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KEYWORD POWER! Stop fumbling in the dark! Now get qualified traffic!

Stop fumbling in the dark! Now get qualified traffic!

If I had to do a stress test right away - while someone asks their effectiveness in selling a product online?

Want to show moderate frustration?

Record an "average" score in the top liklihood strangle the next person who mentioned online rich?

Or you're ready to connect it, pull the freaking, and you start carving the meat business?

Want to sell a product online, and everyone wants to tell you how a product to sell online .... but ....

What they say is that everything depends on two simple factors - know what people are buying and what they are looking for when they look like.

Listen: I'm a take over from one year to learn the true meaning of a word.

Each keyword say.

I repeat - keyword.

Ok - with that of our systems, we look at how the keywords, you can increase your life easier, your solid ability to sell products ... online and provide a formula, you can repeat and again - until you're tired of money.

KEYWORD Tip # 1: your product idea

Keywords will tell you 'that people search on the Internet. Many searching for information means that you can answer your questions

keyword combinations to study, explore and question - made faster with a tool like Adword Analyzer - and you're a window on the demand for products online.

KEYWORD Tip # 2: The product names and titles that sell

You know what people are looking for using keywords.

Understanding why are the keywords and you have to sell securities perfect high-demand, you have a ton of products.

KEYWORD Tip # 3 sales sites that sell products online

Your sales page is the conversion of 1 to 1,000 visitors into customers?

Usually two main reasons - your copy sucks or pulls the wrong people to your website.

Guess what?

Anyway - the words come to the rescue.

Optimizing your pages for keywords that make sense for your products or services. Do not go here, in general, get really specific - you want less traffic, more sales but not a ton of traffic and virtually no turnover.

Here's a little known secret.

People are looking for information online - not throw them for products.

So - you have to do is attract visitors with content that the content you are looking for and then have links and a menu that leads to your products.

If you need help visitors convert into customers - look no further than the same Hypnotic Marketing -

KEYWORD Tip 4: keywords to find super affiliates

When preparing to use the list of most popular keywords, the qualified visitors to find information about your products - can use this information for joint ventures and super affiliate make you sit back and watch the money rolling! Form

Search web sites - the best performance and will be more optimized for target keywords for the most part really good friends then FAST!

Why can a truck sales in the shortest possible time.

KEYWORD Tip # 5 and 'the only thing we really know online.

Keywords do not lie.

The fact that the book "Journeys", receives about twice as if searching for "Travel information", tells you exactly how people are looking for information (provided you've written a book, travel)

When it comes down to it - the bustle of people on the Internet is far from an exact science, no matter what they say "guru".

But ... Keywords that are back in the driving seat to give you the tools to sell products online and you bring your stress level to a level where you can learn more about who you are.

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Google has a bug? Do not think it was possible.John Romano
First of all, Google is the king. Yahoo bought Overture and Inktomi is back on top for now, Google is clearly the Yahoo of 00s. However, we have a few special reinforces the most powerful and benevolent Google.

Google has a problem with one of their products in ads, the AdWords system. AdWords Keyword Tool is a revolutionary can buy the baby and now show that large companies buy Google ads next terms in the search results for organic keywords. Study and use of Google's system has some interesting facts and collected some errors. Here are some things we learned.

AY-tech travel more traffic and clicks (Sorry, do not want to say that, as this is not a hacker and Article robem.) Oh, and: WARNING - no clicks KEYWORD were damaged or stolen, or write to researching this article.
B. How are surprisingly robust and cost effective search terms (sorry again, that technology is a listing of mediocre to great and all, keep the good words must buy to close to the vest as possible finds of separation.)
CA glitch in Google's system can punish the wrong keyword performance. That is the focus of this piece.

Imagine Johnny T-Shirt Co. spend time with the keyword search for the suitable conditions for the marketing of their business. JTCo is difficult and few mature words that larger competitors missed, as I said gold T-shirt. JTCo then create a Google AdWords campaign, with a budget of $ 175.00 per day with a cost per click of $ 0.25. The ad goes live. Customers see and click ads JTCos CTR 1.8%. Pretty good. Business goes on for a couple of months, Google makes money and customers better JTCo grabs before the race. Now here is the error.

Google expects to collect all AdWords advertising shots of 5 per 1000 impressions. Fair enough. JTCos displays the concept of gold, T-shirts roll along 1.8% click-through rate (18 clicks per 1000), so do not worry. But if JTCo get 5 clicks per 1000 ad seen only once, programming standard Google the word and JTCo off any light to trigger an event for the restoration of speech. It was like a wonderful father, his children will be late for dinner with ten minutes later and the community ostracizes a negligent father - forever. We studied a real business world, that Google had paid $ 1,092 a month, time for a particular word. The word had a large number of clicks, and hundreds of thousands of impressions, but if the concept of the limit of only five ounces clicks missed, received late on Thursday, a typical, the term has been arrested.

