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Seven under the skin young and beautiful

Finding a suitable skin care is like solving a mathematical problem. You know what the problem is before deciding the most appropriate method. Instead of pharmacy and buy everything in the section that looks nice, it might be better to get a general feeling of what your needs, where you're like skin-based, and where you want to be. One way to do this is the direction of a dermatologist, you can try to schedule a decent treatment regimen to follow for you. But here are seven basic concepts that are considered to take in dealing with skin care issues.

Try the first natural and organic products, when used whenever possible.

According Before DSR (skin surface renewal Technology), which supports the soft lines of the time, crow's feet and general inaction.

Third Try to find products that have regisomes. These have features to help, among other things, it rejuvenates the skin while you sleep.

Fourth Look for products containing Proflavonol Proteo-C and-T, which offer protection against aging as a result of exposure to elements such as sun, pollution and general context.

Fifth If possible, use products that are exempt from pareben. Researchers are starting to discover that parebens find benign and malignant human breast. Parebens be found used in many products of daily use of soaps and shampoos. And although there is always debate within the medical community, it is best to avoid certain ingredients.

Sixth Drink plenty of that good water or 2-0 H-fashion. This hydrate the skin and hair and eliminate toxins from the body. Drink plenty of water! Water hydrates skin and hair and rinse toxins from the body.

Seventh Reduce stress! Thursday yoga, running, take a course in time management or another, always help address stress levels more effectively. These are all areas of your life, not the least of their skin.

Following these general guidelines, you save time and money, as well as offer personalized therapy that is "set and forget", and again with the rest of your life.

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