint from a dealer specializing in quality painting. National paint retailers have the latest colors and you can educate the new painting techniques. Given that only sell paint, have a very competent staff that can help you find the perfect color for your project.

How to paint like a professional

Select one or two dominant colors in your room. Although the choice of paint colors is yours, you can get the best results, ensuring that:

Buy quality paint. Rule number one: you can not afford cheap paint! Why? The higher cost of painting is laboryours or someone else. Quality paint covers well, goes further, looks better when you're done, and carries more. Saving a few dollars per gallon is a false economy. You can paint the kitchen or bathroom that will experience frequent washing, use quality latex paint. latex paint produces less smoke during the drying process and allows you to clean instruments with soap and water rather than mineral spirits, such as turpentine.

Buy quality brushes and rollers. You want to apply the paint quality with quality tools. Make sure you have the right brush for the job. For latex paint, you want to use a brush that has a quality of synthetic hair. For oil paint, purchase a brush with natural bristles. Purchase rolls of high quality with appropriate nap. NAP refers to the length of the fabric on the roller. In general, a short nap produces a smooth finish. Do not clean the rollers. If you finish a wall and need to stop for the day, use a fresh roller when you start again. By purchasing quality paint and apply carefully with quality tools, will ensure the best possible result for your efforts.

Do not skimp on preparation. In fact, painting the room is the final step. The time spent in your room is ready to paint will reward you with a more polished look.

Do not paint over dirt. Start by washing the walls and ceiling with Tri Sodium Phosphate or TSP. It comes in powder and mixed with a bucket of hot water. Wear rubber gloves and use a clean sponge. Sponge the room with clean water at the end. Do not skip this step because you'll be surprised how much garbage is out of the walls looking clean.
Once the walls are clean, fill nail holes and any imperfections with drywall compound patch. Fill the nicks and scratches, let dry and then sanded. Always the first areas that you patched before painting, otherwise the fields will be visible in dull spots.
Remove or cover all furniture with tarpaulins. Cover the floors and all baseboards before you start.

Take your time. One of the great things DIY is that you can work with care and top quality work. Relax, work carefully, and you'll be amazed at what you did.


A new carpet is one of the best purchases you can make the decorations. These rugs are available in a multitude of styles, fabrics and colors. Can be used to illuminate a room, accent furniture, or provide a stark contrast with the main theme of the decoration. area rugs work well in living rooms, of course, but also in the rooms, halls, even bathrooms. There are three main categories of carpets.

Persian rugs

Persian carpets have a well-deserved reputation as the best in the world. All Persian rugs are handmade visit for more details. Each carpet is a beautiful and complex original, carefully constructed by skilled workers. Many weavers are from families that have made rugs for generations. The symmetry and accuracy of complex models is magnificent. A Persian rug is an investment in the life of luxury, with proper care, will provide decades of beauty and elegance to your home.

Four main factors contribute Persian legacy of excellence:

Colorsrich beautiful bright colors reflect the best use of dyes

Enchanting designswhile each rug is unique, there are three main categories of design, each stunning in its own way: geometric, floral and curvilinear designs, drawings and photographs

High node countsimply words, more nodes are better because they lead to a tightening of texture

high-quality carpets materialsthese characteristic of high quality wool, silk and dyes. The materials of high quality carpets perform better.

oriental rugs

oriental rugs from Asia and are less expensive Persian rugs. Oriental rugs are available in a variety of sizes, colors and designs. All Oriental rugs have the following characteristics:

Colorsrich spectacular, lush colors that blend beautifully predominate

beautiful patterns and even pictures characterize these Designscomplex carpets. The religion of Islam inspires many of the designs and themes, giving the carpet an elegant and exotic

Contemporary Rugs

In general, the more affordable area rugs, contemporary rugs tend to defy description, there are great opportunities for so many people. Rug general, however, contemporaries of the following:

Bright colors

Bold Designs

High-tech fabrics such as acrylic, polypropylene, rayon, wool and (low-tech but high quality)

unique shapes abound shapesunconventional

Who has the best selection of rugs at the lowest price?

Internet merchants. A retailer of quality on the Internet can lead to actions more than the local carpet shop. They have lower prices because their head is lower and tend to deal directly with the mat cutting makersthereby intermediate layers and lines expensive.

If you buy a rug on the Internet seems unusual, do not worry. (People did not used to buy a computer on the Internet.) The key to buying a large rug you love is finding a reputable online merchant. You want someone who has a solid reputation, great selection, excellent product knowledge, and guarantees.


Furniture in a great scene in a room. Casual and elegant, bold or subtle, nothing like the pieces to create a room right off.

Heres a little secret, you say storechances furniture is good, no need to replace the furniture that you must get a new look to your home. Furniture, antique furniture, in particular, is often very well done. The frame is often harsh and very strong. Probably the cushions are too good. This could be a bit 'off date is the fabric and style. You need to spend a bundle to have reupholstered the point? Not you!

Today, consumers know that covers innovative experts can rejuvenate your sofa or chair at a fraction of replacement cost, or have reupholstered. covers modern dress perfectly, giving it a custom look. The advantages of using shell:

Save money. Why spend $ 1,000 and more for a new sofa when you can have the same look for a fraction of cost?

Providing high quality at low cost with the styles to watch hundreds of patterns and colors of fabrics to choose from. Many fabrics are available as high quality suede.

Change the look whenever you want. Buy two covers more surface Sofia for everyday use and a second to play. Within minutes you can transform from casual to elegant.

Enjoy your furniture more, because you worry less. Unlike magazines, things real consequences for children and pet messes the sofa. This is not a problem if coverage protects your sofa. Throw in the washing machine and a sofa looks immaculate again prestothe!

Respect the mobile good environmentdont junk when you can still provide years of service with elegant cover.

Best of all, you can view, sort, and have made these bags without leaving home. Internet retailers have the largest selection and the lowest prices. Here, for example, many lamps and light fixtures Site


In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.
Aaron Rose

interior designer with light to bring a room alive, and if you can. Consider the beauty of a skylight in a room, adding mood and elegance.

One of the best ways to make a statement that the lighting is a combination of floor and table. Lamps represent your best lighting value because it does not require wiring changes to your home and because they can be moved from room to room and house to house. Failing light areas that you want, you can save energy and money. And you can add or remove accent different parts of a piece, depending on the decoration scheme.

Effective use of the lamps

Start asking yourself what you're looking for. Want to general lighting in the room or a lamp to light a work area, Such as a desk or a comfortable chair reading? This will reduce the choice of freestanding floor lamps or table lamps.

Next think of styles. Today you can choose from hundreds of different styles of lamps in classic, contemporary, futuristic and. The two lamps and table lamps ( visit and for more details) are in a wide range of colors and materials, including brass and other metals, plastic and wood. Whatever your style, there is a lamp for you.

Finally, consider the light it projects. Today you can get light bulbs that are in different lights. Bulb oldest, most familiar is that light bulbs that emit heat. These bulbs are inexpensive, not very energy efficient. Consider a lamp with a dimmer that accepts tri-light bulbs, so you can adapt to the trends of light and save energy.

Two other choices is not spent in the bulbs with those compact fluorescent and halogen lamps. Compact fluorescent bulbs fit in standard sockets and are super energy efficient. These lamps are available in various shades of lighting so you can Have both energy efficiency and a soft light and warm. The choice now is halogen. These lamps, throw a little white light for the post lightideal.

Final thoughts decor

Whatever the scope of the project, with courage, take risks and express yourself. If you have always wanted a red, walldo. The suggestions above are low cost, allowing you to experiment and find the right style of furniture. Enjoy!

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