Senin, 24 Mei 2010

Garden Pest Control - all from your kitchen!

Love your lawn and garden but hate the idea of use of hazardous pesticides or herbicides? Try these six proven do-it-yourself Mist parasite - everything from common ingredients that you can have in the kitchen now!

Prior To get rid of snails in your garden, add crushed eggshells to your land. For them is walking on glass, so that snails tend to avoid the area completely. If snails are a constant problem, some salt will make short work with them.

According cloves of garlic and chili are an effective deterrent for all kinds of parasites. Try to mix a clove of garlic (unpeeled), some peppers or a glass of chili sauce, along with a few drops of water. Mix with water and add a spray bottle and spray down the intruders. Do not forget to spray the undersides of leaves where pests tend to hide.

If a third fungus has penetrated your plants, a few drops of detergent and water and wipe down. You'll be surprised how quickly to rejuvenate this plant are looking sick!

Fourth-rich soil of nutrients is one of your best defense against the problems of communal gardens. Adding organic mulch around trees and flowerbeds, and add a layer of organic soil for your lawn every spring. The nutrients help plants fresh and act as a shield to protect plants from pests.

If the fifth mold, mildew or fungus is a problem, here is a solution can be sprayed directly on the plant, which makes a big difference in a very short time. Combine a gallon of water, a tablespoon of baking soda and 2? Tablespoons vegetable oil. Put in a spray bottle and mist plants from top to bottom - even when there are signs of a problem.

Sixth Leftover coffee grounds make great ingredients for compost. They work as natural pesticides and literally "gay" plants in distress. Place the grounds into the soil around your plants. The acidity of coffee is what keeps intruders.

Finally, consider professional help for an "Army of natural ladybugs and earthworms. Common pests like aphids, they help keep the soil away, and fertilized and healthy. Do not forget to go to your garden or landscape often and check your plants for signs of damage. Swift action is the key!

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