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Six Rose Diseases and how to treat

The roses are beautiful, but can be a bit 'difficult to grow. There are many insects and diseases that may erode the health of your roses. Has six symptoms of the disease in your roses and how to treat them.

Before rods wrong or young canes, rickets

This is a fungal disease that is against powdery mildew. It covers Board stems and leaves with a white powder, which is spreading in the wind. The leaves are purple and curl again. To treat them, or spray with benomyl Funginex.

According to Black spots on leaves

Aptly named, this disease is usually referred to as black spot. These spots are circular and have fringed edges cause yellow leaves. To address this you want to remove the infected leaves and pick up that fallen around the plant. You can also buy artificial sprays to treat and prevent black spot.

Third Rick or deformed flowers and leaves

malformed leaves and flowers can be caused by mites. These tiny little mites can be green or yellow, red and usually hang out on the underside of the leaves, where a good old time sucking the juices have. You can try to help the application of Orthene or Isotox treat these little pests.

Blisters fourth leaves

If the lower leaves if you notice your roses are covered with blisters, you can have the disease known as rust. Bubbles are an orange-red to black in autumn. This disease can live through the winter and spring when new shoots terrible attack. To address these rid of leaves, which affects both plants and the earth. Funginex or benomyl spray every seven to 10 days of treatment.

Fifth flowers, green invalid or

This is a further problem with rose, called by Thrips bug can be caused. These are as yellow-brown insects that have wings and can damage your plant, surrounded by sucking the juice from the buds of flowers. In order to get rid of? Ll have to cut the infested flowers. Orthene and malathion may also be used to treat this problem.

Sixth leaves, which become weak and mottled or show small white layers below

Here you have a problem with aphids. This little blog can be green or red and brown, and often hang in clusters under the leaves and buds, where they suck juices. Try spraying with diazinon or malathion to get rid of them.

If you are on the roses, none of these pests or diseases, but still not healthy for the future, you might want to look at the way in which fertilization. Roses are very hungry and require fertilization. Talk to your local gardening store to find out what? S is the best thing for the environment.

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