Contact Google about this issue, unfortunately, has been used with the phone company, which before the race. Headache, heartache and misunderstanding. Calls to call centers Google AdWord or were met with sympathy or apathy. A Googler said they felt sick and others had linked the same problem, but his proverbial hands had complained. Another just got the head on and could not have told us, you must re-write the ad, to rewrite, which was answered with the announcement for months worked without problems, the five best shots are clearly a fluke reaction should rewrite rewrite the ad. Finally, a supervisor Google Phone, frustration when asked who his boss is not resolved in the figure tell yourself if you can, but not mean. What? Now we said the name and ID number of staff, but also reveal if Google were to maintain contact. Why? Why Google is primarily a big company with good customer service and hot products. Is no reason, we seemed to Google issues of human resources, all the beautiful people - not only useful. Okay, was the supervisor phone a bit 'strong, but no big deal.

Instead of waiting for Google to solve this problem alone, here is a simple solution that can meet all of which deserve further lining the pockets of Google, while small companies and large qualified clicks. Google should be a system in which messages that have performed during the time, a limited discretion given the Institute for the 1.5, Rule 000. Similarly for a credit card, display, performed in a consistent and determined for a period of a higher credit line may be a minimum of 25 clicks 5000 impressions. CTR Google wants is the same but the buyer is a small room, if any anomaly. Missing five clicks over a thousand impressions is a stroke of luck, missing 25 of 5,000 more a model could be considered. In addition, 1,000 impressions happen literally at a high volume of keywords on Google in four or five minutes. So even if you've had success with months of gold T-shirts, five minutes can change everything. The strange part, if - the real example, we have studied is that Google becomes literally $ 75-125 a day in business. Now we all know that the brains behind Google could have a mathematical programming and solve this problem very soon. Meanwhile, clever marketing as need other concepts and other places to spend money he does not want Google search.

About the author: John Romano is a former expert for analysis and optimization of traffic and i-SFInteractive. He manages a company, a listing of keyword buys managed. Please contact him at 310-281-1199 or

Optimization of dynamic pages - Part Goetsch Idal
Widget Queen
You are the Queen. They eat, breathe, live and widgets. They sell more widgets than anyone else. You want to reach more customers Widgets, so that you have decided to sell widgets on the web. They spared no expense in designing and building the final website widgets. You descriptions widget, you have the specific widget, and you also have movies widgets. The only thing is your widget site visitors.

Search engines go. Write the phrase "left-handed blue widgets" and watch the results. All your main competitors are listed. There are also competitors you've never heard of. But she, the Queen widget is not a list.

What's wrong with that? What follows is a very basic introductory material from some technical details about advanced SEO and dynamic sites below.

What is a search engine?
First you have to understand what a search engine looks in reality. If a potential visitor and a search at any search engine like Google and AllTheWeb / FAST is not really searching the internet, but it is a database, the search engine tries to compile. This database is made up of text and links from web pages that were visited by search engine robots.

As search engine database was created? Search engines compile these databases automatically using software programs such as "robots" or "spider". These automatic programs visit pages on the World Wide Web, as people visit web pages with the browser by clicking on each item and the following links. If the owner of a website as a "gateway" a page on a search engine, in most cases is to provide the robots of search engines with a starting point for their journey automatic. Off to the position, the robot then follows the left and so "discovered" the other pages on your website or visits to other sites where your site is linked. (This, incidentally, is how search engines to individual pages or entire sites to find out that was never asked - if there is a link to a Web site from another site, chances are that eventually an engine search robots to find this link and follow him.)

Although the robots visit pages like human visitors do what they do what they "see" is very different. When a person uses a browser to display a web page that visitors can read the text on the page, photos, movies, listen to the sounds provide information in forms, hyperlinks, and any number of other tasks. The human visitors interact with your site. The robots of search engines, on the other hand, were only some of these things. And 'this difference that the dynamic page can be done to preserve, included in the database search engine.

What makes a robot to do?
The search engine robots are very simple creatures. It can "read" text, and have links to follow. That's it. The robot can not a Flash movie can not fill out a form and can not click a "Send" button. What this means is that no matter how much information containing your web page, if a visitor from a list or type a password, or complete a form to get information, not a robot ever to visit that page.

The origins of dynamic pages
Most dynamic websites will run generated in response to requests to databases. Behind your widget website there is a large database of widgets. When a visitor accesses the site and search for left-handed blue widgets, it is this database that provides the reaction. The database provides information to visitors. In general, controls visitor a window or select from a list or even send a text message type on the page and press a button. "After the jump through hoops, get your visitors to its site full of gadgets blue handed.

I can not see
Unfortunately, if a search engine robot visits this page, you can not verify that the field can not chose from this list and can not click "Send." In short, the robot can not climb the side widgets. If the robot can not reach, the page will be included in the database search engine. If it is not in the database, researchers can not find.

So how to get there?
How can we attract more visitors to our dynamic side of the left-handed blue widgets? Since there must be a path without specifying the "Send" button.

Next month we will get in different ways for search engine robots to visit the webpages dynamic look. Stay tuned.

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